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A Bleach related role playing guild that gives everyone a chance to live a life in the Bleach universe. We're the Elite. 

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 5:52 am
Attention for Temporary Mod Applications

Temporary Mod Applications will be open for an undecided amount of time. If you are interested please view the thread in the main forum. They are still open! We want lots of applicants. Thanks.
PostPosted: Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:08 pm
.: The Grand Heist :.

Weeks upon weeks have passed as I and other Instigators along with other various information-gathering units have waited for the next strike of this mysterious individual who seems to be fond of pilfering all sort of valuable items, power and even concepts across the Multirealms.

The grand heist seeming to be, along with all of the power of those of the Multirealms, the greatest weapons known to man, as well. The Artifacts. They've disappeared from their owner's grasps!

It seems the last of Caer Peyln has begun to crumble as the Sephiroths holding the entire realm up were snatched from beneath it. The Seelie and Unseelie Courts along with some other rather prestigious names of the Elven Race have agreed to meet with the Rovaluccian Royalty to set up some sort of co-partnership so as to prevent the Elves from suffering a similar fate as the Necromancers.

It also seems that some rather unique individuals from all over have begun to start campaigns in order to retrieve lost items. It seems some of which are actually trying to make small gain with questionable claims of possession of Artifacts. Perhaps you High Ones should keep your eyes on this manner.

Bastiel Evans

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:42 am
.: Spin the Bottle: Omni's 21st Birthday :.

Hey! Yeah. It's my birthday. And since my birthday is right smack dab in the middle of the summer holiday drought, and in remembrance of a former mod who's birthday was a mere two days ago, (Make sure to wish Blissful Lioness a belated happy birthday if you haven't yet, by the way.) this giveaway will be a little bulkier.

Let's play a game of spin the bottle!
Roll two 6 sided die. Match your number with the prize below.*

2. 25 points to 3 characters or 75 points to 1.
3-5. 50 points to 3 characters or 100 points to 1.
6-7. 50 points to 4 characters or 125 points to 1.
8-9. 50 points to 5 characters or 150 points to 1.
10-11. 100 points to 2 characters or 175 points to 1.
12. 150 points to 3 characters or 300 points to 1.

And if your numbers are exactly 2 and 1 (in that order), then you get:
2, 1: 250 points to 4 characters or 750 to 1.

Good luck and enjoy!

*(Prizes cannot be cashed in on characters over 2,000 reiatsu.)
PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:06 am
New Hybrids and New Homes

Well now, looks like a double trouble gift today! It seems that the disturbances in reality, caused by the Jing Theif, have awoken one of Caer Pelyn's ancient races into activity once again. They are none other than the Vampires and Werewolves of course! They've come out of their hiding in light of Cear Pelyn's destruction and are now migrating with the Elves to the realm of Rovalucci to live with the Metas.

In addition, the reality altering powers of the two Elves, Cordeth and Shinra have been hard at work expanding Rovalucci to accommodate the new arrivals. The elves, as well as other magical beings that live with them as well as the Lycans and Vampires have been given their own continent now known as Heimir. Some of Caer Pelyn's old structures were saved, including the Grand Hall of the Silver Maiden and reconstruction of the elven lands will begin soon enough.

Blissful Lioness Wrote:
Vampries or bat demons. When vampires were first created, they were actually huceo hybrids, by absorbing the power of vampire bat souls that moved on, but centuries went by, they used the same hollow soul to use the huceo hybrid, however over time, their human bodies somehow absorbed the hollow soul, as part of evolution. They no longer required masks or anything else, there are consequences and there are benefits. A vampire needs to drink blood to keep themselves alive, it can be any kind of blood. Vampires also have the inept ability to preserve oxygen in their bodies, making their bodies extremely cold and giving off a dead, corpse aura. While both vampires and werewolves are evenly matched, vampires are known to be better at listening than werewolves. While the many things like garlic and crosses are not true, vampires do have a weakness. They seem to react towards sunlight, becoming irritated or tired, however they do not go up in flames.

Can Affect: All beings of Human, Shinobis, Quincy, and Telekinetics

To Get: Must been bitten or born from one, roleplay 1,000 words of backstory of your character history or have a PC bite your character for you

Rewards: Three forms, human, vampire, and bat. Human is the regular human form. Vampire is when the human gets vamperic bat wings on their back and able to fly around. Bats... well being able to transform into a bat. Can get a lvl 100 ability per form (one at 100, 200, and 400 reiatsu respectively). Can learn Regeneration.

