Lin McGearloch Wrote:

"Do. You. Mind!?"

"Oops. Sorry!" Kai separated himself from Demona, allowing Lin to plop back to the floor. "I just-"

It was at that hexact moment that a wave of protest goblins appeared and swept the new ghoul in school away. Kai blinked a couple times.

"Whuh oh. Looks like Harry Herne's organizing a new protest. As part of the Welcoming Committee, maybe I should go-"

"TAKE YOUR SEATS, STUDENTS!" Mr. Hackington suddenly bellowed. Even though the bell hadn't rung yet, it seemed that the Mad Science teacher was more than eager to assert some order on the chaos in his classroom. "ANYONE NOT IN THEIR SEATS IN FIVE MINUTES WILL BE CONSIDERED TARDY. AND TARDY STUDENTS...."

Mr. Hackington cracked his knuckles."

"WILL GET TO ENJOY THE FIRST DEADTENTION OF THE NEW SCAREMESTER!" [i]With a wheezing, hacking laugh, Mr. Hackington sat down and tented his fingers with a wide grin, waiting for the bell to ring that would condemn some students to instant deadtention.

"Dang it!" Kai looked for a seat. The new ghoul would be on her own for now...remembering his last misadventure with deadtention, Kai didn't want to start the new scaremester off on the wrong claw.