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Monsters of all races living in harmony! 

Tags: monsters, village, role-play, harmony, funtimes 

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Ninetaled Vixen
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 23, 2013 7:45 pm
Your User: {breezy devil} (replacement)
Your Villager: {Names Kate (nickname Lilly)And live with my sister Gainan}
I know your not human: {Witch,demon,fox spirit,(im a large mix)}
Age: {16(yes im youger then my sister)}
Your origin: {i ran away from my real parents because the were killed by a demon king but i got away and met up with my sister Gainan.}
Bio: {i use to live in a tiny hole in the ground with my fox mom and dad. But now i live with my sister}
Picture of yourself:
Personality: { Kind,Loving,Harsh when need be,shy}
Family tree{Gainan}
Crush: {none at the moment}
Job: {witchcraft,protector of sister}
Likes: {Running through a forest in her fox form,Family,Work(if it the right type)}
Dislikes:{aliens(in books),spiders}
Powers:{Magic, becoming invisible "in the right light"}  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 1:43 am
Puppet master; Hotty-Chans-Yaoi

Hello, my name is Ailill.

I am a harpy...

I'm nineteen years old.

Harpies are good pets, but I did not wish to be kept in a cage all my life, so I ran away.

I was born in the mountains in a clutch of twelve. I was a weak link, I fell before I flew, and was captured. I have been kept as a human pet for a very long time, I was... treated well, but I did not wish to be owned. So I ran away from home.

I am not the best at describing myself. I am easily frightened and worried, neurotic, maybe.

I prefer... men, over women. Perhaps because women fawned over me the most when I was a pet, they... frighten me. But I- I don't like anyone in the village yet... I doubt I will.

I have not yet taken a job in the village... I don't think I would be good at anything.

I enjoy swimming, even if I'm not good at it... And apples, are good... I like the dark.

I am... a bit lonely though... I don't like loud noises... or sour things.

I can fly... and talk to birds... but that's about it.

Vice Captain
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Bani Cake
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:21 pm
Your User: BunnyJuJu
Your Villager: Hi my name is Shiko And I live in the village
I know your not human: Werewolf
Age: 16
Your origin: I was born in forests nearby.
Bio: I was born in a cave. My parents were killed by hunters when I was 5, therefore I was abandoned. I went off on my own at 5 and found the village.
Picture of yourself:
Personality: I am roughly shy but outgoing. I can be harsh if you get on my nerves.
Crush: Nobody yet
Job: I am a blacksmith
Likes: The dark, running, and salad
Dislikes:Meat, the sun, and loud noises
Powers:Shape shifting,levitating,invisibility,magic.  
PostPosted: Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:51 pm
MarshmallowMacarons Wrote:
Soul_Of_Eywa Wrote:
Character Skeleton

Your User: {MarshmallowMacarons}
Your Villager: {Hi my name is Anike And I live in the village}
I know your not human: {Neko Goddess}
Age: {7}
Your origin: {Ran away and found the village}
Bio: {When I turned 5 I was known as the Neko Goddess however I didn't like this so I ran away and found a nice village to stay in}
Picture of yourself: {What my avi looks like >w<}
Personality: {Im kind but a loner I usually push people away because I don't want them knowing im a "Goddess"}
Crush: {You Love No one}
Job: {Im not old enough to have a job but i sometimes help out with the fruit stand}
Likes: {Fish, Milk, and Sleeping}
Dislikes:{loud noises, people who scare me, and big crowds}
Powers:{I can levitate, make stars fall, kill up to five people around me at once, and make people sleep}

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Water God Ninia

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:16 pm
Your User: Water God Ninia
Your Villager: Hi, my name is Zats and I'm currently staying in the village
I know your not human: Yes, I am
Age: 18
Your origin: I'm currently visiting the village.
Bio: Zats is a traveler staying at the village to do research and sightseeing. She loves exotic and adventurous things. She's sort of a tomboy.
Picture of yourself: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. click to show.
Personality: Nice, Silly, Blunt, Shy, Adventurous
Crush: Nobody
Job: Tourist
Likes: Food (Especially meat), Beautiful Landscapes, Exploring
Dislikes: Foods that have a lot of cheese, People with enormous egos, Bad jokes
Powers: None, but can wield weapons (such as daggers, crossbows, and bows) and fights with fists and feet.  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 9:37 am


Your User: Breezy Angels
Your Villager: Hi my name is Alice And I am a wanderer
I know your not human: Humanoid (Shapeshifter)
Age: 17
Your origin: Ran away
Bio: Alice's parents were killed when she was young so she doesnt know them but she was taken in by a group of government assassins. Now Alice has all the skills of a fully trained assassin. She ran away from the government because she refuses to work under their watch full eye, so she ran away and became a wanted criminal
Personality: In Between nice and mean, Alice gets angry quickly but gets over it just as fast.
Crush: No special person so far
Job: Thief
Likes: Food, Music, Climbing, Parkour, Free running
Dislikes: Children, The Government, Snow
Powers: Alice can gain the power and skill of anything she shapes into, but she also gains their weakness, Flight, Mind Reading, Speed

Breezy Angels

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Breezy Devils

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2014 6:30 pm
Your User: {Breezy Shadows}

Your Villager: {Hi my name is Keako And I live in the village}

I know you’re not human: {I’m an Elf}

Age: {16 but looks younger}

Your origin: {Came to the village for salvation, eventually made it my home}

Bio: { I was exiled from my home village after being accused of a crime I did not commit at the age of 10. My family shunned me and the village disowned me as one of their own. I ran for my life, and barely clinging to life I found the village. The villagers took me in and treated me as if I was already a part of their village. I spent the rest of my current life as a peaceful villager with the odd tendency for trouble.}

Picture of self:

Personality: {Tries to be nice to everyone, and is generally a really kind person, but can become very protective of her friends and come off as threatening sometimes.}

Crush: {No one}

Job: {Technically unemployed, but often is recruited for Gatekeeping and makes a master sword when needed}

Likes: {innocent trouble, sweets and candy & rain}

Dislikes: {Bright lights, loud noises & really sharp smells}

Powers: {Inhumanly swift & agile, She can control the element of water and it’s sub elements, she can see the true intentions, whether they be good or bad, of people’s hearts when she comes in contact with their chest (tight hugs and that) (Ice, snow, cold)}
PostPosted: Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:29 pm
user- 4sadow2knight0
village- my name is hissss I once lived in the village of Go-Ji-Ra
race- lizarman
origins- was abducted from my village and was sold into slavery. after being a slave for 5 years I decided to run away where I stumbled apon a traveling barbarian camp. the barbarian camp took me in and trained me to become a warrior. I exelled in the use of battle ax's

personality- im in between usally mean but with a kind heart
crush- not at this time
job- guardsman / assassin
likes- meat, green tea, saki
dislike- people stepping on my tail, jokes about how I talk as a lizardman (which will quickly end with an ax being thrown)
powers- no powers  


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Monster Village

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