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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:09 pm

Late Friday night, it was dark and quiet. It was calm, quiet, and pretty still throughout all of the lands. It was almost as if peace itself was calmly starting to flow across each of the realms. A faint star could be seen in the cloudless skies above the realms, sparkling and growing brighter with each passing second. And, suddenly, the star began to radiate, as if it were on fire. After a few more moments, though, it became clear that the star was not actually a star, but a massive stone hurtling towards the ground. With a massive explosion, the stone lands right at the center of the largest city in each of the realms. After a few minutes the dust clears and cracks all over the stone begin to glow a bright blue. As the cracks in the stone glow brighter and brighter, a hologram suddenly appears in front of the stone. It appears to be a tall one with shoulder-length hair, dressed in lavish clothing, all adorned in beautiful jewelry. Next to her stands a man who is just a few inches shorter, with curly hair. He, as well, is dressed in lavish clothing with beautiful jewelry, though he appears much friendlier than the woman, who stands up straight and has a serious look on her face. After a few moments, they begin to speak.

“Hello,” the tall woman says, her voice booming across the land, “My name is Mæve, and I come from a land known as Galanthæs. Our people would like to invite you to our land for the Galanthæs Festival, a festival that celebrates the beautiful Galanthos flower.” Her serious look and tone fades for a moment as she smiles, straightening up her posture. “Food, games, and prizes will all be awarded for those who come. Please, this festival will… be…”

The hologram begins to cut out, the one’s voice turning to static after a few moments. Not but a few moments after that, the hologram disappears a few moments later, and the glowing blue lines on the stone die out. All is calm and still for a few more moments, before the lines on the stone suddenly burst into a bright, deep red light. A red hologram appears, this time replaced with a tall man with a half-shaven head and elegant clothing, though bits of armor can be seen between his clothes. Next to him stands a shorter woman, wearing similarly elegant clothing, beautiful jewelry, and bits of armor. Her hair is long and flowing, and she appears well-to-do. The man, on the other hand, puts off an aura of anger and power.

“People,” the man suddenly booms out, raising his hands up, “I call you to our land, Galanthæs. I am Harlow, leader of the city of Gomorra. This is Fiammetta, my second-in-command.” He pauses as the shorter woman smiles and bows lightly, before Harlow begins to speak again. “I understand that Mæve has decided to open our world to you. I extend the same offer, though I ask that you make a sound decision on whom you decide to… align yourself with.” A smirk forms on the man’s face as he pauses for a moment. “Will you choose warmth and power, or cold and fragility?” As the man finishes speaking, the hologram cuts out exactly as before, only this time the transition between colors is incredibly quick. After only a few moments the blue hologram is back, along with the tall man and woman.

“I see that Harlow and Fiammetta have contacted you already,” Mæve says in a bit of an irritated tone. “Very well. Two gates will be opened to our land. The blue gate will take you to Frosthaven, the city that myself and Nikolas head. The red gate will take you to Gomorra, the city that Harlow and Fiammetta oversee. I ask that you make a fair judgment in which gate you choose, but either way your presence here will not be a disappointment. We are opening our world to you, and ask that you join us in the Galanthæs Festival.” Mæve smiles, bowing lightly. “Now, won’t you join us in our festivities?” As she finishes speaking, the hologram dies out again.

This time, however, the lines on the rock fade from blue to a mix of red and blue, and two swirling portals appear on either side of the stone; one blue, and one red. Next to the blue portal stand the tall woman, Mæve, and the shorter man, Nikolas. Next to the red portal stand the tall man, Harlow, and the shorter woman, Fiammetta. It appears that they are both welcoming of anyone into their world, Galanthæs, though one must be wary of what happens when fire and ice mix. Will you choose to go to Frosthaven, led by the lady Mæve, and indulge in a winter wonderland of festivities, or will you choose to go to Gomorra, overseen by the man Harlow, and take part in festivities under the warmth of a red-hot leader? It appears, rather unfortunately, that the choice you make will not be able to change, and so it is a choice that must be made with great heed.

x x x

Galanthæs Event OOC Information

*NOTE: None of the information in this quote will be known by characters. All they will know are the observations they can make from the above RP post.

  • This event will last from November 27th through January 14th. Characters will have until November 28th to join the event, then after that no one else will be able to join.
  • Up to TWO characters (PC or NPC) per user may be used in the event.
  • Once a character chooses a side (Mæve or Harlow) they will NOT be able to switch.
  • Once a character enters the portal, they will NOT be able to come back until the end of the event.
  • Characters cannot post in the event and somewhere else at the same time.

