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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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Draconia St George
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:47 am
Friday afternoon. Target: Date Night.

Draconia stepped inside of the Looking Glass and shivered. The weather outside was windy and cold, a true Decembrrr day. Being slightly cold-blooded, it chilled Draconia right to her ruby heart. A twitch of her wings sent snow fluttering down onto the 'BEWARE YE WHO ENTRE HERE" welcome mat.

"Drake? Is that you?" Draconia's syster, Wyvernia tilted her head up from her iCrypt pad and adjusted her glasses.

"Yes, it's me, Wyvvie." Draconia replied, fanging up her coat. "Brrr...it's blustery out there!"

"That's why I'm over here." Wyvernia pointed at the crackling fire in the fireplace down in the reading nook. Their uncle, whom they affectionately called Uncle Wocky, had no problems with his store patrons picking up a volume and giving it a test read before buying at the Looking Glass.

The only thing he warned was that sometimes a good book could take you to faraway lands....and a bad book might conspire to keep you there.

"So! Chinese, tonight? Dusky and Moana are clearing the back wall for a poetry slam tonight, so we'll have to eat before other monsters start coming in." Wvyernia reminded her sister. Draconia stopped and blushed.

"Actually, I...er...sort of...have a date tonight." She stammered. Wyvernia raised an eyebrow in surprise, and then a smile slowly creeped across her face.

"A date? You do? Draconia! And here you were, going on to mum and dad at Fangsgiving about how you were so happy not dating anyone!"

"It's not like that!"
Draconia protested. "I mean...it IS a date, but it's not serious or anything. It's basically fanging out with friends."

"Who is it?"
Wyvernia asked. "Somemonster I know?"

"I don't think so...his name is Lin. He's a gremlin."

"A gremlin?! Be scareful you don't lose him! Or accidentally pack him away in your purse!" Wyvernia's eyes sparkled a bit as she winked with her teasing. Draconia gave one giggle.

"He's very nice and besides, we're going to be double dating with Glen and Chase. Nothing can go wrong."

"You say that now, but we'll see what you say when you get back from your date with a gremlin." Wvyernia pinched Draconia's cheek a little bit and then put away her iCrypt. "I'd better go see if Dusky and Moana need any help. I'm going to be watching the poetry slam tonight. Maybe somemonster will be uhh-mazing enough to do a news story on!"

"Maybe." Draconia nodded as her sister lurked off to the back. She looked at the clock and nearly jumped out of her boots.

"Bloody bats! Is it that late already? I have to get changed! I can't possibly go out on date night dressed like THIS!"  
PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2015 8:33 am
An hour later...

Draconia stepped out of her room dressed smartly in a lovely short evergreen crushed-velvet minidress with long black sleeves. She offset that with a pair of leggings with a frighteningly fresh purple and white checker pattern, and topped off the ensemble with her favourite pair of black scary jane heels, with a fangtastic castle pattern pressed into the leather.

She'd done her hair up in long, loose curls all swept to one side and held back with a black velvet ribbon. Draconia paused for a moment in front of the hallway mirror and checked her makeup.

"I do believe I may be ready!" She told her reflection, reassuringly. This was her first actual, official date since the amicable breakup with Manny Taur. If she let herself get too nervous about it, she wouldn't be able to enjoy it one jot. With a twist of a heel and a quick flounce of her dress, she walked down the stairs from the flat where she and her sister dwelled into the bookstore below.

"Oh, my!" Draconia gasped. She hadn't thought she was upstairs THAT long, but in that time, Luna "Dusky" Duskwing and Moana Dedmeat, the two bookstore clerks, had transformed the entire left wing of the bookstore into a dead ringer for a poetry cafe. Tables were lit by little flickering candles perched atop chick black skulls. One wall was left open, with a microphone standing in front of it and a few instruments were waiting off to the side.

Wyvernia was busy stocking up the coffee corner with cream and sugar while Dusky and Moana put the finishing touches on stylishly draping spiderweb curtains to make a mock entryway from the rest of the bookstore into the 'Poetry Scorner,' as the banner above the curtains read.

"What an utterly groovy job!" Draconia gushed. "This is such a brilliant idea!"

"Thanks!" Wyvernia grinned. "I based it off of one that I saw in New Goreleans the last time I was down there reporting on the flooding of the Mississ-icki river. I think making the Poetry Scorner a monthly event will attract some business that might not normally come to the Looking Glass."

