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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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Draconia St George
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:40 am
Wednesday Evening: The Night before Fangsgiving.

"Good boos! I've found a turkey!" Draconia got off of her iCoffin and smiled at her parents. They were all seated, along with Wyvernia, in the drawing room of the flat up above the Looking Glass an hour after the closing of the store. It would remain closed through tomorrow, and then open early for Bleak Friday shopping.

Fangsgiving was a new howliday to her parents, but they were more than willing to indulge in it, especially since it meant her mum would get to engage in her favourite hacktivity - the culinary arts. However, Draconia had assured her parents of what Glen had taught her last year - no true Fangsgiving could be Fangsgiving without a turkey.

Unfortunately, it was a bit late in the season to run out and grab one. Fortunately, one of the students in Draconia's drama class, Nathair, had mentioned something offhand about one of HIS friends' parents owning a local butcher chop.

"It's taken some engaging in some iCoffin tag, but I've gotten ahold of Nathair, found out the number to Roe & Fallows, and called them just in time to reserve a turkey for pickup tomorrow!"

"Splendiferous!" Draconia's mum clasped her claws together. "So, this Nathair, is he handsome? Is he going to be the new boo in your life?"

Draconia groaned inwardly. She'd made the mistake of mentioning offhand, as casually as possible, about how she'd noticed Iris Clops making eye at her former beau, and now her mother was convinced the only way to get over the drama was for Draconia to get new boofriend as soon as possible.

"Er...no, mum, we're just in Drama together. He's very nice and all, but...not really my type." Draconia's cheeks burned. Talking boos with your mum - how embarrassing!

"Well, maybe Wyvernia can find you a nice date, she knows mansters from all over the world, after all. That lovely grimterview you did with that hippogriff, Byff on the telly a few weeks back, Wyvernia, he seemed so sweet. Doesn't he have a brother Draconia's age?"

Wyvernia looked up from her iCoffin with wide eyes.

"NO! I mean...yes, he does have a brother, and yes he is, Draconia's age, but he absolutely, completely, one hundred percent is....not her type."

"Mum, there's really no need to play matchmaker." Draconia protested. "I'm perfectly happy not dating right now...."

Even if that means all the boos see me as just 'one of the guys,' she added to herself, glumly.

"I just want my ghouls to be happy." Mimzy replied, going back to her preparations for cooking tomorrow. "And a happy social life makes a happy ghoul."

Draco looked down from the boospaper he was reading.

"Speaking of being social, Draconia, your drama teacher told us you've been avoiding performing in front of an un-live crowd."

Draconia dropped her iCoffin in shock. Mr. Where had noticed?!

"Well, it's just that...I mean, there are other boos and ghouls in the class who are so much better up on the stage than I am....I mean, when Nathair or Demona or Venus perform, the crowd fangs on their every word, their every action. When I get on stage, I freeze up, flip my wings all funny and knock down the set. It seemed, er, rude to go up there and wreck things for everymonster else." Draconia's breath was getting hot. What was this, pick on Draconia night?

"Draconia, putting on a grand performance is in your blood! We dragons of the isle, we invented the dramatic entrance, after all! The ominous lurch from the shadows, the smoke from the nostrils, the electrifying SHRIEK before spewing forth a column of fiery destruction!" Draconia's father was on his feet, holding an arm up dramatically. "You are a natural for the stage!"

"More like a natural disaster." Draconia replied. "You didn't see what happened last year when I was on-stage for My Scare Lady...and with Glen's mum and all of his relatives watching!"

Draconia covered her face with her claws, not wanting to remember that horror-able night. Wyvernia cleared her throat, cutting her parents off from saying anything else and put an arm around her sister.

"Drake, it's all right. I know how difficult it can be to get over stage fright. When I was your age, I had an uhhh-nbelievably hard time speaking in public. My first presentation in front of a class, I was so scared I set the front row of desks on fire hyperventilating."

Draconia looked up from her claws.

"You, Wyvvie? But you're an international reporter! You're on the news! You've talked to presidents and ghoulebrities from all over the world!"

"That's right."
Wyvernia answered. "Because, with practice and determination, you can get over stage fright. I'll even help you, if you like. I have a few techniques that might work for you."