  • Once characters enter the portal, they will be reverted to their base class stats and abilities. All items (custom-made or other-wise) will be "taken from them". Aka every character is a "brand new profile" with nothing but their base class starter points and starter profile abilities. This is important for future parts of the event, and there is NO way to get around this. If this is a problem for you, then you do not have to come.
  • Regardless of the time that characters join the event and / or enter the portal, all characters will appear in Galanthæs at the exact same time. This can be explained in-character.
  • There are a lot of rules and regulations that will come later in the event... if you like to break or bend rules, this probably is a bad event for you, as I will use my NPC powers to boot you out.

  • Good characters should go to Frosthaven and Evil characters should go to Gomorra. This is very, very important.

  • This event will involve quests, "games", components for crafting, and mini-events.
  • That means lots of prizes, big and small.

To sign-up for the event, please visit this thread.
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:31 am
Sign-ups for Galanthæs will end in approximately two hours.

I apologize for anyone who does not get to sign-up, but I gave you a few days. There are many other events to sign-up for that will be plenty fun.



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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2011 9:05 am
Winter Event 2011

Galanthæs is now open for everyone (sort of)! There are still rules and guidelines to follow, though, of course;

  • Only 4 characters per-person and only 2 per each city.

  • Upon entering, each character will be reverted to base class stats and have all items and abilities removed from them.

  • Characters must speak to Mæve at the Hall of Jasmine (Frosthaven) or Fiammetta at the Theater of Pestilence (Gomorra) upon first entry.

Hope everyone has fun! I'll have the games up soon and the quests up not long afterwards! I'm putting a lot of work into this, so at least act like it's fun.

Also, sign them up in the sign-ups thread in the Tournaments/Storylines sub-forum, still.
PostPosted: Wed Dec 07, 2011 10:24 am
Inquisitorial Memo - High Inquisitor Aarendor Ellerose

"Attention Soul Reapers of Soul Society. Our threat level is low, and the invasion is over. Pay no mind to any other misinformation you may here. I assure you, the hollow threat has been neutralized. Any announcement contradicting this one will be considered a purposeful attempt at misinforming the Shinigami, and thus High Treason punishable by death.

General Tseen, I request a meeting with you immediately to discuss your... announcement."

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:15 am
.: Bank Update :.

So I want to be clear on something in case anyone checks and freaks out without noticing the first few posts of the Bank. I have updated the Normal Accounts but not the Special Accounts. If you have an account in the Special Accounts it has not been updated. You have not really been skipped I am merely breaking it up so I dont blow my brains out. I will be getting to you as soon as I recover from the Normal Account update.
PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:25 am

.: Inquisitorial decree #3 :.

Effective immediately, each of the Gotei 13 Division, Each Royal Divisions, and each peripheral Divisions (i.e. Kidoushuu, Secret Mobile Corps, Harvester Corps, etc.) will be required to provide at least one form of protection or aid to the Seretei. The possibilities for this are rather broad, and each will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Refusal or Neglect to do so will be treated as a neglect of duties, and will result in charges as per the power of the Grand Inquisition.

[ooc: Pretty much every captain, colonel, etc. has to come up with something neat for soul society. It can be anything from communications systems to fighting robots. Basically, if you think it will help Soul Society, zip it to me in a PM. I’ll probably approve anything submitted unless I have a very good reason. If I approve it, it can be posted in profile abilities/customs/whatever. Kind of wanted do do something useful with the GI, instead of just making everyone rage in the OOC xD]  

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:52 am
.: Royal Riches Update :.

Royal Riches is in the process of moving in some fabulous new stock. Some of these items are ancient or extremely dangerous though so we ask that you kindly wait until we have them out on display officially. Until we do the shop will be Locked temporarily. Feel free to browse though and if you see something nice get ready to snatch it up. We expect that the stocking process shouldn't take more than 48 hours at most. Either way we'll be sure to let you know before we open back up.

And dont forget! The shop Enchantment which sells Mystical Artifacts is known for doing Custom Enchantments and Artifacts. So if you have some request for something you'd like to see offered be sure to PM LindL.Tailor!

Cant wait to see you all when we open back up for business ~ <3

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 9:22 pm
.: Ferrari Mansion Murder Mystery Reward :.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
To the participants of the Murder Mystery, the Instigator Organization thanks you. All of the participating characters will receive a reward, and two special individuals will receive a first and second place special reward.

  • All Participants - 75 stat points!

    And . . . Liar Liar: An ability that forces someone you're interacting with to answer 1 question of yours truthfully. If it is found out they lied, their pants will catch on fire. This can either be humorous and deal no real damage, or significant and deal damage equal to your natural Str or Sp attacking their natural Def. (The difference is subtracted from what would be the opponent's natural Sta, the opponent fainting if it hits '0'.)

