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Kai Merha

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Dapper Dabbler

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 9:08 pm

Day One of Parent/Creature Conferences

"Now, be sure to call us when you get to the hotel in Hacksadena." Dr. Merha reminded his son Kai as the boy finished loading his bag into the back of their van. "I'm extending a lot of trust to you boys after the Monte Scarlo incident."

Kai gritted his teeth.

"I know, I know. But you promised not to bring up Monte Scarlo anymore, dad!"

"I just want to be sure that everything on THIS trip goes smoothly." Dr. Merha put an arm on his son's shoulder and adjusted his thick, horn-rimmed glasses. If someone were asked to describe a mad scientist, Dr. Merha would match it almost exactly. Crazy hair greying at the temples, thick glasses, rail-thin and dressed in a singed, stained lab coat. "Your Step-mother and I are going to Conferences tomorrow, and I expect to hear a lot of good stories from your teachers. Then we'll be hopping on a scareplane, and arrive just in time to meet you in New Goreleans for Fangsgiving. I have to admit-"

Dr. Merha pulled a small notebook out of the pocket of his labcoat and looked over his notes.

"-I am just pleased as pink peanuts to be able to observe firsthand a Witch Fangsgiving tradition. Understanding the different cultures of monsters is just as important a key to my research as examining their genomes."

"I know you're hexcited dad, just-" Kai shrugged a little bit. "Just don't weird out Ms. LeVeau, okay? I get the impression that she might have a little bit of a temper, so don't, like...ask her for blood samples at the dinner table or start measuring her cranium or any of the things I've seen you do at other dinner parties."

"Of course not, of course not." Dr. Merha nodded and put away his notebook. "I'll observe all of the proper etiquette protocols. Just make sure you make it to Fangsgiving on time and with the van in one piece."

"Don't worry, dad!"

"It's that, the last time you and Nero went on a trip-"

"You promised, dad!" Kai protested. "And besides, Glen and his cousin are coming with us this time. You trust Glen with all of the chemicals in your lab, surely you can trust him with us."

"Yes, he's the most responsible and eager after-school lab assistant I've ever had!" Dr. Merha replied brightly.

"Besides Melody-" Kai corrected his absent-minded father.

"Yes, besides Melody. But Glen really takes to the hexciting parts of Mad Science. Why, just last week he started a fire in the gene pool that took us five days to figure out how to extinguish! You're right, with him watching over you boys, I have nothing to be concerned about."

Dr. Merha shut the back doors of the van and headed back for the house.

"But you still have to call and check in when you get to the hotel!"

Kai sighed. He was going to show his dad, he could be responsible. This trip was going to go exactly according to his itinerary, and they were going to arrive in New Goreleans without any crazy incidents.

He had a good feeling about this broa-d trip. A really, really good feeling.
PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 6:53 am
Before the start of Parent/Creature Conferences...

A black grimousine pulled up just outside of the drive toward the Merha manor and Kai watched as a goblin chauffeur stepped out of the driver's side and walked around to the rear passenger. He opened the door and almost immediately, Glen scrambled out and jumped upright, a bright smile on his face as he waved 'hello' to Kai.

Yet before his overnight guest Nero followed him, a different form stepped out, that of his (HAWT) mother climbed out, Senator Emerelda da West. Only then did Nero follow, ever the proper gentlemanster (especially where a babe is concerned).

As the driver and Nero unloaded the boos's luggage, Glen's mom fussed with him, adjusting his shirt and making sure he was presentable for the trip. She then cupped her hands under his chin and 'smooshed' his cheeks.

"Okay, now your aunt Glinda and I will arrive in New Goreleans in plenty of time for Fangsgiving."

"Promise? Last time you almost missed it because of those warlocks in Oz!"

"I promise, Glen. Nothing is going to get in the way of us having Fangsgiving together with your Aunt Scarie..." (Glen shuddered) "... and your friends and their families. Besides..." She patted his cheek. "I wouldn't miss seeing your Aunt Mary celebrate for anything."

Glen just smiled and hugged his mom tightly as Nero and the driver brought their belongings around toward the drive and Kai's van.

"Just promise me... for the love of Oz... be good?"

Glen stared at his mom until an impish grin spread on his face and he shook his head.

"Such a kidder!"

Emerelda rolled her eyes and bid Nero a farewell as well (he didn't get a hug) and after climbing back into the grimousine, drove off for the school. Glen waved his iCoffin wand at their luggage, levitating them toward Kai and the van as he contemplated to Nero...

"I don't know why she keeps saying that. Must be an inside joke."  

Glen da West

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Rorrim Rory Bludworth

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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 8:50 am
"I guess we're ready to-" Kai began.

"Wait!" Glen perked up. "Rory's not here yet! Don't worry, I got this."

Walking over to the van, Glen adjusted the driver-side mirror.

"Rorrim Bludworth, Rorrim Bludworth, Rorrim Bludworth," He chanted over and over.

"Rorrim Bludworth!" On the thirteenth chant, Rory popped into view, his shirt in the middle of being pulled over his head. One second later, his head emerged from the collar of his t-shirt and he nearly fell backwards in shock at the sudden change of scenery.


"Augh to you too!" Glen replied brightly, giving his cousin a hug. "Ready to go?"