Draco smiled as his two daughters hugged. This Fangsgiving howliday seemed like a great idea already.  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:58 am
Thursday Afternoon.


The morning had been a flurry of hacktivity, more action seen in the flat above the Looking Glass store than in the past two centuries. Draconia's mum was a hurricane of motion in the kitchen, coordinating turkey, trimmings, side dishes and pudding all at once. Draconia tried to help, but often felt more like she was simply getting in the way of her mother's scarefully coordinated culinary dance.

Instead, Draconia had to content herself with just setting the table and lighting the fireplace. Which was all fright with her, at least she was able to avoid tripping anymonster up.

Both Wyvernia and their father were busy working on their computers. It may have been Fangsgiving in Scaremerica, but everywhere else in the monster world, it was business as boosual. Wyvernia was working on a news story for her next show. Draco was communicating with Merlin the wizard about affairs of state for Avalon.

Once the table was set up, in the lull between her mum putting the finishing touches on the meal and the time they'd eat, Draconia pulled out her iCoffin to wish all of her friends a happy howliday.

To: Glen da West

Happy Fangsgiving! How did the bro-ad trip turn out? You didn't end up in Monte Scarlo, did you?

To: Chase Q

How is your Fangsgiving coming? Hope it's a good one!

To: Hellene Harpie

Happy Fangsgiving! It's not too crowded there, is it? If you're being suffocated, we can always go to the school Fangsgiving later and fang out. Don't forget, creepover tonight to prepare for Bleak Friday!

Draconia's iCoffin buzzed almost immediately with replies.

From: Chase Q

FGiving is going HEXCELLENT! Don't forget Sat is Backyard Monster Wrestling. Manny and I are counting on your help!!!!

That was going to be interesting....Draconia wondered if Manny had heard all of the crazy rumours flying about the two of them. Manny never really seemed to care (or be all that aware) of the gossip train. It probably didn't matter to him anyway. She was 'just one of the guys,' right?

Draconia sighed, but her sigh was cut short by another buzz.

From: Glen da West


Srry for all caps, sooooooooooooo tired, no place that sells red ghoul is open today, what kind of howliday closes all the convenience stores?!!!!

Well, that feared Draconia right up. She could imagine the 'total tragedy' of the four boos, driving in their van, having to listen to Glen cry for uneventful hours on end because of the lack of Red Ghoul. Truly the worst thing ever! Those poor boos. Draconia tapped back a reply.

To: Glen da West

Be fangful for what you DO have! Besides, isn't your cousin a mirror witch? Why not ask him to kip out to someplace in Canadark to get you a six-pack? Their Fangsgiving is in Shocktober!

Almost immediately, Glen typed in a reply.

From: Glen da West


ok, gtg, btw we ttly took down some witch hunters, tell u bout it later, more important was the GIFT CHOP I found!!!!!!!!!

To: Glen da West

Wait. What?!!!!!

Unfortunately, no answer from Glen was forthcoming, as he no doubt had leapt into hacktion to get his cousin questing for North of the Boarder Red Ghoul. Draconia was distracted from her worrying thanks to a text from Hellene.

From: Hellene Harpie

Can't...breathe....feathers...everywhere....Melpomene....droning on and on....may undie of boredom soon....will be coming by as soon as I can squeeze out of here...

Poor Hellene, Draconia held back a smile. She wasn't even exactly sure HOW many sisters Hellene had, but she did know that it was well into the dozens. Family Howlidays were less about togetherness and more about surviving being smushed together in an enclosed space.

Draconia was about to tap a reply when suddenly the lights dimmed down low, casting her, her sister, and her father in the light of the fireplace. Mimzy St. George stood in the doorway, holding a huge tray with a perfectly-cooked turkey on it.

"Fangsgiving dinner is served!" She pronounced solemnly.  

Draconia St George
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Beloved Friend

Chase Q

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:56 pm
Draconia's iCoffin *pinged* with a hext message...


To: Draconia St. George
From: Chase Q

Yo! THE Draconia! Happy Fangsgiving! Taking Whinnie and Colt to the Maul for Bleak Frightday chopping tomorrow moaning! You wanna come with?
Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule

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