  • Second Place; Shizoku Gochiso - 150 stat points!

    Liar Liar: -effect above-

    And . . . Four Vials: A set of four vials, each having a unique smell: popcorn, burnt hair, wet dog, and mothball. Only 1 is useable per battle. Mothball Potion creates a toxic gas in the area that saps away 50% of all attacks in the area's power for the next 2 GP, even the user's. Burnt Hair Potion contains a highly erosive acid. Moves at the user's highest movement or attack speed x3 when thrown. It must be dodged. If it hits the opponent, it renders their defenses functioning at 50% power for the next 3 GP. Wet Dog Potion: contains a deadly virus. Renders healing abilities unable to be activated for the next 2GP. Popcorn Potion: must be thrown on the ground for 1 post before it activates. After this time it reduces the opponent's movement speed 50% for the next 2GP.

  • First Place; Gabriel - 225 stat points!

    Liar Liar: -effect above-

    And . . . Detective's License: The owner of this license can find key points in a user's build and hinder it. Can seal the use of 1 ability and 1 artifact the user has, regardless of resists. User also gains immunity from their own abilities/items/artifacts being sealed for the first 6 posts of a battle.

Psychic Detective; Instigator
Robert Normandy

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 19, 2011 5:08 pm
.: Royal Riches Update :.

Royal Riches is happy to say that in One Hour we will be Unlocking our doors and invite you to come in and take a gander at all of the new stock.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 9:18 pm
.: Snowball Fight Ending :.

Participation has died down here, all participants receive:

- 50 Reiatsu or 75,000,000 Ryo~
- 3 Free Techs or a level 500 Ability.

The details for the racing event will hopefully be posted soon. (And more amazing prizes can be expected, along with more fun to be had~)

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 25, 2011 5:43 pm
Tra'al la la la la la la~ Ability.

It's a Profile Ability. 100 reiatsu level. Every character gets one.

Merry Christmas.
PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:46 pm
:: The Fall of Galanthaes::
The end of the winter event.

  • The Gomorra Initiation

“It’s time.”

A siren went off across all of Gomorra, signaling to the inhabitants that Harlow had finally decided to make his move. The Galanthæs Festival was cut short as the inhabitants of Gomorra dropped what they were doing and began taking off in full sprint towards their homes. Participants – those that had arrived to Galanthæs from outside the world – were the only ones left in the streets as the sirens continued to ring. Moments later, the streets would be filled again with the inhabitants of the city, all wearing matching uniforms and armor, carrying swords and wearing strange jewelry. There was not a single person that was not part of this sudden movement – men, women and even children were all there in full garb.

“People of Gomorra, I have sent word to Mæve that her time has come. Together, we will travel to Frosthaven and pull her from her throne! She has been in rule for far too long! Let us finally put an end to her tyranny and benevolent law!” The words of the city leader, Harlow, rang out across the city as if he was standing over the city as a whole, shouting down at it. For those that were in the town center, they would see Harlow and Fiammetta standing tall together, swords at their waists as they made their message clear. “Today, Mæve will perish, and we will reign strong!” The citizens all raised their weapons into the air and called out, cheering and yelling ecstatically for the promise of this change. At the Town Center where Harlow and Fiammetta stood, everyone was holding their weapons up high at the ready, including Dunz and Marisol. Out at Sinister Springs, Uwriyel and Morissey stood in the bar having doubts about the movement, but stood dressed in Gomorra garb ready to follow Harlow’s lead. Farther out in Ambermeadow, Scyselie and Mirabelle watched from afar as the city lit up in a full blaze of light, as the screams of the battle-ready rang out across the plains of amber flowers towards them. It was true that not everyone was ready to charge headfirst in a full-out war against Mæve as Harlow seemed to be, but no one really had a choice.

They would leave only moments later – citizens and participants alike – heading towards Frosthaven through means of the Middleground Passage; a long passage that went straight through the side of the Middleground mountain. However, over in Frosthaven, things were taking a much more horrific turn.

  • The Frosthaven Initiation

Sirens rang out across Frosthaven long before Harlow sent message to Mæve of his impending attack. Raava had let Mæve know that their world was collapsing much faster than Mæve had predicted. Yes, Galanthæs was actually collapsing and falling around them; the blizzard that had encroached on the city was the world falling in on itself. Now, small tremors were beginning to shake the ground all around Frosthaven, causing the collapse of some buildings and mass panic.

