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Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule!

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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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Reply Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule
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Marceline LaGhede

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 6:27 pm
Honestly, I think the best thing for my sanity right now is to take a hiatus from the guild. I've got way too much going on, and honestly I have nothing left to say that isn't utterly inflammatory. What it boils down to is... this isn't fun for me anymore, and I want it to be. So before I snap and rage-quit... I need to take some time away from it.  
PostPosted: Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:12 pm
Draconia St George Wrote:

I have been really quiet about current issues so far and that may surprise some since I am a pretty good friend of Monks, Marghoul, and Sally who have all posted previous. I have posted now and quoted you because I have a certain thing I wish to clarify. I am posting this publicly because I want this to be a general note to anyone and anyone reading this post.

It has come to my attention that you have quite the grudge against me because I haven’t been as active. While this isn’t exactly extremely serious, here’s the thing that gets me - You never actually stated to my FACE that you had this problem. Which would have been way better than harping to 12 MonsterHighDolls members, a person on AIM or a friend on MHD PC. The thing is that if you don’t TELL me that a problem exists, I can’t FIX it and it’s so wrong and unfair of you to do that and I’m not even in the knowing. I get email notifications from MonsterHighDolls and all it would’ve taken was a PM to me and I could have come online as soon as I was available to PC you about it and work it out. But no. Even when we were in chat together, you stayed quiet. To me, at least.
Also, what I don’t understand is why it’s never a problem for one of your close friends to be away from RP for so long. I remember Monks being annoyed because Hellene wasn’t posting and you were like “Sorry, She can’t be on because she has a deadline.” Why do you get so mad if a player doesn’t post for so long but you save your friends’ butts if they don’t?

What’s also come to my attention is that you complained pretty hard about the art trade thing. Again, could’ve been presented to me directly. But no, you just went around assuming “oh he’s trying to scam people for free art again.” Again. You always try to put that label on me as some scammer for free stuff and it just isn’t fair to me. Especially when it’s behind my back. I deserve as well as anyone to know if you or anybody else has a problem with me.

Basically, after learning this I’m really burned out and if things don’t change I can’t forsee me being very active in this roleplay anymore. It seems like it’s gonna get down to just the GM’s roleplaying with themselves and that sure as hell is where it’s heading right now.  

Dashner Hawke

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Draconia St George
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Beloved Friend

PostPosted: Mon Dec 15, 2014 8:14 am
Sorry for my late reply; as I stated before I have some large, nerve-wracking events taking place right now and they continue to take up a lot of my time. By the end of the year, I will be a businessowner.

In regards to your concerns, knowing that you did not have internet access, I chose not to make a big deal to you over a lack of posting. I want people to post; I'm happy when people do. When things get dead in here, I'd prefer they not be. But real life comes first.

In regards to the art contest, I blew up over it one evening in MHD chat, immediately regretted it and told everyone to ignore me. I'm pretty sure that part was left out of your 'report' you received. In other words, I got mad, got over it, and moved on. Others in the guild have shown interest in hosting art exchanges, so there may be more in the future.

I find it puzzling you're mad that I chose NOT to send you angry messages at a time when I knew you were very busy and not available much online. If it had actually been a big deal, I would have said something. You know I have no problem speaking my mind when I do. I'm sorry for the frustration. If you and I need to talk things out further, please let me know a time when you'll be online and I'll hop on AIM so we can hash things out. You know I value you as an rper and I think everyone can agree we've seen so much improvement from you as a player over the year. I've always appreciated your flexibility and willingness to go along with new things, and I've really been looking forward to see what you'll bring to the "It Came From Dimension Blank" event. I hope you'll hang around long enough to take part.  
PostPosted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:47 pm
I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Howliday, whatever you celebrate! And if you celebrate nothing, then have a nice time anyway. I'm visiting my parents for a few days and probably some old friends I don't get to see much since I live so far away. I hope everyone finds some joy at the end of the year and starts the new one with excitement and happiness.  

Nero de Sphinx

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Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule

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