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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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Chase Q

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 11:51 am
"Quick amigo!"

Scott Howl urged his Luna High compatriot and beast friend, Kevin Gnash, as the impossibly tall werewolf student busied himself in the shower stall of the Monster High team locker room. Scott had his helmet draped over his head, as did Gnash, to prevent anyone from seeing their bald heads before they had to.

Howl leaned out of the locker room door where his and Gnash's little ankle biter fiend, Hexx Pac, stood watch, claws gripping a window in the hall and looking up over the window sill to the field. Hexx gave Howl a signal and Scott ducked back in.

"They're coming! Are you done!?"

"Finished!" Gnash said as he quickly screwed the top back onto the last of the shower heads. He grabbed the two buckets and raced out into the hall, meeting Howl and Hexx, trying to appear casual as the Monster High Nightmares entered their locker room from the field.

Gnash casually looked at his watch, then their werewolf hearing allowed them to hear the showers start...

Howl counted off his claws,
"Three... two ... one..."

And the Monster High locker room erupted in bedlam and chaos with shouts of surprise and anger! Moments later and the door swings open and various members of the Nightmares came stumbling out, draped in towels and covered from head to toes/hooves in blue paint!

"Gee boos!" Gnash crossed his arms. "Why so blue?"  
PostPosted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:15 pm
A certain familiar face on the Graveball team, with a head that tended to burst into flame whenever hexcited, moseyed from out of the locker room of the Monster High team, dressed as a chef -- and fresh blue skin thanks to a certain Luna High prank.

The cart had on it a covered tray, and as Heath pulled up to the locker room for Luna High and knocked on the door. After a moment, the door opened and the ankle biter Hexx Pac, peeked out and looked up at the visitor with a sneer.

"Yeah!? What do you want!?"

"Zee tradeetional znacks for ze visitng team, mysewer."

"Oh yeah? Gimme!"

Hexx Pac snatched the cart from Heath's grip and spun it around, wheeling it into the locker room, slamming the door shut behind him -- never noticing the chef had blue skin.

"Who was it?" Asked Kevin Gnash as his little fiend wheeled the cart into the middle of the Graveball team gathering.

Hexx Pac answered
, "Snacks for us from the school. Boy will they feel dumb giving us this after we beat them tonight!"

Hexx Pac whipped the cover off of the tray to reveal... rotten scargoyle eggs with firecrackers burning down to the tip of the fuses...!




Outside in the hallway, Heath's chef hat ignites as he falls back laughing at the howls of misery from inside of the locker room!  

HH Bloodgood
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Layla LaMia

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Distinct Gaian

PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:01 am
The door to the entrance of the Catacombs opened slightly ajar with that all-too familiar ominous creaking typical of scary places, y'know?

"Coast clear?"

Came the whisper behind Layla and she stuck her head out and glanced to and fro. "Looksss to be." Layla answered. "And just in time for usss to make the game, too!"

She pushed the door open all the way so that she and her school chums, and the two Luna High students could step out safely into the hall.

"You can go grab some seats for the game." Nero smirked, then jetted his thumbs back towards Alhex and Fleanu. "My two newest bros and I are going to get the plans started for the halftime show!"

"And I'll contact Glen and Dash!" Kai piped up, promptly sending a chill down Nero's spine. He was about to say something to try and distract Kai away from doing just that when heavy footfalls and loud grumbling turned their heads and they spotted the VERY bald Luna High Graveball team passing them by en route to the Graveball field. A trail of noxious fumes followed them, prompting Layla, Kai, Nero, Ari, Harry, Alhex and Fleanu to cover their noses.

"Oh gag me, my main dude mansters!" Fleanu gasped. "If that's what they smell like before the game..."

"What do you suppose happened to...?" Kai started to ask aloud when more noise came from the opposite hall and they turned their heads to spot the Monster High team walking the same path toward the field, each team member completely blue.

The kids who invaded Luna High's eyes simply turned casually to watch their home team pass them by casually..

"Heya Kai!"



"Dude!" Chase beamed despite his condition and gave Kai a quick one-arm hug before walking off. "Wish us luck!"

They continued to watch until their Graveball team vanished to the outside, and Kai looked at the paint smeared on his shoulders where Chase grasped him.  
PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2015 9:42 am
Nero lead Alhex and Fleanu back towards the boosic room to grab some equipment. His mind was racing furiously, trying to think of a way to keep the band from getting back together.

Nero loved his bros, they were great monsters, each with his own boonique qualities that made him a good friend. What they were not, however, was great musicians. Their individual musical styles did not...um...blend harmoniously.

Maybe their instruments didn't have to be plugged in? Maybe they could play a Journ-EEK! song, those only had, like, two notes anyway. Maybe...

"Oh, righteous! This is a totally hexceptional set up you have here in the halls of Monster High," Alhex said as they walked into the boosic store room.

"A most brodacious series of instruments, although I confess, bro, I am disappointed to see only single necked guitars," added Fleanu, shaking his head at the school's meager but high quality supply of electric instruments.