Mæve stood in her tower of the Hall of Jasmine, working powerful magic to try to get the world stabilized enough to keep all her people from perishing. Down in the streets, Nikolas was pulling people from fallen buildings and giving people orders. Over at Mia Mette’s, Mia Mette and Euell were busy funneling people into the bar, as it was under the protective eye of Raava and thus was safe from the impacts of the collapsing world for now. Out at the old Luminia Apothecary, Raava and Juliette were hard at work pulling out old, powerful scrolls and working with alchemy to try and find something that would give Mæve the ability to save them from the world’s collapse. Farther out in Sellera, Eldan and Rousseau were busy fighting off the beasts of the world, which had begun coming closer and closer to the city as the world around them began to collapse. Yes, all across Frosthaven people were trying hard to provide Mæve the time she needed to find a solution for their collapsing world before they all perished. Mæve, herself, also seemed to be at a surprisingly loss of action. She had seen this coming for many centuries, but she had no idea that it would happen so soon.

A powerful tremor suddenly shook Frosthaven hard, collapsing some of the tallest buildings – including the Hall of Jasmine. As the tower and massive hall collapsed around the Town Center, screams and cries of fear rang out as citizens ran for their lives. Nikolas, who had been in the Town Center at the time, knew that his sister, Mæve, was in the tower working when it collapsed. Afraid that she had perished in the fall of the tower, he made his way quickly to the tower in an attempt to rescue her. He found her only moments after searching, with a massive gash to her forehead and several other cuts and bruises. Mæve seemed fine, although she was in no shape to continue the powerful magic she had been using in an attempt to save their world. Calling on Mia Mette and Juliette, Nikolas had his sister taken back to Mia Mette’s so that they could hopefully heal her up and fix her quickly. With their leader currently out of commission at the worst time possible, Nikolas found himself trying to fill his sister’s shoes far too fast, as he was just working to keep people safe still as the tremors continued and the blizzard around them blew stronger and stronger.

  • The Middleground Falls

Nearly an hour after Harlow had announced his attack on Frosthaven, the citizens and participants found themselves near the far end of the Middleground Passage. It was a long, dark tunnel, and it seemed like they had been walking forever. Far at the front of the group, Scyselie was busy trying to tell Harlow of the current state of Frosthaven. Being the Templar, she was able to feel the energy of the world around her, and thus knew of the impending doom that awaited the entire world. Harlow, blinded by the thought of Mæve’s collapse, was brushing her off. Fiammetta, though, was listening to Scyselie.

For a long time, Fiammetta was beginning to think that she had made the wrong choice going to found Gomorra with Harlow. Even in their Union she had her doubts, knowing that what he had convinced all of them to do was wrong in more ways than one; and was she so blinded by the thought of wealth and notoriety that she had done something as foolish as turn on her own true friends? Before they had split from Frosthaven, Fiammetta had actually been a close friend of Mæve, and thus even now she was beginning to think that their plan of attacking her and putting her to an end was wrong.

Before the group could make it out of the mountain passage, though, a strong tremor shook the entirety of the mountain. The group of citizens and participants found themselves under a barrage of falling rocks and debris as the tunnel began to collapse. As dust began to fill the air and the torches they were carrying were swept out, the group found themselves in a state of blind panic, and began to quickly make for the exit.

Not everyone would escape from the mountain passage, as fate would have it that only a very small few would live to see Frosthaven. The first to perish was none other than the sweet and darling shopkeeper, Mirabelle. She was unfortunately shoved to the ground during the initial panic, and was left behind as the tunnel collapsed around her. Next were the siblings Morissey and Marisol, who had been standing near the back of the group, and due to their, they were unable to make it out of the passage before it fell. Dunz and Uwriyel were the other two notable deaths, as they were also victims to the falling rocks in the tunnel.

Perhaps the most startling of those that were lost in the tunnel collapse, though, was none other than Harlow himself. Blinded by the image of his rival’s demise, he foolishly shrugged off Scyselie’s warning and found himself caught off guard by the tremors that plagued the tunnel. As everyone around him scurried to escape, he was in too much of a shock to even move.
Aside from the participants that had arrived in Gomorra and five other citizens, those that survived were only Scyselie and Fiammetta. Now that they were free of the collapsing passage and were across the Middleground, they could see through the thick fog below to Frosthaven, as bright blue fires were lit up all around the town to help find those that were lost in the fall of the city. It was a horrible sight; the small group of them that had survived the tunnel collapse standing there looking down at the city they were coming to take over, only to find it in a state of ruin. Not only were they completely lost as far as their intentions, they were now completely aware that what was going on was much larger than simply a feud between two leaders.