Lycans or werewolves. It is told that they were unwilling to change in the full moon which is true.. for few centuries. Due to the fact that the first ancestors were actually humans who did absorb wolves souls, they managed to suppress the monster within except on the night of the full moon which forces the wolf to come out. Over time their body became so accustomed to it, that they no longer needed masks and there are consequences as well benefits. Adaptation never ceases to amaze us. Lycans over time, got tired of vampire control over them, many broke free or was free thanks to kind hearted vampires but they are rarely rare. Thanks to evolution, they can actually control the wolf inside of them over time, their bodies naturally stay heated due to their faster, higher heart rate. This causes adrenaline to pump through their bodies easier. While both vampires and werewolves are evenly matched, werewolves known to be better at sense of smelling than vampires. Werewolves, once again many 'weakness' are not true, however, silver bullets does cause a chemical reaction but remember, if humans can die from being shot at, so can werewolves.

Can Affect: All beings of Humans, Shinobis, Quincy, and Telekinetics.

To get: Must been bitten or born from one, roleplay 1,000 words of backstory of your character history or have a PC bite your character for you

Rewards: Three forms, human, werewolf, and wolf. Human is the regular form. Werewolf, a form of both men and werewolf. Wolf, a regular form of wolf. Can get a lvl 100 ability per form (one at 100, 200, and 400 reiatsu respectively). Can learn Regeneration.

Ryunosuke Ryusei

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:56 pm
Power Theft!?

It appears that the thefts are not over and they only seem to be growing more and more improbable. Recently the Mystery Thief has stolen the very spiritual energy that the various dimensions are made from, the very source of power for spiritual beings in those dimensions. But do not fear; it is not all gone! But it has been severely limited, those who would normally draw on a great deal of power are now going to feel constrained in certain areas. For Shinigami who have acted under Reiatsu restrictions on Earth for some time this may not be too strange but for the rest of the spiritual community it might take some getting used to. To make things simple I’ve divided up the dimensions based on Tiers based around the Subforums.

Tier One [1,000]
Valley of Screams
Caer Pelyn

Tier Two [2,000]
Soul Society
Hueco Mundo

Tier Three [Unlimited]

Each Tier now has a Natural Limitation listed in the [Boxes]. That is your natural Reiatsu is dropped to this amount when in those Tiers, additionally you cannot use Customs over the Level of that Natural Limitation. You can still boost your stats, and what stats loose points while in those areas is up to you, as long as your natural does not exceed the limitation. Replaced Stats don’t count towards this Limitation.

[Example] Wrote:
Bobby's Actual Reiatsu: 2,000
Speed: 500
Strength: 500
Defense: 500
Stamina: 500
Spiritual Power: [500]

Bobby's Reiatsu on Earth: 1,000
Speed: 500
Strength: 200
Defense: 100
Stamina: 200
Spiritual Power: [500]
PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:06 pm
:: Friend Space ::

We have a Chat Space now because we have a ton of Gold in the Account [85,000] and I figured why not so pitched in the rest and now... well there it is. Have fun~


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Ryunosuke Ryusei

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:54 pm
Old Gifts that Haven't Died!!

These are just a few things that were gifts of sorts that were never really given shut off dates and everyone has unofficially been using them even after the date, but I'd like to make an official statement to remind the newbies that these are available still.

Van\'s Legacy
Van\'s Legacy 2
Wish Upon a Star

This item was given out by Hoku Sanada when she was a mod and has recently informed me that no shut out date and said that she wanted as many people to use them as that was their main purpose. That and she's awesomely nice. XD

Friendship Bracelet (The free points may not be claimed however)

This one was a gift handed out by the Captain Lind L. Tailor and he has informed Hoku, and by extension myself, that people who have not claimed this gift yet are still free to do so, including newbies.

Promise Ring (The free points may not be claimed however)
PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:02 pm
.: Just a Heads Up :.

Caer Peyln's fall has been slowed by some strange force and hasn't completely fallen yet. It is predicted that the fall will be finished around October 1st. (This gives over a week's heads up. We've just been waiting for people to stop posting for too long. ._." )

If there are any final thread move requests, please PM the to Commando Omnipants or another available mod.

And so it is know, Caer Peyln will be turned into an Approval Forum for all things of the Approval nature to prevent any of the up and rising shops from getting neglected or old ones being over looked. Same goes for Upgrade Approvals which often can be lost in the wind as well. We hope that with this change clutter in the realms will be reduced, approvals in some neglected areas will get taken care of with greater precision and that . . . um . . . I dunno.