"Maybe I can convince my group to come by here after dinner." Draconia mused. "I wonder if poetry is Lin's thing..."

"Don't worry about it!" Wyvernia assured Draconia, handing her a hot tea in a to-go cup. "Just enjoy your date."

"Thank you!" Draconia blushed a little bit. "I will! See you later!"

"Bye!" Wvyernia waved.

"You're going already? I'm just starting to feel awake!" Dusky gave Draconia a nod.

"Uuhhhggghh." Moana intoned cautiously at Draconia. Draconia nodded gratefully.

"I will, Moana, don't worry! Goodbye!" She promised the matronly zombie before hopping out the door and making a bee-line for the Maul to join Glen, Chase and Lin for their double date.  

Draconia St George
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Shadeaux D Gloom

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2015 7:19 am
Time has a way of passing quickly in the shadow world, and as the day slipped by and dusk started to fall over the town, the door to the Looking Glass's broom closet swung ope with a flourish...

"We're he-!" "Shad" had started to say when the momentum of the door caused it to swing right back and latch itself closed in the faces of both himself as well as that of his guest and beast fiend, Lillith Van Helscream.

"Well, so much for our most ginchiest of entrances..."

"Yes, well. Can you at least do a lady the decency of getting hr out of the closet?"

"Coolsville, Lil. No need to blow your jets. I'll get us out of here."

The knob to the closet door rattled.


"Can I blow my jets now?"

From the outside, Draconia's sister Wyvernia approached the closet door with a smile, having overheard the commotion within. She was witness to more than one of the sack boos "wrong turns" so it didn't take th deducing of a hexpert reporter such as herself to know just who their latest guest would be. She pulled the door open and Shad's eyes widened behind his dark shades...


And Shad promptly hid as best he could behind the mop. Oh yes! He remembered Draconia's sister as well! Lillith looked at her 'beasty', then at Wyvernia who just rolled her eyes with a smile. She reached in and cupped Shad's arm, pulling him out with an audible yelp.

"Come on out, you two." Wyvernia said as Lillith carefully followed. "Drake said to expect you as one of the speakers so I knew to keep an eye out for the closet. Never knew a sackman that knew how to use a front door."

Shad sheepishly brushed off his sweater while Lillith straightened her leopard print sweater before the two had a look around at the area that had been completely transformed.

"Whoaa! Total wigsville!" Shad nodded as he had a look at the few guests and speakers who had already arrived. "Check out the groovy hipsters planning their souls for the baring."

The poetry slam had seemed to attract a fair few monsters, both boos and ghouls, mansters and womoan. There was a tar beast burbling in the corner ... a rusalki seemed to be hovering over her chair as she swayed to the unheard boosic... wait, was that Nero over in the corner?

"Lovely." Lillith sighed. "The only normie, again." She put on her haughtiest air and took Shad's arm as they walked over to the poetry corner to begin preparing.  
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2015 9:12 pm
Clutching a small notebook to her chest, Marceline slipped into The Looking Glass, trying her hardest not to draw attention to herself. She began to feel eyes boring into her, and whispers floating around her head... perhaps it was in her imagination, but thanks to Spectra, everyone knew her personal business. Finding an empty table against the side wall, she sat down and quickly scanned the room... Nobody she really knew was there, at least not well enough to strike up a conversation. For the first time since coming to Monster High, Marceline felt the tendrils of social fangxiety wrapping themselves around her and gripping tight.

Twice, she eyed the doorway, considering for a moment to just give up and go back to her doomitory. She flipped through her notebook... sometimes when the mood struck her, she was able to scrawl down a decent bit of poetry, though she was never quite good at rhyming; she wondered if any of them were worth sharing, but ultimately felt uncomfortable about the whole ordeal. Another scan of the room and her eyes began picking out something new... mirrors. A few decorative ones peppered the walls, along with a large, bulging security mirror looming in the corner above the bookstore... A pretty werewolf ghoul touching up her lipstick in a compact... She half-convinced herself she saw a glint of red flash in one, and fumbled through her bag to find her iCoffin. No new messages; it would seem Rory had given up on contacting her. Marceline began tapping out a message...

To: Rorrim Bludworth

... before promptly erasing it and starting a new one...

To: Rorrim Bludworth
Listen, I'm sorry I

And repeating the cycle a few more times, she finally gave up and threw her phone back into her bag. How do monsters fix these sort of things, she wondered in exasperation just as the microphone shrieked feedback through the bookstore.  