  • Mæve’s Choice

As the world around them shook and crumbled, Mia Mette and Juliette were hard at work at Mia Mette’s restaurant, trying to use magic and remedies to heal Mæve’s wounds and get her in proper health. She was the only one with the knowledge and the power to save them, and if she could not be resuscitated on time, then they would all perish; this was a fact that all of the citizens were all too aware of. After what seemed like hours, Mæve was healed enough to make her way down into the front bar of the building and deliver a strong message to her people.

“As I am sure you are aware, our world is collapsing at an alarming rate. I fear that we may not have the power reserved to keep our world open any longer, and thus we have but only one option. Along with a few others, I must move Frosthaven from this world and into another. This will be no simple task; it is extremely risky and potentially deadly. I fear that not everyone will make it through this, but it is our only option. For everyone here, please try to help keep everyone together as we work on saving our world.”

The message came on strong, as for once, Mæve had blatantly told her people that their world was, in fact, collapsing, and there was little she could do to help them. This was the first time that Mæve had admitted to her people that she was not in complete control of their world, and that she could not save all of them. At least, though, they were aware of the horrors that were surrounding them.

Out in the Town Center, Nikolas and Raava were busy trying to pull people from collapsing buildings still and shepherd them over to Mia Mette’s. Just like the group from Gomorra who had met their end during the collapse of the mountain path, a strong tremor suddenly shook the entirety of the town center. Nikolas and Raava were flung to the ground, powerless as buildings around them came crumbling down. Some said that Nikolas and Raava still loved each other, as they had been in Union many years before. Perhaps this was fate’s way of giving the pair the one thing they always wanted but could never have; an eternity together.

Either way, people all over Frosthaven were finally finishing their trek across the collapsing land to Mia Mette’s. Euell had arrived from the Luminia Apothecary to assist Juliette to tending to the wounded. Eldan and Rousseau arrived from Sellera to help barricade the building from the strengthening blizzard and winds outside. And, lastly, the surviving group from Gomorra showed up, to everyone’s immense surprise, to Mia Mette’s shortly after.

This was a very, very tense moment. Members from the rival city – the city that was the very bane of all that Mæve wished to not exist – had entered the bar as Mæve was trying to save their city. Fiammetta was the first among them to enter, and quickly locked eyes with Mæve. After only a moment of looking at each other, Fiammetta broke down into tears and fell to her knees, the true impact of what she had done with Harlow and Gomorra finally reaching its peak. Had they not all about been to perish, she would give Mæve an eternity of apologies. For now, though, Mæve let them stay, acknowledging their presence, and went back to working on saving them.

“Mia Mette, I have found a location that I believe will be perfect for our city. I need you and Juliette to keep the barrier open while I focus my remaining power on moving the city. Euell, Eldan, and Rousseau, you know what needs to be done.” With a deep breath, Mæve stood looking out the tall glass window on the top floor of the bar, with Mia Mette and Juliette at her side, and Euell, Eldan and Rousseau standing behind her. Taking one last look out across the fallen city, she said her final goodbyes to her brother and all of her fallen people, and closed her eyes. Juliette and Mia Mette locked eyes, nodded, and turned back around to look at the boys. Rousseau stood right behind Mæve, while Euell and Eldan stood right across from Juliette and Mia Mette. A moment after Mæve shut her eyes, Euell and Eldan began to chant, and Juliette and Mia Mette looked up as blue energy began to dance in the air around them. Acting as a channel for the energy into Mæve, they raised their other hands as the energy began to grow stronger around them. Euell and Eldan continued chanting as a bright light began to glow across the entirety of the city, and things started to rebuild on their own. After a few moments of this, Rousseau finally stepped up behind Mæve and rest one hand on her forehead, pulling her head back a little towards him. He muttered one last phrase, before he pulled up a knife in his other hand and slit her throat. As the life left Mæve’s body, a blinding light shot across all of Frosthaven, completely blanketing out everything – all feelings, all motions, all memories – everyone and everything was in a state of nothingness.

  • Rebirth

When people finally came back to, they would find themselves resting in the place that they had first entered Galanthæs through the portals. Whether it was outside Karakura City on Earth, or near the center of Soul Society, they would awaken as if they had been in a deep, deep sleep. Not to pretend everything was just a dream, they would find all the items, all the money, and all the things they had acquired in Galanthæs – plus what they had lost upon first entry – back in their possession, along with all of their power. And, as a final message, at their feet would be a sealed message on white parchment, with the blue symbol of Frosthaven stamped on its envelope. Inside they would find a message, written by Mæve herself. It read as follows;

“I cannot thank you enough for coming to our world. I know that I was not truthful to you from the moment you stepped into our world. By now you will have returned to your homeland, hopefully with all of your items, abilities, and other things in your possession. Now that you are safely home, I believe I can now tell you exactly what it was you did for me and my people.