You guys are awesome. : D

Commando Omnipants

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 2:04 am
. :Important Notice On Approvals: .

We trust you. We trust you so much, that from this point on, only one approval will be necessary for Booster Approvals!

In an effort to help you guys out and make it so that you can get your boosters far faster, the new rule will begin being implemented immediately. On top of that, we've
decided to make things a tad easier as well, and on the first page of Booster Approvals there is a skeleton for all 15 boosters, please fill in accordingly!


On top of all of the grandiose amazing things that have been done, we now have a subforum just for Approvals! Any place that requires a MOD to put an approval sticker on something, such as Update Reports, Customs, and even Shops and Banks are now in this subforum! Check it out. It's right there, just underneath Hueco Mundo. [And to Hueco Mundo who isn't beneath them?]

I hope you enjoy your new Approvals subforum!
PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:59 pm
.: Class Warfare - Its a Good Thing :.

So~ We have some good news for all of you people who wondered why to even bother using those Class Techniques that you worked so very hard to get. We have created the Class Enhancement System! See below to for an explanation of the new System. The best part is that this is open to everyone, you dont have to pay or train to get it, it is a free feature that your character automatically unlocks upon reaching Upgrade and Prestige ranking.

Class Enhancement System Wrote:
Upgrade Enhancer: All Upgraded Classes now receive the "Upgrade Enhancer". This is an Effect Enhancer that gives you a 2x to the Power or Speed of any Class Ability by raising its cost 1.5x! Not only does this give you a boost in power but it doesn't count towards the limit on your Enhancers!
Prestige Enhancer: All Prestige Classes now receive the "Prestige Enhancer" which provides a 3x to the Power or Speed of any Class Ability by raising its cost x2. Like the "Upgrade Enhancer" this does not count towards your limit!

Special Note: If you are a Prestige both of these Enhancers can be applied to the same Class Ability as long as the cost goes up accordingly!


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Commando Omnipants

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 12:23 pm
.: Artifact Madness :.

The sudden of influx of artifacts have caused the Thief to become even more active! He however seems to want to more efficiently be able to track artifacts. And what the Thief wants, he gets.

Artifacts can now only be purchased 2 to a PC per month. This is to keep the rich people from buying them all up, and making them choose which they want. Making so that artifacts stick around longer for people to get a chance to buy them.
(To be fair, this effect starts today, month-wise. So either choose wisely or wait~)

Additionally, store-bought artifacts are known as "Crafted Artifacts" and guild-sanctioned artifacts are "Ancient Artifacts".
PostPosted: Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:41 am
.: Events, News and then more Events~ :.

The Pumpkin Ball will end on November 12th. And since it's been almost a week since Halloween and I've not received word of what should go in the goody bags, I'll put something in myself. : D

Popcorn Ball: Not like the dance . . . like those nasty things no one eats.
- 50 Reiatsu to 4 characters of your choice.
- A 5th if you post at the ball before the 12th of November.

Candy Corn: You either love it or hate it~!
- 3 free tech posts that can be distributed as you like.

The Best Candy: If you show up early, you get all the best loot.
- Any who showed up at the ball before this post can count all of the words posted at the ball before it ends.
- Any who posted before on or before Oct. 19th (midway through the event) gain a x2 to "Popcorn Ball"s gift. (For all characters, even ones not posted at the ball.)
- The first poster of the event gains x3 to "Popcorn Ball". (Only for the first character.)
*(The multiplier only applies to the reiatsu given to the characters, not the character limit.)

Stay tuned for some important news~!

We have a bit of information/small changes to power gain/usage..

- 3k+ characters drop to x1 for word counts (if their class had x2 and such) and cannot cash in on reiatsu giveaways. (Most specify a reaitsu range already, but still just in case.)

- Additionally, no character over 2,000 reiatsu can be part of a fusion.

- And a bit of clarification now that we have more artifacts floating around. There are two types of artifacts. Ancient, being artifacts specifically made by the guild. And Crafted, being ones purchased from shops and such.

- That out of the way, here's a chart to reference for power. (Canon NPCs being like Yamamoto and Stark and Created being ones purchased and such.)

Guild Rules > Ancient Artifacts > Crafted Artifacts > Canon NPC Abilities > PC Abilities > Created NPC Abilities

Um . . . stay tuned . . . again . . . for some . . . news~?

Yeah, yeah. I know. Long announcement. The next event coming up for the holidays will start November 26th and will run through January 7th.

