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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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Atomica Servo

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Distinct Genius

PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 9:16 am
Monday Afternoon, After School.

Woestock Planning Committee.

Atomica was the first ghoul to enter the Die-ner, trailed by Harry Herne, the new boo at school. Harry was listening to Atomica raptly, which Atomica of course saw as exactly what she was owed every time she activated her vocal subroutine.

"-and my atomic battery means that I give off NO emissions whatsoever. I'm also double-shielded inside, so the chance of an atomic reaction sparking a meltdown are, like, totally small."

"Groovy, groovy."

The door slammed closed behind Harry, nearly knocking Lin across the street. He huffed and swung it back open, stomping in and giving Harry the stink-eye.

Kai held the door open for Jewels and Frankie, like a gentlemanster should. The group gravitated towards the largest booth.

"Hey, ghoul!" The waitress called out to Frankie. Atomica immediately identified her as Draculaura, the tiny attention-drawing vampire ghoul from school.

"Hiii!" Frankie called back to her friend. "We're going to have the Woestock meeting here!"

"Oh, fangtastic!"
Draculaura replied. "I wanted to come but I had to come here instead. At least it beats the graveyard shift."

"Ummm, I thought we came here to talk about my headlinging Woestock, not your work schedule?" Atomica's LED eyes glared at Draculaura, who grinned and started filling water glasses.

"Sure thing, do you ghouls need menus or do you want me to put in your orders now?"

"I'll take the special!" Kai called out, not caring what the special was. If he started looking at a menu, it would take him hours to figure out what he wanted.

"Haggis pie." Lin replied, setting a boo-ster seat up in the booth that had 'MCGEARLOCH ONLY-DO NOT TOUCH' carved into one side.

"Electroccino, hextra foam and a slice of booberry pie."
Atomica replied as Draculaura started scribbling furriously into her notepad. "With ice scream, but on the side and NOT on the pie itself. Cream and Pie must not touch. Even their atoms must not intermingle."

"Ice scream on the side. Got it!" Draculaura nodded as she wrote.

"I'llhavethespecial too... please." Jewels fidgeted, seated on the end of the booth.

"What...IS the special today?" Frankie asked, sparking a little at the bolts. The chef at the Die-ner liked to hexperiment sometimes...

"Hackaroni and cheese with gargantuanzola cheese." Draculaura checked her notes and replied. "Served with a cup of wild lice soup."

"Ooh, I'll take that too!" The stitched-up ghoul answered with glee. That sounded normal - and delicious. "What about you, Harry?"

"Huh?" Harry asked, still apparently staring at Atomica's forehead.

"Master Harry would like to inquire about the vegescarian options." Harry's goblin butler Gibberish replied as he unfolded Harry's napkin and began to tie it around his master's neck. "Also, you shall submit to me the nutrition information for the entire menu so that I may submit it for approval of the Royal Consumables Court back home. While it is allowable for the young master to eat here once if other options are not available or paletable, this 'Die-ner' should pass the nutritional guideline law before he eats here again."

"We'll also need you to submit a cleanliness form." Harry's maid Gobbledygook added as she dusted the countertops with a shimmering feather duster. "We must insure that the Young Master does not encounter any dangerous allergens while he is outside of the Ever Ever."

Atomica let out a low, mechanical annoyed hum. With all of this form-filling out and approval-needing, it was going to take a while for them to be served - and that meant cutting into the time where she could describe the clawesome set list for Atomica and the R.I.P. she had in mind for Woestock.  
PostPosted: Wed Sep 17, 2014 5:46 pm
"Gah! Don't be a such pair of squares!:"

Harry turned to Draculaura.

"Ignore them. I'll have a veggie boo-ger, if you have it with the screamed vegetable of the day."

Draculaura hurried away to fill the orders before the goblins started up again with their demands. Harry leaned forward towards Gibberish and Goobledygook,

"You're embarrassing me! I didn't call you to be waited on....I need your help to book boo-sical acts."

Gibberish and Goobledygook looked at each other.

"Young master, you were only supposed to use the coin for important things like being waited on by us! We don't do boo-sic."

"Are you my creeps or not?"

"But young..."

"Are you groovy or square!?"


"Good, now..."

Wait. Did Atomica claim she was HEADLINING Woestock? This fearsitval was getting way out of control.

"We'll discuss the boo-sical acts, bringing attention to GOBBLE, and who is headlining after I hit the labatory."

Harry got up and headed to the little boo's room. Gibberish smiled at Goobledygook.

"GOBBLE again, dear."  

Harry Herne

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Kai Merha

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Dapper Dabbler

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 6:55 pm
"So, uh..." Kai looked over Harry's goblin-butler and goblin-maid. The 'Young-Master'ing sort of weirded Kai out. He had friends who were considered royalty - Layla LaMia's mother was queen of the Lamia race and the way Glen's family staff treated him he was practically a prince. But neither of them brought servants with them places.