I have known for millennia that one day my world, Galanthæs, would end. Our haven was never meant to last forever, yet I did all that I could to make it last. I waited a little too long, however, and thusly ran out of power to save my people. As a last ditch effort, I brought all of you to our world to borrow your power to save my world, and my people. I apologize for everything that I have put you through and all of the lies that I have told, but I must say that it was for the best. Unknowingly, you helped save a city of people, and for that I can never repay you.

I fear that by now I have long since departed from the world of the living. However, if everything went as it was meant to, the city of Frosthaven will still be very much alive in the realm known as Rovalucci. I have turned over control of the city to someone I know that can keep it in the good graciousness that I always tried to keep; Euell and Eldan. For everything that you have done, I want to welcome you back to the city at any time… to your city.

Even in my passing I will watch over you in thanks for what you have done.

Thank you,
Mæve, former leader of Frosthaven”

And so it was: that Mæve, leader of Frosthaven, had lied to everyone that entered the world of Galanthæs. She had used their power to save the citizens of the world and the city she had worked so hard to build and preserve. In her last ditch effort to save the people that had been so dedicated to her, though, she had taken her own life. The city of Frosthaven had survived the transfer from Galanthæs and stood, fully rebuilt, in the icy outer regions of Rovalucci. Now under the rule of Euell and Eldan, the city was working hard to regain its strength and make do with the losses they had suffered. They had lost their leader, their brethren, and their friends; yet they would continue on in Mæve’s path as she had intended. With Juliette, Rousseau, Mia Mette, Fiammetta and Scyselie at their side, Euell and Eldan would continue to lead Frosthaven towards the path of success, as it was to be a safe haven for those that did not wish to be pushed to the path of destruction.

Three monuments were erected within Frosthaven. The first was a massive statue of Mæve herself, standing tall in the center of the Frosthaven Town Center where the fountain once stood. Below her statue was a plaque that read; “Mæve, the original leader of Frosthaven. It could be said that she was the true mother of Galanthæs, as within her tough exterior sat a heart of gold. Even to her death she did all that she could to make sure her children were safe.” The second statue stood where the Hall of Jasmine once stood, as it was not reconstructed. It featured Raava and Nikolas standing next to each other. They both appeared extremely happy, with their hands between them interlocked. The plaque beneath their statue read; “Nikolas, the brother of Mæve, and Raava, Frosthaven’s Templar and guiding light. Despite never getting the chance at a Union that they deserved, Nikolas and Raava were true shining lights in the darkness of Galanthæs. May they forever rest together in the peace they helped to create.” Finally, there was a statue placed at the entrance to Sellera. It replaced the gate that stood along the path. On one side stood Harlow, looking up at the sky with a stern expression on his face. On the other side stood Mirabelle and Uwriyel, both looking unhappy. Mirabelle was bent down, one hand on her chest, as she appeared to be crying over the loss of another. Uwriyel stood up straight behind her, looking out the opposite direction of Harlow, a very angry look on his face. Between them, above the path, was the “Sellera” sign, and below it their plaque; “Harlow, fearless leader of Gomorra. His heart was said to be filled with great anger, though his troubles were never relinquished. May he find peace in the afterlife. Mirabelle, entrepreneur of Gomorra, and Uwriyel, friend to many. They met their time before it was meant to come, and their loss can never be restored. May they find the peace in death that they could not find in life.”

Those that were lost during the fall of Galanthæs became known as heroes throughout the city. Mæve’s body was placed in a glass coffin within the Frosthaven Sanctum, where her body, forever un-aging, could receive the peace and glory that Mæve so greatly deserved. On the anniversary of the Galanthæs Festival each year, a memorial festival would be set up to remember those that were lost.

Thanks to Sarah Bivashea, ambassador of the Rovalucci Hierarchy, Frosthaven was placed under official sanctity. It became known as a place of safety, peace, and unity for all of Rovalucci.

Even with the passing of Galanthæs and many of the great people inside, their world would be remembered forever thanks to the sacrifice of Mæve. And so, the story of Galanthæs finally comes to a close, as new life breathes into the new city.

Thank You
for participating in the 2011 Bleach: Elites Winter Event - Galanthæs

The event forum will stay up until Monday, January 9th, 2012. At this time, a new thread will be created in the Rovalucci sub-forum titled "Frosthaven", where the new city will be.

Event gifts and items will be announced sometime prior to Monday, January 16th.


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:49 pm
:: The End to BE's Winter Event ::

The Winter Event has been a rather long, one but thanks goes out to any and all participants who made it more enjoyable. For those who contributed something too the event, we'd like to give something back. Especially to encourage further participation in future events.