"Um." Rory looked down at his bare feet, unbelted jeans and complete lack of overnight bag. "Almost?"

"Good enough! Let's bro!" Nero replied, hefting Rory up and depositing him into the back of the van. "We want to get on the bro-pen bro-ad as soon as possibro."

"But-but-" Rory stammered. "Shoes!"

"I have like six pairs in my duffel, Rory. I couldn't decide which pair to bring. Help yourself!" Kai told the flustered mirror witch as he hopped into the driver's seat. "Besides, you can always just pop back to your place and pick stuff up when we get to a rest stop, right? I have our whole trip mapped out perfectly. You have the map, right Nero?"

"Oh, sure thing, bro." Nero nodded really hard. "Right here, yup. Our map. That's taking us places. Our bro-ad map."

As Kai turned the ignition and started up the van, Nero turned to Glen and Rory in the back and winked.

"Gonna be a bro-some trip, yo."  
PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 9:45 am
Nero adjusted the seat back as far as it could go. Now that the van wasn't also full of lab equipment, it basically had enough room for him.

"Goin' back!" he warned, and the seat readjusted itself with a loud THUNK.

Rory froze as the seat back stopped a few inches from his knees.

THUNK. creeeeeeeeeak ting!

The metal grumbled into place.

"What was that what was that!?"

"Relax bro, this thing was build forever ago. It's not gonna fall apart now."

The seat made another little creak as Nero stretched out and put his feet up on the dash.

"uh....Glen...would you switch seats with me?"  

Nero de Sphinx

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Glen da West

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Magical Lunatic

PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2014 11:35 am
After having switched with Rory, although he didn't see why Rory thought hed be any more comfortable in his new seat as opposed to the one he had staked a claim to, Glen watched as the world went by through the windows of the van with an eager (and somewhat apprehensive) twinkle in his eyes.

True, he wasn't exactly looking forward to Fangsgiving in New Goreleans as a whole. His aunty Scarie seemed a little ...not a LOT ... hardgore, and rough around the edges. Still, at least he had his bluddies traveling with, and his favorite cousin, that might take the edge off this visit. Add onto that their respective families would be flying in to share the howliday with them, and maybe it wouldn't be THAT bad!

Glen finished off his seventh Red Ghoul and popped the tab for his eighth when he glanced up front and saw Kai emit a yawn and Glen could only shake his head.

"Poor Kai! Were you up late painting the stars again?"

"No, I was up early making sure the van was ready for the road..." Kai saw the wrinkle in Nero's forehead and corrected himself. "Sorry -- BRO-ad trip. Better safe than sorry."

To which, Rory eagerly nodded in agreement.

"Why don't you pull over and have yourself a werecat nap for a few?" Glen suggested. "It'll give us the chance to stretch our legs and you recharge?"

Kai shook his head, "No dude, it's cool. It won't be long until we get to the hotel and I can recharge there. Besides, that Red Ghoul you shared really helped."

Glen bit his bottom lip. He could tell his good fiend Kai was sleepy. He then cast a glance at Rory who seemed a tad fidgety (how very ODD!). Maybe he was worried about Kai driving while sleepy? Hm, could be. Driving when you're sleepy could be construed as somewhat dangerous. Oh well! What are beasties for?

Glen pulled out his iCoffin wand and...

Kai blinked and asked Nero, "Does it look like it's getting foggy to you?"


All the boys (well not Glen) jumped at the startling noise and Kai turned his head to watch as a flock of ducks passed by his window!  
PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2014 12:28 pm
"Whoa" Nero started, "This is just like that time we got a half-day at school during the SpellBound: Unbound booster pack launch..."

Mystified, the boos starred out the window...except Glen, who made a bad attempt at whistling innocently. One of the ducks flew in front of the van, its wings slapping rhythmically against the windshield.

"HEY! Stop that, I can't see the road!" Kai said, and honked the horn. It gave out a foghorn-like WOOONK.

This was the wrong thing to do. Moments ago this flock had been moving southward towards Scarribean, right on schedule to escape winter. Now the flock wasn't quite sure where it was or why it was flying so low, only that it was a lot colder and they were probably not going to be relaxing on a beach any time soon. The head duck turned on the van to land with a plop on the windshield is had been barely evading and starred inwards with beady little black eyes.



As one angry mob the ducks descended upon the van, bellowing their quacks. Kai swerved as a duck tried to dive-bomb through his slightly open window.

"Roll it up, roll it up!" Kai yelled.

Nero lunged into Kai's lap and rolled the window up, the other boos followed suit frantically. Somehow they still weren't fast enough and a duck managed to get into the van. Squawking and quacking furiously, it flew around in a panic.

"Don't swerve, we don't want to end up in a ditch!"

Kai flipped the windshield wipers and the van began shedding ducks back into the air.

"Brace for impact!" he shouted, and hit the breaks.

"I've got it!" Glen whooped, and dove towards the duck.

The van screeched to a halt, Glen missed and was flung forward onto the dashboard and the duckk found itself sitting in Rory's lap.

"Help! It's going to eat me, get it off!" [i]Rory shrieked, freezing up.

The duck opened its wings, hissed and then...was struck but what an impressive pose this was. It tilted its head this way, watching itself reflected off Rory. It began preening.

"Ok. Definitely time for a break."  

Nero de Sphinx

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Monster High

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