With Harry gone, Gibberish was inspecting every pieces of silverware on the table and placing it perfectly aligned with the rest of the silverware. Gobbledygook had pulled a spray bottle out of...somewhere, and was spraying something lemon-scented on Harry's seat before wiping it down with a towel.

Frankie side-eyed Kai, who side-eyed Jewels. Jewels shrugged. Kai shrugged. Frankie shrugged at no one in particular.

Kai decided to try to strike up a conversation with G & G.

"So, uh....what's the deal with Harry, exactly?" He asked the two Goblin. "Does he organize a lot of, uh, fearstivals back home?"  
PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2014 7:57 pm
"You shall address the young master as Prince Herne!"

"Now, now, Gobbledygook....these obviously are the young master's bone companions. We should treat them with respect. I apologize. Sometimes a goblin can be very defensive about the Hernes."

Gibberish cleared his throat and took on the pose of a teacher.

"To understand the young master, I must tell you a bit of our history..."


"Prince Harold's grandfather, Lord Jareth, was a despot. As the Goblin King, he kidnapped babies, forced goblins to participate in boo-sical numbers, and build a giant magical maze for his pleasure. Eventually, Lord Jareth's power broken by a normie girl and his son took the throne. He adopted the name Erlking to break with his father's rule and immediately began reforming the government. Imagine, no longer being forced to sing ridiculous songs at the drop of bat!"

Goobledygook wiped tears from her eyes.

"The goblin people came to love Lord Herne for he was a tough but wise and fair ruler. This brings us to Harold. Harold...is not like his father. The Erlking is no stranger to battle and is a natural ruler. Harold is a peaceful lad. He has no wish to rule anyone and just wishes to make the world a better place for monsters and normies. Lord Herne cannot understand this and they are constantly at odds. Especially over GOBBLE."

Kai looked confused.

"If the goblins love Harry's dad, why does he think they're being ground underclaw?"

"Harold can't understand why anyone would be beholden to a king. We stopped trying to protest his protests long ago. Now, we smile fondly at the young master because we know he loves us but is just misguided in his actions. The goblinfolk always politely listen to his speeches and attend hacktivites because we couldn't bear to hurt his feelings."

Goobledygook blew her nose on a pink hackerchief.

"Don't tell the young master either! We want to help him with all his clawses!"  

Harry Herne

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Atomica Servo

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Distinct Genius

PostPosted: Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:32 pm
Kai, Jewels and Frankie got rather quiet. Perhaps they were weighing the morality of helping their friend Harry with a clawse that...didn't really seem to have the meaning he thought it did. Maybe they were wondering just how Woestock could be a success if it was all centered on Goblins who were just humoring their young master. Maybe each of them was trying to think of a way to salvage this now-potentially catastrophic stitchuation.

Fortunately, Atomica had no such moral qualms.

"You know what clawse Harry is TOTALLY going for?" Atomica grimformed the two Goblins as Gobbledegook sprayed her arm and started buffing it with her cloth. "He is ALL over helping me promote Atomica and the Rest...In Peace. A-and-the-R.I.P. are totes a radical clawse!"

"They are?" Lin asked, lowering a straw from his mouth where he'd just gotten finished blowing the wrapper at Kai.

"Um, HELLO, YES." Atomica replied, tilting her head in the most 'hello, DUH' angle she could calculate. "Everymonster knows that mechanicals are totally treated as, um, like, second-class citizens to other, meatier creatures. Always made to do things like build your cars or change traffic lights or, like, keep your meat hearts beating if you're too lazy to do it for yourself."

Lin replied, thinking it over. "Yeah!"

"My, that does sound like the sort of clawse the young master would endorse..." Gibberish ruminated to Gobbledygook. "Do you robots not enjoy performing the tasks you are programmed for?"

"Well...sure..." Atomica admitted, hesitantly. "But like...I'M totally programmed to be a TUBULAR MEGA STAR and I'm not yet so it's totally a valid clawse!"

"Er-" Kai held up a finger to speak up, but Lin launched another straw wrapper at him, hitting him square in throat and causing a coughing fit. Frankie spoke up instead.

"Well...I mean, as long as there's lots of OTHER things happening at Woestock, it would be okay for the RIP to perform, wouldn't it?"

"See?!" Atomica rubbed her digits together in glee. "Even the meat robot agrees with me! Just tell Harry that Atomica and the RIP can provide all the boosic and plaster the whole thing with flyers with MY chrometastic face on them!"

"Hmm..." Gobbledygook side-eyed Gibberish. Master Harry's clawses always led to...grimteresting outcomes.  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:34 am
Harry returned from the bathroom to find everyone staring at him. Was there something on his face? Not groovy! He quickly wiped at his face to get the offending Whatever It Was off of him.