Additionally, the Thief is still out there. If you have any things you'd like to see him steal, please PM Commando Omnipants. Things that create little mini-events/can be worked into the Storyline have a chance of playing a decent role in this on-going SL. : D

And above all, continue to have fun you guys.

Commando Omnipants

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:14 pm
.: Rewards For a Job Well Done :.

The rewards for the Invasion have finally been created, reviewed and approved. Without further adieu I give you your well earned rewards! Simply search for your Character's Name or your Gaia Name to find your rewards. A Mod can add it to your Profile with an Update Report if you like or you can simply reference it here. The choice is yours. Enjoy guys!

Gaia Name: Riev
Character Name: Grell Sutcliffe
Link to Profile: Holy Mother of Dismemberment
Class: Fused Shinigami
Name: Chainsaw Oil
Description: It’s a real thing… it helps all those tiny parts move faster so that you can murder things cut down trees more quickly and efficiently.
Type: Bound Artifact Upgrade
Effect: Chainsaw of Massacre’s can now gather a Soul every 24 hours but cannot gather the Soul of the same character for a month after it is taken by that effect. Additionally all chainsaw attacks receive a passive x3 to Speed or Power.

Gaia Name: Riev
Character Name: Date Masamune
Link to Profile: One Eyed Dragon
Class: Fused Shinigami
Name: Burning Dragon’s Brand
Description: In times long past it was said that a wound caused by a dragon was almost always fatal. This was true because the wound would burn long after the wound had actually been dealt. Over the years many swordsmen have tried to copy this technique. Almost all were unsuccessful in this attempt, but not Date Masamune.
Type: Bound Artifact-Level Ability
Effect: The wounds dealt by Masamune’s sword do not heal and the target continues to bleed, losing 1% of their Stamina for Post they have taken a wound in battle.

Gaia Name: Riev
Character Name: Lu Bu
Link to Profile: Flying General
Class: Underlorde
Name: Red Hare
Description: It was originally a treasured horse of Dong Zhuo, but at Li Su's suggestion, he gave it to Lü Bu to persuade him to abandon his stepfather Ding Yuan, and join Dong Zhuo. It was of a uniform ashen red, with not a hair of another color. It measured ten spans from head to tail (8 ft. long) and from hoof to neck eight spans (nearly 7 ft. tall).
Type: Bound Artifact Mount
Effect: Red Hare moves at Lu Bu’s [Attack Speed + Attack Power] x3. While mounted on it this is treated as Lu Bu’s Movement Speed. Red Hare cannot be slowed or restrained by those moving slower than it.

Gaia Name: Riev
Character Name: Rahvir
Link to Profile: King of Hueco Mundo
Class: Exquisas
Name: Ice
Description: Ice is a sentient sword with a rather fitting name, said to be one of the strongest blades in any spiritual realm it is a weapon fit only for the hand of a King. Luckily it happens to belong to one. The blade called out to Rahvir, King of Hueco Mundo, after the Invasion of Soul Society. The malevolent blade believed it had finally found a master worthy of wielding it.
Type: Bound Artifact Weapon
Effect: Ice has a [Base Power] of x3 the power of Rahvir’s Ice Manipulation as Lord of the North. It also allows Rahvir to channel Ice Attacks through it; because it is an Artifact it can ignore the dimensional limits on LotN and similar Ice Attacks. Each post it receives a x3 to its current Power. Rahvir can choose to activate an ability that chills the area and each post drains 10% of everyone’s Movement Speed [except Rahvir] which is absorbed into Ice’s [Base Power].

Gaia Name: Kalineza
Character Name: Izuno Kuchiki
Link to Profile: 6th Division
Class: Shinigami
Name: Noble Bearing
Description: Those of the Kuchiki family have certain expectations to live up to. They are seen around all of Soul Society and known for the strength and noble bearing of their Clan. Izuno, though young, is no exception to this.
Type: Free Fighting Style
Effect: A free +20 FS that doesn’t count towards any FS limit, so it can be freely used with another or multiple other styles.

Gaia Name: Hoku Sanada
Character Name: Sakura Hyakka
Link to Profile: Cherry Blossom Scientist
Class: Kettou-nin
Name: 4th Division Certified
Description: Sakura Hyakka use to be not just a member of the Fourth Division but its Captain. Although that was another life her soul seems to remember much of its old knowledge. Her skill at healing is rather astounding, allowing her to do some remarkable things.
Type: Bound Artifact Level Ability
Effect: Once every 24 Hours Sakura can perform a free Revive on someone. She cannot use this on herself as she must be present and conscious to use this ability. Once every two posts she can heal organ damage to a single target and once per post she can heal a single major wound for free.

