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Reply Open/Private Canon IC RP
[PRP] A Muddy Meeting (Kadentsu x Kasandra Lynn)

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:49 am
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~Twilight...Angel~'sTeepee StrawberryRoseTea's Teepee

This is a private role play between Twilight's Kadentsu and Berry's Kasandra Lynn.
PostPosted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:52 am
User ImageWhen Kally woke that morning she felt much less cheerful than usual. Most days she woke bright and early with a pep in her step and ready to take on the world. Some days she woke full of lethargy with absolutely no motivation and it was torture to drag herself out of bed. The only reason she would on those days was if she had an appointment with her mentor or with one of her patients. Being a junior healer apprentice was the only thing in life she took seriously. Which was why it was the only thing that could get her out of bed on a bad day.

This however was not like her normal bad days. This laziness was induced by the fact that today was her only day off. Which meant that it was home repair day. Because of the season, constant storms pounded the area with rain and wind. Which had always taken a toll on any of the homes near the beach. She was lucky that the little hut she had inherited from her mentor had been built far enough from the beach, that she so dearly loved, that it avoided most of the floods. Even in its off season she was drawn to the ocean. The pounding fall and winter waves, so different from the whispering surf that coaxed her in the heat of summer, still seemed just as friendly though much more dangerous and exciting. She was terribly glad that even in storm season it got nothing like the lifetealing cold of the mountains. In her bed, even under a pile of leaf woven blankets, she shuddered at the thought. The very idea of snowy winter cold wreaked havoc on her nerves.

She shook her head, shoved herself off of the mats that made up her bed and lurched to her feet with a groan. She wasn't going to allow herself to be defeated by a case of the lazies. She looked around at the various holes in her walls and cracks in her roof. If she wanted to stay even semi-dry next time around she have to do repairs. Now. The walls wouldn't be bad but the roof would be kind of tricky. She'd have to enlist some critter help. Lucky for her, what she could see through the various cracks, today looked like it was going to be a nice kind of day.

Kally set about readying herself to go foraging for materials to patch her home. She finished strapped my in the basket that her dear friend had woven for her, made sure she had a snack and some emergency healers supplies, and set out into the forest. She sighed as she trotted along. Knowing that she was going to have to go further than usual to gather the supplies she needed didn't make the task any easier. The vegetation closer to her home that she normally used needed some time to recover.

Kally spent a good several hours gathering bits of material. Finally she was satisfied with what she had and, securing her load of sticks, leaves and other plant fibers, set out back for her home. The rains had done a thorough job soaking the forest floor so the going was a bit muddy and slippery. Not the easiest to navigate with a full load but Kally was strong and surefooted. She began to sing to her self to distract from the toil of her walk and was soon moving along at a good clip, her mood brightened.

Had she not been trying to distract herself she would have noticed when the feeling of the ground changed beneath her. However, unfortunately for her, it wasn't until the ground around her was collapsing down into the sinkhole that she realized what was happening. She flailed and let out a shrill yelp of surprise trying to keep from getting buried in mud as she fell. It wasn't far but enough that to be jarring. When the earth stopped moving and Kally looked around she found herself in a hole just deep enough that she couldn't get out on her own. To make matters worse her load had shifted and she was left with no option but to untie it and let her carefully gathered materials flop into the mud.

Kally was quickly becoming flustered, almost panicky. She paced around the perimeter of her new prison and tried to come up with a plan. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at throwing herself at the wall and trying to scramble up she moved to the middle of the hole.
"Well there's nothing really else to do. " she mumbled to herself. "Help!" She cried. After a few shouts she settled herself down in the mud. She was already covered in the stuff. It wouldn't hurt to get a bit more on her. If there was someone near enough to hear her pleas they would be along. If not, well she could always try yelling again later. Or maybe make another climbing attempt.



Interstellar Fairy

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Godly Fox

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:28 pm
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It was a nice day out. A brilliant day out. These were the kind of days when you simply had no idea what could possibly happen. One of the days where you had to just go out and see what you could find. It was exactly the kind of day that Kadentsu loved getting out of bed for. The exact kind of day that she enjoyed going out and meeting just about anyone and everyone she possibly could. After all, days like this probably meant that someone was doing some kind of work. Maybe some gardening? Gardening was something she actually loved helping others with. She had once walked into a rather large flower garden that a dashing stallion took care of. It was brilliant garden.

Kadentsu had moved her way into a patch of woods that she was rather unfamiliar with. Though that didn't bother her in any way. She was often in places that were unfamiliar to her. This was pretty much how she spent most of her time. She enjoyed going to other places and learning new things all over the Soquili lands. One of her sons does the same thing, but he wasn't anywhere around here now. He typically checked in with her at least once a month, and he is very busy off near the desert at the moment.

With these thoughts distracting her from pretty much anything else, she trotted about rather mindlessly. Suddenly she heard something. It was a rather good distance away she thought, but she definitely heard some kind of scream. Snapping into action she started making a dash towards where she heard the sound.

As she was closer, Kadentsu heard a cry of help. Being sure she was closer to where she needed to be, she slowed down a bit. Not wanting to race right past whomever it was that may have needed help. "Hello?" She trotted around a bit more, "Is there anyone out there?"

PostPosted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 1:50 pm
User ImageKally had just settled her chin down in the mud when the sound of a voice reached her ears. Could it be true? Could there really be someone close by so soon? Her head jerked up and she bounded to her feet. The mud was slippery and she almost fell back down into it as her feet tried to go every which way. Finally steady, she shouted back.
"Hello?! I'm over here!" Realizing she was possibly calling someone into danger she added on "Please be careful! The ground seems to be unsteady."

As the sound of trotting feet drew nearer Kally paced around her hole. She really truely hoped that whoever it was coming to help didn't end up in the same predicament she was in. If nothing else they could always be sent for more help.

While she waited for them to discover her she began nervously gathering her scattered materials. She didn't have much hope of getting them out of the hole with her but it gave her something to do. She hoped that once she was out she'd still have a chance to gather at least a few more things. As awful as her current situation was there was no point in letting it distract her from what she had been trying to do. All that would happen if she did that was that she would be miserable for longer because she would end up sleeping wet.

Thinking of wet, and muddy, it occurred to her that her rescuer's first impression of her was going to be that she was a muddy ragamuffin. She giggled to herself. It was funny the things that you worried about while you were stuck. Needing to distract herself she decided to keep talking to her mysterious rescuer.
"Rather nice day for a walk isn't it? I was taking advantage of the nice weather to do some repairs on my home." Her eyes swept around the edge of the pit, searching for a first glance of the help.



Interstellar Fairy

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