"So, about GOBBLE and Woestock-"

"Pardon, young master, but Goobledygook and I had an idea."

"We did? I mean...we did!"

"You have been so good to goblinfolk that we feel like we are...how would you put it....bogarting all the attention. Your companion, Atomica, was telling us how her people are treated a second class monsters. Perhaps they could be the foucus of the fearstival?"

Harry gasped. He never thought a cruel and righteous ghoul like Atomica could be....OPPRESSED!

"Yes...this...THIS! Groovy job, Gibberish! GOBBLE is near and dear to my heart but Atomica is a student here and we should want freedom for all of our fellow students! We'll call ourselves....


Boisterous, Outstanding, and Jaunty Androids Need to be Granted Liberty Extra Soon!"

Kai's brow furrowed at Harry's hexcitement.


"Yes! Who could say no to BOJANGLES?"  

Harry Herne

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Kai Merha

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Dapper Dabbler

PostPosted: Mon Sep 22, 2014 4:51 pm
"We're...Bojangles?" Kai asked, an eyebrow raising.

Harry corrected. "Not just an organization. Not just a clawse. A MOVEMENT!"

"I like it!" Atomica chimed in, quite satisfied. "And if anyone has a problem with it, they can take it right here, in the BOJANGLES."

"All right." Kai shrugged. Of all the robotic students he knew, all three of them, none of them really seemed to be in need of extra liberty. But maybe it was a clawse he didn't know so well because he wasn't robotic himself. Kai decided to check his privilege. "Maybe this fearstival can actually be a hit!"

Atomica replied, tenting her digits. "A hit right in the BOJANGLES."

"I guess it makes sense for Atomica and the RIP to headline, then!"
Frankie piped up. "But we should discuss what other hacktivities we want to offer. The Fear Squad could put on some robo-themed fears for everymonster!"

"Yes, I agree with the meat robot." Atomica nodded. "Robo-themed fears are acceptable."

"I, uh, think I mentioned this to you before, I'm not a meat robot...."
Frankie laughed a little nervously at Atomica, who rolled her LED eyes.

"Ummm, you SO are." She shot back. "Are you not powered by electricity?"

"Well, yeah-"

"And are you not made of modular, easily-separated and replaceable parts?!"

"Sort of-"

"And were you not assembled instead of 'born,' whatever THAT actually is?"

"Yes, I guess so-"

"MEAT. ROBOT." Atomica responded, crossing her arms. That conversation was over.

Kai coughed.

"Jewels and I could head up a craft corner. To make, uh...robot-themed crafts?" He offered. Jewels nodded in agreement, also looking bewildered.  
PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:29 pm
Harry frowned slightly. He wasn't used to planning his hacktivities in a group and other people wanting it to go in different directions. Unfortunately, he would have to put his claw down on one thing....

"These are clawesome ideas but I need to insist on Jimi Hexdrix being co-headliner with Atomica. We need to draw in the masses to hear our message and the best way to do that is bringing in some established boosicians."

Harry pushed a paper towards Gibberish. It was a list of bands that he thought would want to get right in with the BOJANGLES. A new clawse was always popular with hactivism rock.

"The Sidhe Courts should have contacts with everyone on the lists Gibberish. I'm naming you and Goobledygook our talent wranglers. I know you can do it! Anything else we need, dudes and dudettes?"  

Harry Herne

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Kai Merha

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Dapper Dabbler

PostPosted: Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:48 pm
"JIMI HEXDRIX?!" Everyone at the table hexclaimed in unison. Kai's jaw dropped.

Did Harry really have that much stroke? For a high school fearstival?! That was like getting the Beastles to play a booday party, or Casta Fierce to perform at your Bat Mystvah.

"Shouldn't we work out a schedule, or plan out where to put out fliers, or send an e-maul to the club presidents who didn't make it?" Kai asked, thinking about the practicalities.

"I guess I can see about reserving Haunted Hollows Park for Saturday." Jewels added. "The groundscreeper lives near me."

"Groovy. Groovy." Harry replied, nodding without seeming to really pay attention. He was double-checking his talent list with the Goblins.

"We should, probably, um, look into the bat-room stitchuation too." Frankie added in. She didn't recall there being many powder rooms out in the park.

"I am NOT sharing my dressing room with Jimi Hexdrix." [
i]Atomica grumbled, grumpily.[/i] "Everymonster will be there to see ME.....and my band...not him!"

"Hey!" Lin piped up. "He better not get in the way of my bagpipe solo!"

The meeting ended shortly after that, with most of the duties divided up between Kai, Jewels and Frankie. Harry, it seemed, was more of a 'big picture' monster. Despite his concerns, though, Kai still felt hexcited about Woestock. There was a chance it was going to be way epic.  
Monster High

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