Gaia Name: Hoku Sanada
Character Name: Tseen She Aishinkakura
Link to Profile: Harvester General
Class: Shinigami
Name: Tseen Tough
Description: If you think Ford Tough is impressive you’ve never seen anything made Tseen Tough!
Type: Bound Artifact Level Ability
Effect: Tseen can add the [Tough] title to one area every 100 natural Reiatsu he has. When [Tough] is on an Area cannot be harmed or destroyed by anyone with less than 2x his highest natural stat in the respective stat. This protects the buildings and area itself but allies of Tseen fighting here take half Damage from attacks by those who don’t beat the above comparison as they can use the [Tough] Environment to their advantage.

Gaia Name: Aimi Mizumi
Character Name: Alexander Leonheart
Link to Profile: Lion Hearted
Class: Shinigami
Name: Ragnarok
Description: It’s a bloody big airship! Its crew is all extremely loyal although most of them are not powerful in their own right it is their team work that holds the Ragnarok together.
Type: Bound Artifact Transport
Effect: Ragnarok is an Airship that is Crewed by five stat-less NPCs [can be upgraded] that don’t count towards the limit. Characters can become a part of it Crew, up to one PC every 100 natural Reiatsu Alexadner has. The ship’s [Flight Speed] is equal to the combined Movement Speed of all the Crew on the Ship. It can travel through dimensions to any location a present Crew Member has been to.

Gaia Name: Magni Prime
Character Name: Charles Takena
Link to Profile: Anansi
Class: Shinigami
Name: Web of Deceit
Description: Just like the spider who spins a web of tricks and traps Charles spins a web around his opponents. Most do not even know that they are caught in this web until he trips the trap.
Type: Bound Artifact Ability
Effect: Every post in combat Charles’ [Spins the Web]. To the opponent nothing appears to be happening in this time. That is all until Charles [Releases the Web]. When this happens all opponent’s movement speeds are cut in half once for each post that Charles [Spins the Web].
Duration: One Post + One every 500 natural Reaitsu [Release the Web].
Cool-Down: Once per battle.

Gaia Name: Shizoku Gochiso
Character Name: Shizoku gochiso
Link to Profile: Soul Thief
Class: Ancient Arrancar
Name: Shade’s Blade
Description: The Shade’s Blade is a strange artifact, a small dagger that seems to be made out of a very dark glass. Despite this it is actually incredibly durable. The Shade’s Blade seems to contain some ancient kind of shadow magic.
Type: Bound Artifact Weapon
Effect: When used the power of all Darkness Abilities by the user are passively tripled in power. Additionally because they are channeled through an Artifact they are incredibly hard to dismiss/negate and must instead be overpowered.

Gaia Name: Chisato Kenkyusha
Character Name: Seto Mikami
Link to Profile: Vice-Captain
Class: Shinigami
Name: Buster Sword
Description: That sword is just so pointlessly big… its amazing.
Type: Bound Artifact Zanpakutou
Effect: Turns Tenka into an Artifact with all the Upgrades available from Tom and Integra!

Gaia Name: EternalLuna
Character Name: Chloe Anderson
Link to Profile: 5th Division
Class: Shinigami
Name: Magical Wand
Description: What is it that every up and coming spell caster needs? It’s a magic wand of course! The fifth division is well known for their use of spiritual abilities but most have turned their backs on calling it “magic”. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still magic out there though for those who are willing to look.
Type: Bound Artifact Weapon
Effect: Triples the power of any Kidou or Magic channeled through the wand. Additionally once per battle Chloe can use any Kidou [of any Ranking], for free, even if she does not have it or meet the normal requirements to use it.

Gaia Name: Ryunosuke Ryusei
Character Name: Ryuunosuke Ryuusei
Link to Profile: Grim Reaper
Class: Exquisas
Name: The Many Faces of Death
Description: Death is represented by many things in many different religions all around the world. The Grim Reaper portrays this by acting through his various minions. They are the faces of the Grim Reaper when he himself is not represented.
Type: Special Group Ability
Effect: Ryu’s Governors of Death can use any of his Offensive or Defensive abilities but with their stats instead of his own and different cosmetic effects to fit the character. They cannot use Support, Restriction-Based or Supplementary Abilities this way or anything that would logically be limited to a single user [like Artifacts]. Ryu himself can use any of his Governor’s abilities under the same conditions.