We hope you enjoy and have an awesome 2012~

:: Tra'al Games Rewards ::

  1. Reiatsu Bonus: For every fight you partook in, you receive a bonus of +300 reiatsu. If your fight went un-finished this amount is halved. In the event that you are Rahvir over 3,000 reiatsu and cannot claim the reward, you can claim a Ryo Bonus of 3,000,000,000 per fight you partook in. (Half of that, again, if it went unfinished.)

  2. Most Ridiculous Challenge: And the award goes to . . . Ryuunosuke! He wins 500,000,000 Ryo~!

:: Galanthaes Rewards ::

  1. Word Count: As is customary with guild events, the entire word count for the whole of the event will be available for you to use for each of your characters that took part in the event. You must have posted with said character at least once to be able to claim the word count (ie: you don’t contribute, you don’t get the prize). Word count is 87,500 words.

  2. Frosthaven/Gomorra Token Exchange: Have left over town tokens? Get rid of them by turning them into Ryo. The conversion for town tokens to Ryo is 1 Town Token = 100,000 Ryo.

  3. Power Token Exchange: Have left over power tokens? Get rid of them by turning them into free class techniques. The exchange rate is 1 Power Token = 1 Free Class Technique.

  4. Shop Items: If you bought an item from any of the Galanthæs shops (items bought during the event for town tokens), you will keep them after the event closes. Each of these shop items will have a special guild-related property. Created by Commando Omnipants. The Out of Event (or OoE: ) effects have been added to the shops. Check them out here:
    [Mia Mettes Trinkets]xxx[Ambermeadow Treasures]xxx[The Armory]xxx[The Lavastone]

  5. Gifted Items: There were several gifted items given throughout the event and these items will not go unforgotten. (If any have been forgotten, please PM Commando Omnipants.)

    Ebony Blade: +1,000 to your highest stat when wielded and comes with 1 level 500 ability.
    Luminia Sword: Takes the shape of any melee weapon you desire. +500 to your two highest stats when wielded and comes with 2 level 250 level abilities.
    Bane of Galanthaes: -10 to 3 stats. +750 to two others. The owner ironically gains the ability Chilling Spirit[i]. It's much easier to deal with others when you don't constantly set them on edge. [i]Chilling Spirit makes it so that when in the presence of others, you can choose to not have them tense up at the very sight of you. They will also be more drawn to do as you say, making you a very persuasive force.
    Frosthaven Ring: When wielding a weapon, all abilities used by that weapon are x3 as effective. +200 to all stats.

  6. Frosthaven: Mæve’s final gift to her people was to save them and their city, Frosthaven. She sent it to the far, icy reaches of Rovalucci. Thanks to Sarah Bivashea, ambassador of the Rovalucci Hieararchy, the hierarchy agreed to place guard over the city. For extra protection, Lady Shinra has also place her blessing over the area, helping to make the city the safehaven that Mæve wanted it to be.

  7. Main Prize #1: Gilded Galanthæs Spoon: A silver spoon, with elegant and regal design patterns down its handle. The patterns on the spoon will glow a very light blue or red, depending on what city you were in during the event. The spoon, while not for eating, is molded from the very essence of the world of Galanthæs itself. With the spoon in your possession, you feel as though some of the power of the frozen world has flowed into your body. The Gilded Galanthæs Spoon grants you a single level 250 Profile Ability. This reward is obtainable by every character that took part in the Galanthæs Winter Event for at least one post.

  8. Main Prize #2: Mourner’s Precipice: When Harlow met his downfall, everyone that was a part of the Gomorra team saw firsthand what happens when people are blinded by war. Despite the volatile nature of Harlow, he and many others lost their life during the downfall of Galanthæs, and in memory of their loss, everyone that went through the danger together was blessed by Scyselie, the new Divine of Frosthaven. The blessing, known as “Mourner’s Precipice”, allows the user to protect one teammate during battle. If their teammate should die on the field, the user may use their blessing to revive them once. The target only has 50% of their initial stats, and the user must sacrifice 25% of all of their stats in order for the blessing to work. This reward is obtainable by every character that took part in the Galanthæs Winter Event for at least one post.

  9. Main Prize #3: Sacrifice of Mæve: All those that were in Galanthæs during the downfall will never forget the lady Mæve and the sacrifice she gave to save her people. When she sacrificed herself to bring everyone from Galanthæs back to their home world, she bestowed in them a bit of her own energy. Now, a small part of Mæve lives inside everyone. This little part of Mæve will allow the user to do two things. The first is a passive ability; the Sacrifice of Mæve protects the user from damage in battle, passively reducing the damage done to them by 10%. The second ability allows the user to summon Mæve to their side – both in RP and in battle. While the RP summon is free, the battle summon costs 25% of the user’s Spirit Power to summon. The summon, then, has the user’s natural Spirit Power x2 in each stat. The Mæve summon appears to be a perfect physical representation of the lady Mæve, although the wispy air around her makes it clear that she is but a spirit. The summon will last the duration of the battle or RP. This reward is obtainable by every character that took part in the Galanthæs Winter Event for at least one post.

