As the two finished the booberry pie, Draconia managed to finally find out a lot of things about Harry. He was a fang of the Beastles - they had THAT in common! - and his musical tastes definitely trended towards the funky and groovy. He was all about vinyl rather than digital music, and the two of them soundly agreed that Sgt. Pepphurt's Groaning Hearts Club Band was the beast Beastles album.

Draconia also learned something interesting...Harry's attention DEFINITELY peaked up when she started hexplaining Skulltimate Roller Maze to him and listed who was on the team.

"Robecca Steam is the team Captain, and the student coach is Clawd Wolf." Draconia tried to remember from memory who else was on the team. "Let's see. Glen is on the team, of course, and so is Nero du Sphinx and Heath Burns. Lagoona Blue, Operetta, Marceline LaGhede, Cassie, Atomica Servo-"

"Atomica's going to be there?!" Harry asked, suddenly. Draconia raised an eyebrow. Interesting! She thought about the entire 'BOJANGLES' juggernaut Harry had started.

Could it be because....? Draconia decided not to say anything too overt.

"Oh yes, she's on the team too. I would suppose that fangs to the injuries that some of the team receieved yesterday that she's guaranteed to skate, too."

At that point, Draculaura came up and took their payment - co-paid by both of them, and Draculaura looked at her watch.

"In fact, that match is about to start! We'll have to hurry if we want to get seated before the first whistle. Shall we?"