Gaia Name: Ryunosuke Ryusei
Character Name: Kratos Aurion
Link to Profile: Seraphim
Class: Shinigami
Name: Sacred Kidou
Description: Sacred Kidou were once thought lost to Soul Society, they were a special set of abilities with a very holy spiritual feel to them. Somehow through his close brush with death Kratos learned the location of the scrolls for the Sacred Kidou. After reading it the scrolls they crumbled apart but Kratos could remember every word. The knowledge of Sacred Kidou would live on through him.
Type: Set of Abilities
Effect: One Ability every 100 natural Reiatsu to a set of abilities called [Sacred Kidou]. Kratos can teach this to others but for other individuals the training requires rare materials that costs 25,000 Ryo to obtain. Kratos gets the abilities for free and has a x3 passive boost to Power with them.

Gaia Name: Hareonca
Character Name: Hareo Unizaki
Link to Profile: Black Fire of Justice
Class: Shinigami
Name: Matchbox Madness
Description: How does he always manage to have that match lit? Who knows!?! Its madness I tell you!
Type: Artifact Level Ability
Effect: Hareo can always summon up fire from the match in his mouth as long as he is conscious, no matter what the other circumstances. Fire abilities used from the Match’s flame have a passive x3 to Power.

Gaia Name: Hareonca
Character Name: Yumehime Tatsumiya
Link to Profile: 9th Division
Class: Shinigami
Name: Tatsumiya Family Jewels
Description: The Tatsumiya Family Jewels are impressive, especially since they come from a family that has yet to gain much renown. In addition to being rather exquisite in appearance they seem to have some very interesting powers.
Type: Bound Artifact Items
Effect: Yumehime has access to the Tatsumiya Family Ring. She will gain access to another piece of Jewelery every 100 natural Reiatsu. These can be given out but will always return to the rightful owner [the Tatsumiya Family]. Each piece of Jewelery worn gives the user a x3 boost to the Power of Spiritual Abilities.

Gaia Name: The Steles
Character Name: Date Saburo
Link to Profile: The Orderly
Class: Shinigami
Name: Field Doctor
Description: Although he isn't exactly as experienced at operating room surgery as some there are few people better at hard and fast, middle of the battlefield medical work than Date Saburo.
Type: Artifact Level Ability
Effect: Saburo can perform [Field Medicine]. When he does this it allows the person to ignore injuries they have received or receive for the duration of the ability. This cannot bring back someone who died or stave off a direct killing blow. After a certain number of posts without real medical attention their wounds reappear.
Duration: One Post + An Additional post every 200 natural Reiatsu.
Cool-Down: Once per Character per Battle. Once per battle per 250 natural Reiatsu.

Gaia Name: Commando Omnipants
Character Name: Enzo Falcone
Link to Profile: The Rape Beast
Class: Destroyer of Math Espada
Name: "Come at me bro!"
Description: Although no one has actually heard Enzo say that particular phrase it is always a challenge of some form shouted out before battle. Essentially it is a call to combat that cannot be denied. It pits might against might and only the strongest will come out on top!
Type: Artifact Level Ability
Effect: Enzo lets out a [Battlecry] at the start of battle. Once issued no abilities can be used that directly reference other people's stats for things like resistance, avoidance, negation or drains; even other Artifacts are locked down by this clause, regardless of comparisons. Attacks Power must be blocked or overpowered, it cannot be simply negated. Attack Speed can be dodged as well by those with a higher Movement Speed. Power, Attack Speed and Movement are what win you a real battle!

Gaia Name: Luciferin Bandit
Character Name: Saizo
Link to Profile: The Fatal Shadow
Class: Espada
Name: The Hidden Threat
Description: He is one of the most efficient and well rewarded assassins in all the spiritual realms. He is the Hidden Threat, the Blade in the Darkness. When he comes for you, you'll be dead before you you even know of a threat.
Type: Bound Artifact Ability
Effect: Not only does Saizo gain access to all Kandra Abilities but he is able to perform [Contract Killer]. For every point of natural reiatsu [without replacers] of someone he kills he gains 10,000 Ryo. If he kills someone with more natural Reiatsu than him this is raised to 100,000 Ryo per point. NPCs that have no stats grant him 10,000 Ryo per Kill. Finally when he make a kill he gets a free x3 to Attack Power and Attack Speed for a number of posts equal to his Natural Reiatsu / 100.