:: Il'Niege Rewards ::

  1. Participation: Anyone who posted at any point in during the Il'Niege event can cash in on: +100 reiatsu, +100,000,000 Ryo and +1 Free Tech on top of any other rewards they may have received.

  2. Relay Race - All Participants: Will receive a free low-medium level aircraft/racing gear or a discounted high level one. (PM Commando Omnipants with any and all specifics. Get as creative as you want. Can be living or non-living, etc etc . . . )

  3. 1st Place Relay Race Winner - Akito: +250 Reiatsu and 2,000,000,000 Ryo

  4. 2nd Place Relay Race Winners - Kida & Penny: +250 Reiatsu and 500,000,000 Ryo

  5. 3rd Place Relay Race Winner - Yugo: +200 Reiatsu and 250,000,000 Ryo

  6. 4th Place Relay Race Winner - Elias: +150 Reiatsu and 125,000,000 Ryo

  7. 5th Place Relay Race Winner - Yume: +100 Reiatsu and 75,000,000 Ryo

  8. 6th Place Relay Race Winner - Klain: +50 Reiatsu and a 1,000 reiatsu robot NPC with all upgrades available for NPCs.
PostPosted: Wed Jan 18, 2012 8:29 pm
::The Begin of Legends::

It seemed subtle at first. To all who had spiritual power it felt like a breeze, blowing past them even where there was new wind; then, a revitalizing feeling filled their bodies as a new potential seemed to reach into their cores, changing their very beings. The source of this energy was impossible to determine at first, reaching throughout all dimensions, and despite it's awakening it was as if only the potential to change their destiny had been gained; the ability to seize that potential, and bring about it's awakening however, resides in you!

The Shinigami were the first to discover it's source; the energy was most familiar to them, who had for a long time feared, occasionally felt inspired by, and always revered the Soul King. That foreign presence they were sworn to serve without ever gazing upon it's face, with power exuding from on high that was said to have created the Seireitei itself, had given birth to this change in their destinies. Those whose sworn duty it was to monitor the Soul King from a distance realized that despite centuries of stagnation, it's energy had slowly begun to change; and then, all at once it had flared like the light of the sun, and this strange spirit power had washed outwards across all dimensions. At first there came the baffling questions of course, why it had chosen to break it's passive existence, what perhaps this could mean; had the Soul King consciously chosen to interfere for a change, or was it merely toying with Shinigami, Humans and other creatures once more? Or is it a mass of consciousness, unaware of the world around it, like a God? Despite this new change, the answer to those questions became no clearer; but after some time, they came out with their own revelation.

The Interpreter, voice of the King, made a public official announcement for the first time in centuries. The Soul King had chosen to awaken the potential locked away in Shinigami, to make a select few into weapons capable of finally turning the tide against the Hollows who had spread like locusts, and to stand as beacons to remind all that the Shinigami were a necessary race; an existence that could not be simply replaced, but who were the agents of the Soul King meant to act as his divine agents for all time to come! These few who were chosen, would become the heroes of their race, the beacon of change in the days to come! They would be Legends!

Despite the nearly evangelic nature of the speech, zealous in it's praise of their kind, the more skeptical had plenty of reasons to find fault with the Soul Society's official stance on the matter. First was of course the skepticism of the Soul King's nature itself. Second, the power had spread to every dimension and race, regardless of their relations with Shinigami. Even Hollows were giving a gross level of power from this awakening, making the dangers they faced all the greater; and every race aside from Soul Society was free to come to their own conclusions of the matter. Whether they believed it was a gift from the rulers of their Dimension, or a blessing from the Heavens, or whatever nihilistic feeling, the facts remained; the world had changed once again, and the pace that led them all towards their final battle quickened once again...

The Legendary warriors are born!


Legendary Classes are Officially Release!

Information to know!

*Legendary Classes are the next level above Prestige.
*The positions are higher, and request great natural strength (reiatsu) to obtain. However, the rewards are that much rarer and valuable.
*The Legendary Class Approval Forum should be listed in the Approvals section shortly.
*Legendary classes are limited do to the greatness of the rank. In many cases, though not always, a fight will be required to take the position from another; so if you want the part, take it fast, and defend it well!

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