Marceline LaGhede

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Shadeaux D Gloom

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 02, 2015 3:27 pm
Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

The mood had been set hexpertly by Wyvernia, Luna and Moana, meaning there was very little light in the Looking Glass, save for the candles on each table and the dragon flame lamps that floated magically in the corners and near the makeshift stage.

All eyes turned to the werewolf that stood against the far wall, between two full length mirrors and behind the house microphone set up by the Looking Glass employeeks. Clad in a complete black ensemble befitting the unlifestyle of the beatnik, a stark contrast to the snow white fur of the young werewolf manster, he was illuminated by the trio of flashfrights positioned just so.

"Scoodly wow wow!"

Igor Gutler whispered into the microphone, and was greeted by scattered applause by the newcomers, and the snapping of fingers by those in the know at these type of gatherings.

"The most groovy of greetings brother werecats and sister werekittens! We are here tonight to listen and love, to the emotional soul train ride that is our inner turmoil."

More snapping f fingers and a little less in the non-traditional clapping of hands.

"Now be prepared to focus your audio because those with the fire have given from their souls, their SOULS, to enlighten us this evening. And to make this time with each other truly a gas, the most ginchiest of dragon chicks is here with us tonight, the most fangulous Wyvernia St. George!"

*snap* *snap* *snap* as Wyvernia watched politely from her chair.

"Now, the first of our hexpose' who will bare their soul, a real mazda to one and all, Mandy Kore."

The snaps of many a fingers are heard as the manticore teen steps up onto the stage and the first of many readings this evening.  
PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2015 2:34 pm
Marceline's bony fingers clicked and clacked strangely as she attempted to snap along with the rest of the cafe... And then, suddenly feeling like monsters were staring again (they weren't) She hastily hid her hands in her lap. As she listened along to the manticore speaking on stage, she felt her seat rumble with great urgency... Her cOffin was buzzing away in her purse, hanging from the side of the chair, as message after message poured in.

She glanced around the room, wondering if it were impolite to be on one's phone during this time, but surreptitiously pulled it from her bag and rested it in her lap. Atomica had hexted her several times, regarding Woestock and getting the band back together for it. She bit her lip; her aggoredion had been sitting in the corner of her doomitory collecting dust since Tombcoming, and strangely she felt unable to even think about it for the past few days... it made her think too much of Rory, and how they bonded over their shared love of They Definitely Are Giants..but, Marceline had played for years; she thought to herself, there was no sense letting a boo get between her and her screams. She began tapping out a reply to Atomica...

Marceline LaGhede

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Fanatical Friend

Shadeaux D Gloom

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Dapper Noob

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 4:30 pm
Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

*snap* *snap* *snap*

The sounds of snapping fingers reverberated around the Looking Glass as Mandy Core had finished her salacious slam poem about her soul cascading down into a fiery pit of every lasting torment -- thanks to the commercialization of the monster howlidays that they were now spellabrating.

"Like waaaaaay fangulous!" Igor said at the microphone, casting his hidden gaze around the room. "Grimy Grimmas is surely to be a classic to be remembered."


"Now..." Igor started to look about the LG, searching for the one whose fire called out to him. The one who was surely the next to bare their souls to him and all the rest of these ghoul werecats. The one who...

*click* *click* *click*

"Ahhhh!" Igor sighed in content as he approached where Marceline was hexting and held his clawed paw out toward her.

"Sister of the soul! You're obviously working feverishly to be as one of us! Come onto this stage, right here and right now, and share with us!"  
PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2015 11:06 pm
Marceline looked up at the werewolf, eyes wide with terror.

"Oh, I... no, I couldn't--" She began to protest.

"Nonsense! You clearly have something you need to pour out to the world! Come, share it with us!"

He pulled Marceline to her feet as a murmur of agreement rippled through the crowd. Before she knew it, she stood on the makeshift stage in front of the microphone. All eyes really were on here now... And so she stood...

... and stood... staring at every face, frozen in terror.

A random manster in the back of the cafe coughed, jolting her back to reality. Every bone in her body wanted to fly off that stage and back to her doomitory; but she couldn't hide there forever. She opened her notebook to a random entry and cleared her throat.

"I, uhm... I act'ally wrote this yest'day..." She trembled. "It's, um... It doesn't really have a title, but I s'pose if it did, it'd be called... 'Scareless Whisper'... Okay, here goes..."  

Marceline LaGhede

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Fanatical Friend

Monster High

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