Gaia Name: Great Ryoman
Character Name: Naniyori
Link to Profile: God of the World
Class: Arrancar
Name: Lord of All He Sees
Description: He's God of the World! There are so many shiny things in the world! And they're all his you hear?!? His!
Type: Bound Artifact Ability
Effect: Any Class Tech, Custom Tech or Profile Ability used by his willing allies in the current area can be duplicated at half the cost by Naniyori. Additionally he can target one Ability or Crafted Artifact on each Enemy he is actively fighting and "Claim" it for the battle. This allows him to use its effects until the end of battle unless they willingly seal off access to it. This means that neither they nor Naniyori can access it for the duration of the battle.

Gaia Name: Commando Omnipants
Character Name: Mori Motonari
Link to Profile: Child of the Sun
Class: Captain of the Sixth Division
Name: Army of the People
Description: Mori is one of the more recognized leaders of the armies of Soul Society. His own personal force is filled with top notch soldiers who would give their lives to defend Soul Society. But they are men and women, they are at their cores people.
Type: Bound Artifact Ability
Effect: Mori's NPCs for the purposes of comparisons/banishment/negation will be treated as PC Characters. They can still be killed or knocked out of an area, but not simply on the grounds that they are NPCs.

Gaia Name: LindL.Tailor
Character Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Link to Profile: Guard Dog of the Queen
Class: Head of Tactical Command
Name: Layered Shield Coating
Description: Yo dawg. I heard you like shields. So I put a shield in your shield so you can shield while you're shielding. Buildings that is.
Type: Bound Artifact-Level Ability
Effect: Ciel can shield every building/structure in 1 thread per 250 natural reiatsu he has. He can do this from anywhere, though he has to post using this ability wherever he is. It will merely defend with the power of his combat defense x3, replicating it in the given area. (Ability only has to be paid for once.)

Gaia Name: LindL.Tailor
Character Name: Alexander Noah
Link to Profile: Mad God of Change
Class: Segundo Espada
Name: Contagion of Madness
Description: A passive ability that preys off of the emotions one holds dearest and drives them to incredible levels. Turns religiousness into overzealousness. Fear into desperation. And anger into hatred.
Type: Bound Artifact-Level Ability
Effect: Those around Alex will be a bit out of their normal element when engaging him in battle. (RP effects can be used outside of battle, as well.) They must RP their emotions getting the best of them, driving them to near insane levels. The Madness effect allows Alex to seal 1 mundane item in battle per 100 natural reiatsu he has. And 1 crafted artifact in battle per 100 reiatsu his lowest stat has over the opponent's. This is RPed as the user's madness prohibiting them. (Such as they see the item crumble away, or it turn into snakes. They begin to lose sight of what's real and not.)

Gaia Name: LindL.Tailor
Character Name: Amaimon Noah
Link to Profile: Monster Maker
Class: Unified Bount
Name: Mad Blood Virus
Description: An enhancement to monsters/creatures. It causes them to go mad and more often than not change shape slightly into a more ferocious/menacing form.
Type: Bound Artifact Item (?)
Effect: Doubles a monster's natural stats. Triples their base. And they gain a passive x3 boost to power and/or speed of all attacks/defenses/movements. One minion per 250 natural reiatsu can be infected during battle. Amaimon gains an additional NPC of 3k reiatsu, which must have some sort of control over the virus/be focused around the virus. (Creativity can come into play here.)

Gaia Name: LindL.Tailor
Character Name: Yukimura Sanada
Link to Profile: Crimson Demon of War
Class: Shinigami
Name: Pheonix Rebirth
Description: The Pheonix Rebirth is an ancient skill usable only by twin spear users of only the highest ability. Pheonix Rebirth coats the spears and lends them it's power.
Type: Bound Artifact-Level Ability
Effect: Gives a x2 to all base stats when using two spears. Twice per battle can deliver an attack with power/speed equal to [Attack Power + Attack Speed + Defensive Power + Movement Speed] x2.

Gaia Name: LindL.Tailor
Character Name: Salvatore da Costa
Link to Profile: Lord of the Sword
Class: Shinigami
Name: Balancing Blades
Description: There are all forms of balance. One who masters all ways has many benefits.
Type: Bound Artifact-Level Ability
Effect: Owner has impeccable balance. Cannot drop their swords/lose their footing/etc. For every post in battle that the user's stats stay within x1.25 of each other, they gain an extra x1.25 to all current stats. Additionally, all swords are capable of deal damage/speed equal to their [Power + Speed].