"Yeah, the school marching band mostly workds on stuff like trumpets and clarinets. I've been petitioning the Headless Headmistress for more, but you know. They like math books better. We do have a recording booth!"

"Whoa! That is a most righteous mission," grinned Alhex.

"And way easier than world peace," Fleanu chimed in sheepishly.

From somewhere, Alhex pulled out a rolled of duct tape

"It seems, friends, that we are going to have to improvise ourselves a slightly more outrageous set up."

With any luck, there wouldn't be an instruments left for the rest of the band!  

Nero de Sphinx

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HH Bloodgood
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:23 pm
5 minutes till Kickoff....

Tensions were running high in the packed-to-the-gills (literally!) stadium of Monster High. The student bodies were in a fervor as they all filed into the bleachers. Only one thing was on anymonster's mind - victory over Luna High!

On the opposite side of the stadium, the Luna High fans were filing in as well. Suspiciously absent was the entire Volleyhowl team. Growls and glowing-eyed looks were cast across the field at Monster High. It was fortunate that there wasn't a full moon outside...
PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:42 pm
In line to get into the stadium, the illustrious, famous, dazzling-and-altogether-best-thing-ever, Nefera DeNile opened up her compact to ensure that her flawless complexion was in fact still as flawless and perfect as ever.

Normally, the eldest daughter, crown princess and heir to the DeNile throne would not deign to appear at a lowly high school graveball game, especially not one where she would have to suffer through her sister Cleo's terrible mangling of the Monster High Fear Squad's management.

But still, despite all of that, Monster High was Nefera's alma mater, and the rumors she had heard about Luna High's dastardly prank at the afternoon's pep rally made her royal blood boil. When SHE had been in high school and SHE had been the head of the Fear Squad, Monster High would have gotten to Luna High and defaced their grimnasium first!

"Hm...maybe just a touch more bronzer on my perfect nose..." Nefera mused to herself as she glanced her lovelyness in her compact mirror. Really, this was the best possible idea in the world. Why, one glance into the bleachers by the Monster High graveball team, and they would be so inspired by her beauty that there was no way Monster High could lose!

Just looking at her reflection...Her perfect nose...smoky eyes...ketchup-red hair, cracked face and panicked expression-

"AUGH!" Nefera dropped the compact just as Rory Bludworth fell out of it. His face was covered in giant, tangerine-orange, sparkly-swamp-scented lip prints.

"AUGH!" Rory responded in kind. "Hexcuse me! Sorry! Thank you! Sorry again!"

And with that, he boosted himself to his feet and skittered away into the crowd.

Nefera huffed. How RUDE! She picked up her compact. For a moment, she toyed with opening it again and checking to see if that dreadful boy's incursion had disturbed her perfection at all, but in another moment she changed her mind and snapped the compact shut.

No pointing in risking letting whatever left THOSE lip-prints on him falling out of the compact, too...

Rorrim Rory Bludworth

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Glen da West

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Magical Lunatic

PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 6:57 pm
"Drakie! Hellene! Over here!"

As they maneuvered their way into the stands of the Monster High side of the Graveball field, Draconia and Hellene heard their names being called, and saw that all-too familiar green shape that was their beastie, Glen, jumping up and down and waving his arms about to attract their attentions. He was awfully hexcited about this championship game, looking forward to seeing his boofriend Chase and beast pal Manny bring home the Graveball trophy.

(Of course, Glen acts this hexcited whenever the creepateria serves Mystery Meatloaf.)

Of course Glen saved his two beast ghouls a couple of seats, but as they made their way past several students and their family members, they noticed that Glen wasn't seated alone. Beside him was another Monster High student that both ghouls knew. Tall and lanky, he had a soft, cherubic face that was almost androgynous in appearance, so pretty one would think he was a ghoul but most definitely was a boo. He had platinum curls that stretched below his shoulders, his gray eyes watched the two approaching ghouls through a pair of thin rimmed glasses, and Glen patted the empty seat beside him.

"Hellene." Glen smiled, making certain that Draconia knew the empty seat beside the other boo was for her and her alone.

After the two ghouls took their seats, Glen said,
"Ghouls, you remember Elijah? Drakie, I couldn't decide which boo should get to go on our double tomorrow night so I drew slots and guess who won!" He smiled, holding his hands out towards Elijah Batory.  
PostPosted: Sat Jan 24, 2015 7:30 pm
Hellene grinned wickedly and hovered a foot above the bleacher. She clutched her camera gleefully in her talons.

"You would not believe these photos that I've been getting of the Luna High team, I don't know what happened to them or if they just have the worse pre-game ritual of all time but they smell super terrible and they're all covered in paint and I think I saw one or two of them with pies on their heads! These photos are for the front page of the Gory Gazette for sure!"

She bobbed excitedly as she spoke and Glen tried to follow her movements with his head. He rocked backwards, dizzy and Draconia caught him before he could fall over.

Hellene finally settled down into her seat, but her wings were still flapping occasionally as she giggled.

Hellene Harpie

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Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule

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