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Marceline LaGhede

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 10:56 am
"Cold... cold... cold... cold..."

Marceline's jaw chattered as she trudged through the wet slush, en route to the sports fields behind the school. The cold winters of the northwest did not agree with the southern-blooded Loa, but as classes let out she felt less and less inclined to return to her doomitory and instead found excuses to "enjoy" the winter weather... and besides, if she was going to make the softball team in the spring, she had to warm up her throwing arm!

As she plodded along through the melting snow, she ritualistically threw a ball into her new catcher's glove, a Cryptmas gift from Kriminel, in an effort to break the glove in before the season started. Marceline had decided to go home for Cryptmas after all, and after the events that unfolded at the final SKRM match, she had a bit of explaining to do regarding her situation with Rory. Fortunately it went over without too much awkwardness, though Krim did have to promise through gritted golden teeth that he'd be kind to Rory if their paths should cross again.

But since coming back to Monster High for the scaremester, things were clearly different. The hype from Woestock had died down significantly, and especially after not performing with The RIP at Layla's ball, Marceline felt like she was just another face in the crowd again. She resigned that her 15 minutes of fame was just that and actually felt better about not being the center of attention anymore... at least for now. She hadn't talked to Atomica since that night, and was convinced she was angry with her for the ball; but every time she went to send her a hext, Marceline would feel the fangxiety build up in her stomach and she'd delete everything. Mostly, she'd kept to herself for the first week of the scaremester, and with her beastie appearing to have permanently moved home to Fangland, she'd never felt more alone.

And honestly? She felt she needed that. But it became clear that it was time to move on and get back in touch with monsters she'd neglected... perhaps starting with Rory... and after a few practice throws.
PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:36 pm
A few minutes ago, Harry been in his new doom contemplating the idea of a Protest Posse. He been brooding(as much as a hippie can brood) on the idea since Draconia had informed him that Woestock was a success. The boosical fearstival had taken a lot of work and a ton of it had fallen on his goblin friends. That wasn't very fair to a people he was trying to liberate so Harry had come up with the idea of gathering a group of friends to become his Protest Posse. His first nominees were Draconia and Tori but after seeing Marinara's(mmm...pasta) passion to fight injustice, Harry KNEW he had to have her. In the Protest Posse, duh. But she was so violent! If he could just reform her....like My Feared Lady....

That was when several goblins burst in to drag him to the maul. The Old Monster wanted him to get a new wardrobe(LAME) and the goblins were to dag him there kicking and screaming. Literally.


Off to the maul they went.  

Harry Herne

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Draconia St George
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 22, 2016 12:22 pm
Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

And honestly? She felt she needed that. But it became clear that it was time to move on and get back in touch with monsters she'd neglected... perhaps starting with Rory... and after a few practice throws.[/i]

"I don't think this is a great idea..." Draconia said hesitantly to her father, Draco as the two stepped onto the still-frozen Batball field. He towered over her, nearly 14 feet tall, but with the same fabulous golden scales. He let out a smokey guffaw.

"Daughter mine, you will never get more graceful with those wings if you don't go outside and get some exercise with them! And what is the universe's most perfect form of exercise?"

"...Creeket." Draconia replied with a sigh. Her father was positively MAD over creeket. Their hometown team, the Avalon Knights, positively demanded all of his attention when the Creeket season was going on. Even though they honestly weren't all that great a team, her father's unwavering faith in them never waned. "But father, they don't offer creeket at Monster High. The closest thing is batball, and it's very different."

"There's a ball, isn't there? And a bat? It's in the name." Her father argued in his pleasant, rumbling voice. The occasional flame spilled out of his mouth and heated the air. "Close enough! Now help me set up these wickets."

There would be no dissuading him now. The field was the wrong shape, it was covered in snow, and there was somemonster out there already, but Draco St. George was in a creeket state of mind. He positioned himself on the mound.

"I'll be the bowler, and you be the striker. Hm...we need a non-striker. How about that ghoul?"

Draconia squinted. Was that Marceline? The long green hair seemed to say it was. Draconia hemmed and hawed a bit.

"Oh, I don't know, I mean, she may not know how to play, or want to play, or-" Draconia rambled on a bit. The truth was, the last time she had spoken to Marceline was at the winter howliday ball, and Marceline had been...well, frankly rather rude. Maybe she didn't want to be friends anymore.

Her father didn't know this, of course, and he didn't become King Arthur's chief advisor on dragon relations by NOT being sociable, so before Draconia could bluster any further, he'd already raised a massive claw, shot a burst of flame into the air to get her attention and shouted a greeting at Marceline.