Gaia Name: LindL.Tailor
Character Name: Monkey D. Luffy
Link to Profile: The Kraken
Class: Scienziato
Name: Nest in a Box
Description: Yo dawg. I heard you like disguises. So I put a disguise in your disguise so you can spy while you're spy. Deja vu.
Type: Bound Artifact-Level Ability
Effect: If Luffy's disguise is broken through, he can enforce it with a sub-disguise. A different ability is needed to see through this sub-disguise. So if his cover is blown as a milkman, someone could pull of his 'mask' and reveal that he's actually just the friendly old man next door trying to get free milk bottles and no one would question it unless they had an additional ability. Luffy can have 1 sub-disguise per main disguise per 500 natural reiatsu he has.
PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:27 pm
:: The Fabulous Elites Winter Event~ ::
:: The Tra'al Games ::

As if through sheer technological magic, all the televisions around the world kicked on at exactly the same time.


A voice came over the lines of communication, accompanied by the face of a pale man in white robes.

"Citizens of everyone who has... A Television. My name is Rahvir, your soon-to-be next President King of these United States... of The World.

I have noticed that your rulers are nothing more than jokes. I mean, first off, you have Ciel Phantomhive, a child. Then you have The Silver Maiden... who is a woman. I mean, come on. A woman? Please~"

"I find your hatred toward The Silver Maiden being a woman to be disgusting."

"I find your FACE disgusting. Zing!"

"Hey, wait a minute. You've been talking about Ciel Phantomhive and The Silver Maiden, what about Ace Khalid?"

"Ace Khalid! Why would a Firebending Pirate try to rule in a Bleach Guild, I mean that's just stupid >_>

ANYWAY, The World.

I will leave you now until November 26th, so you can see just how futile your struggle is. That is all.

Now... where is the exit?"

"It's, um... downstairs-"

"That is too far!"

*explosion* *static*

-10 Minutes Later-

"I realized I may have left without giving a single detail. I extend a challenge to the citizens of everywhere to come face the might of my army and feel true despair.


- This event is considered outside of the Guild Canon. In other words, this event has no bearing on the actual story of the guild.
- Those who participate in this event are not tied up in it, as such you basically get a free pass to post in the event and outside of it at the same time.

- This event will take place in the Koroseumu Subforum. Will not count for BP despite being at the Koroseumu.
- The Tra'al Games will be broken into several arena-like areas so that more than one fight can go on at a time.
- Through use of various methods, everyone is guaranteed to have at least one opponent. It doesn't matter if your character is not "Battle Ready" or "Combat Savvy". If you want to take part in this, we'll find a way.
- The general combat pairings will be Tra'al and all those under its control vs. Everyone else. Specific matches can be requested, but are not guaranteed to happen.
- Combat is encouraged (duh?) but keep it within a ring.


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Commando Omnipants

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:40 am
.: The Winter Events :.

Since a portion of the Winter Events has been revealed, I figured I'd let you in on a few other portions. We're aiming BIG this holiday season!

The Tra'al Games
The first released portion of the Winter Events, details found just above this post.

Mystery Invitation
Select few individuals have been sent invitations to arrive at the Ferrari Mansion on November 26th. It says the dress is semi-formal and is signed personally by Evelyn Ferrari. On the back in an ink that seems to become visible only when you hold the letter just right, reads "I suspect foul play is at hand. Ple" and it cuts off there as the pen mark drags to the side.

Send Commando Omnipants PM if you would like your character to participate. (Only 1 character per player, this will be a murder mystery.)

The Tundra
A frozen tundra has drastically changed the landscape of Summana. No doubt because of Lady Shinra's will. Reality is at her whim, whether she realizes this or not. The entire area, including the sea around the city has been frozen over. Doorways are accessible and such, and Lady Shinra seems unphased.

She is hosting another event this time not such of a formal ball, but a series of games. There will be racing (racing gear will be provided), ice skating, games of chance and so much more.

It's assured there will be music, refreshments and places to stay all throughout the city for those who seek a more casual evening.

Prizes will be provided and presents are assured to be delivered around the Christmas Season. There might even be some games involving present giving.

There will also be a rather special and equally large surprise hopefully revealed on November 26th. Even I don't know what to expect!

Additionally, the event's end-date has been extended to January 28th, I do believe. Individual events may end before this date, and it will be announced if they do. (All events reserve the right to end before this date, actually. This is just in case we need all of the time.)
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