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xxxxxxxxxx B A S I C S xx

            вιятн ηαмє
            tab tab Raizhal Szess
            tab tab Zess
            tab tab Demon
            tab tab 19
            tab tab ☑ Male
            tab tab H0mosexual - Seke
            tab tab 12th
            tab tab 6’0”
            tab tab 140 lbs

xxxxxxxxxx C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S xx

            tab tab Crows/Ravens
            tab tab Skeletons
            tab tab Roses
            tab :tab biggrin ark Poetry
            tab tab Moonlight

            tab tab Angels
            tab tab Children
            tab tab Rats
            tab :tab biggrin ust
            tab tab Bright Colors

            tab tab Sedation; can render individuals and groups unconscious if he wishes.

            tab tab Soul Reading; can access the condition of one’s soul.

            tab tab Teleportation; can move instantaneously from one place to another.

            tab tab Salt; he’s a demon, they can’t pass through lines of salt.

            tab tab Holy Water; he’s a demon, they can get hurt or killed by it.

            tab tab Angels; he's a demon, they can banish him back to hell.

xxxxxxxxxx P E R S O N A L I T Y xx

            tab tab Nonchalant- very laid back and accepting

            tab tab Charming- pleasant/attractive to be with/around

            tab tab Gentlemanly- fairly chivalrous and honorable

            tab tab Heartfelt- sincere, deeply and strongly felt

xxxxxxxxxx B I O G R A P H Y xx

            tab tab Reizhal was born a demon prince in his family but his claim of the throne was put to the side until he had the knowledge and power to rule. He was sent off to the Academy learn what he could about his powers and hopefully learn about others as well. He always did love to make friends and was hoping to do so here.

Gumi Baby
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