"Say! You there, young lass! Fancy joining us in a game of creeket?!"  
PostPosted: Sat Sep 10, 2016 4:57 pm
Draconia St George Wrote:


Draconia spun around! THAT wasn't a sound she had heard in some time, at least in such a hexcitable manner! As her father looked towards Marceline in wait, Draconia cupped a hand over her eyes to shield the glare of the sun from reflecting on both the snow as well as her and her father's golden scales. If her eyes weren't deceiving her -- and they rarely were -- that was her little green beastie Glen speeding towards her, and on his skateboard too!

Well! That certainly hexplained his hexcitement! Glen was obvs ungrounded from his use of magic and was spellobrating his favorite way! And as Draconia peered closer, yup! That was Glen's little monster Dorothy perched on his scalp, enjoying the ride!

Draco turned from watching for Marceline and saw something small and green speeding their way.

"Wot's that?" He asked, and off in the distance, spotting Draconia, Dorothy rose on her front paws in hexcitement and started chattering -- and accidnetally pushed the brim of Glen's woolen cap over his eyes!

"Dorothy! I can't see where I'm going!"

Glen's flying became increasingly erratic! Draconia's eyes widened in alarm!

"Hit the clouds!" She cried and with a hard flap of the wings, she took off -- and UP! -- and Glen came flying in -- BAM! -- And he crashed into something BIG and HARD and SOLID! Sending him AND it twirling around in a tailspin in midair until they crashed in a hard heap, rattling the ground!

Glen sat up and pulled the cap from over his eyes as Dorothy crawled onto his shoulder and chattered as if to say, "Can we do it again!?" Glen's eyes were rolling in his head and the werebirdies danced around his noggin.

"Wow! What a landing! I'm going to have to practice a bit more before school starts!"

"Glen....!" Draconia stammered in an alarmed whisper as she landed onto the ground beside him. Her golden scales were paled a hint as he glanced up at her.

"Hi! Drakie! ... Gee, what's wrong?"

Draconia simply pointed 'down' with her claw. Glen looked down at what he was sitting upon...

"G'ul!" Glen gulped, tugging at his collar as a snow covered Draco drummed his claws on the ground.  

Glen da West

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Draconia St George
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:26 pm
Glen da West Wrote:

Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

Draconia glanced over towards where Marceline had been...in the chaos and the flying powdery snow following Glen's "Spooktacular" landing, Draconia lost sight of her. Draconia felt a twinge inside. Her old friend really must not have wanted anything to do with her anymore. What had happened to put such a rift between them?!

She was drawn from her hurt feelings, though, by the sight of Glen laying on top of the mountainous form of her father. Much like herself, Draconia's father had fire breath and could control tremendous heat. This was why she wasn't surprised one jot when the snow instantly turned into steam, wafting away from Glen and Draco St. George.

"S-sorry-" Glen started to apologize, but he was cut off by a sudden burst of ear-hammering, uproarious...laughter!

"HA HAAA HA HA HA HAAA!" Draco shot a stream of fire into the air 20 feet high as he guffawed at the scene. "Did you see that? It was like he hit a brick wall! A golden brick wall!"

Draconia couldn't help herself, she chuckled a little too.

"Son, you have about as much focus while flying as my mate Merlin did when we were first starting out. Of course, he always insisted on riding this utterly ridic staff he whittled himself. It kept veering sharp to the left, and he kept insisting that was how it was SUPPOSED to work! It was a good thing half of Fangland was covered in haystacks back then!" Draco clamped a giant claw on Glen's shoulder and gave him a giant dragony pat on the back. "Keep on trying at it! And keep your eyes on the skies!"

The joyous laughter between the lot of them made Draconia feel much more at ease, though she glanced around one more time to see if Marceline was near. Surely, whatever misunderstanding they'd had, it could be smoothed over just like this, right?

"So, Glen..." Draconia approached her now-quite-snow-free friend. "What ARE you doing out here?"  
PostPosted: Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:54 pm
Draconia St George Wrote:

"Say! You there, young lass! Fancy joining us in a game of creeket?!"

"Creeket?" Marceline coiled hair bounced wildly as she cocked her head to the side, confused at what the elder dragon meant. Before he could answer however, he was thrown to the ground by a bright green whirlwind. Uncertain of what was happening but certainly frightened, Marceline flung herself under the screechers for cover!

After a moment, Marceline poked her head out and realized it was only Glen, making a spectacular entrance in the presence of his beastie Draconia and her father. She bit her bottom lip, feeling sorely embarrassed for being so skittish, and slowly clambered out from beneath the screechers... they all seemed very distracted with one another; surely she could just crawl away with her glove and it'd be like this whole embarrassing encounter never happened....

Except her glove was sitting pretty at Draconia's feet. There went that plan... Marceline got to her feet, futilely wiping damp slush out of her slacks, and shuffled over to the group...

"Heh... erm, sorry 'bout disappearin' like that. Jeepers, I just don't know what possessed me..."  

Marceline LaGhede

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Draconia St George
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:03 am
Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

Glen da West Wrote:

"Oh!" Draconia jumped. Marceline...was there! She tried to recover quickly, and resorted to rubbing her arms, trying to pretend that her jumping was just a shiver because of the cold. It....probably didn't look as natural as Draconia had hoped.

"THERE's the non-striker!" Draconia's father rumbled with a large grin. "And what's your name, my dear?"

"This is Marceline, father." Draconia grimtroduced her friend. "She's, er, she's..."

Draconia looked down at the glove on the ground.

"She's quite good at catching!" Draconia finished brightly, picking up the glove to hand to Marceline. Draco grinned. He gave Marceline a stately bow. "Marceline, this is my father, Draco St. George."

"A pleasure, young lady." Straightening up to his full 14 feet, Draco puffed out a couple of flamey smoke puffs as he rubbed his chin. "Let's see...if we count the flying monkey, we have almost enough players for a quick pick-up game of Creaket..."  
PostPosted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:34 am
Draconia St George Wrote:

Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

"Hi Marci!"

Glen waved to the Loa ghoul who had showed, popping up from out of nowhere. Glen's face couldn't possibly smile any wider as his red eyed lit up with hexcitement as he gazed up at Draconia's father with utmost admiration, his own chest swelling with a hint of pride.

"Oh boo!"

"Glen?" Draconia attempted to attract her beastie's attention.

"Creeket! I've never played before!"

"Glen!" Draconia then cleared her throat, realizing she had spoken a tad louder than she intended, but when attempting to get Glen to focus on something, or someone, it was practically required. "You had something to tell me?"

Glen looked at his beastie, then at Draco, then at Draconia and whispered (in)discreetly behind his hand. "Yeah but nobluddy has ever wanted Dorothy to join in on a game before!"

Small wonder. They looked up at the baby flying monkey that was perched on the wide shoulder of Draco -- and peeking into his ear with one eye open and the other closed.

"I can't imagine why." Draconia said politely. "But you did seem rather hexcited so it must be important."

Never mind the fact that everything Glen said made him appear to be hexcited!

"Oh?" Glen blinked. "Oh! Ohhhhh! Right! Well, you know how it's Colt's booday next week? Well! I have a very special mission to get the little guy a very special present -- and I'm gonna need some help!"

"What kind of help? Aren't you getting him a teddy scare at the Build-A-Werebear at the maul?"

"Nope!" Glen shook his head proudly. "I'm getting him a teddy bear at the Build-A-Bear at the mall!"

Draconia, Marceline, and yes, even Draco exchanged glances of concern and curiosity before Draconia asked, "The mall? As in the normie mall?"

"Uh huh!" Glen nodded rapidly. "See, it's the grand opening of this Build-A-Bear store and they have a very special super duper hexclusive teddy scare, er, bear, to make! With a limited edition heart stitched with an even MORE limited edition number! It's sure to be crowded so who better to lend a claw than my Drakie?"

Glen pointed at Marceline.

"Oo! You can come too Marceline! It'll be like an adventure!" Cue magic fingers ala jazz hands. Glen looked to Draco and asked, "You wanna come too?"

He looked around to all of them and said in a serious voice,
"But we hafta act fast because there's only a limited supply of these bears and if we leave now, I'll have time to get two! One for Colt and one for me..." He looked up at Draco out of the corner of his eye... "... oh my! I can put one of Eek-Bay!"  

Glen da West

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Draconia St George
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 7:46 am
"The...normie mall?" Draconia repeated. This was utterly not what she was hexpecting from Glen. While it was true that relations between monsters and normies were...better in New Salem than other places in the world, especially after last year's Halloween, it would still be unusual for a monster to be casually checking out the normie side of town.

Wouldn't it? To be honest, Draconia had no idea!

"Well, that sounds like a great grand rousing adventure fright there!" Draconia's dad rumbled with amusement. "Though frankly I find normie architecture rather...confining."

He stretched out his golden wings to their full 20-foot wingspan and gave them a breezy flap.

"You wouldn't imagine the hassle I went through to get Arthur to conduct our meetings out in the courtyard. He kept wanting to do them around this absurd, little, cramped round table."

"Oh, er, an adventure, yes..." Draconia muttered a little bit. It was true that she, Marceline and Glen had been on some true adventures. Some that were hexciting and even a little frightening. Surely going to a normie mall was nothing compared to being accidentally drawn into the mirror dimension or captured by an evil circus. Right?

"I suppose I can't talk you kids out of such an hexciting journey, not even for a game of creaket." Draco added, tossing the ball up and down a bit. He was giving his daughter a pouty face, but there was a smile in his eye. He liked to encourage her to do adventurous things, to draw her out of her shell.

"Well...if Marceline will go, I will go." Draconia answered Glen. She looked at Marceline, waiting to see what she'd say about Glen's plan.

Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

Glen da West Wrote:
Monster High

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