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Rorrim Rory Bludworth

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PostPosted: Thu May 28, 2015 2:52 pm
Saturday, mid-morning.

The school grounds were naturally pretty quiet on the weekends. Only a few students had any reason to be at school on a Saturday, and the majority of those were because of Saturday Deadtention.

Otherwise, the few students who came to the school were members of various clubs. Winter Sports Club was meeting just outside of the school, where Abbey Bominable was preparing to instruct on proper form for cross-country skiing. The Fashionista club was meeting in the Home Ick room to work on some final projects before the end of the Scaremester.

And in one seemingly empty classroom, the least-well known club in the school was meeting.

"Okay, then! Disappearing Club roll call!" A voice called out cheerily in the emptiness. A clipboard seemed to float in mid-air as a pen rose up towards it. "President Invisi Billy - that's me! I'm present."

Billy faded into view as he checked off his own name.

"Vice president Twyla Boogeyman?" He asked a shadowy corner.

"Here." The quiet ghoul answered, becoming visible as she stepped out of the gloom.

"Catty Noir?" Invisibilly asked. A seemingly immobile coat hanging on a rack near the door shook, turned around, and nearly exploded into pinkness as Catty nodded her head.


"Great job at Not Being Seen, Catty!" Billy congratulated her as he checked off her name. "I guess we can call this meeting of Disappearing Club to order!"

"First order of business, we have a prospective new member." Twyla informed the other two D.Cers as they all had a seat in a circle. "That will bring our club roster up to four. One more and we'll have as many members as the Paint Drying Watchers."

The PDW club was meeting on the second floor in a hallway that the cursedtoadians were currently repainting.

"Who do we have? Vanissha?" Invisi Billy asked. "I've been trying to get her to join for ages."

Twyla replied, reaching into her backpack. "Rory Bludworth."

She held up her pocket compact and Rory peered into the room from it.

"Uh....hello. Twyla mentioned this club at the last Murk Trial Club meeting, so I thought I'd give it a try..." Rory waved tentatively. "Sorry about that, uh, weird incident at the Graveball game a couple days ago. It was a big misunderstanding."

Invisi Billy raised one eyebrow, considering that Rory had nearly sat on him and was making a strange, awkward advance on his ghoul Scarah Screams, but he wasn't one to hold a grudge.

"No problem! Come on in." Billy grinned. Rory's reflection vanished as he turned around, and the mirror witch was already in the room behind him. "So, I guess you're tired of being on the front page of the Ghostly Gossip, huh?"

"SO tired of it." Rory replied, exasperated. "When I found out about Disappearing Club, I thought it was a brilliant idea. Not just because of unwanted attention, but because sometimes disappearing is the SAFEST thing to do when you happen to be incredibly fragile."

Catty nodded.

"Ever since I joined Disappearing Club, I've had a chance to actually relax and enjoy un-life at Monster High! It beats being constantly mobbed for clawtographs and monsters taking elfies with you on their iCoffins."

"Speaking of mobs...." Invisibilly finished adding Rory's name to the clipboard and wavered a bit as he stood up. "Today's meeting is going to have a field trip!"

"A field trip?" Rory asked.

"Yes, we're going to practice being not seen in a large group setting. There's no better chance to disappear than amongst the masses at a fearstival!"

"Woestock!" Catty Noir gasped happily. "Oh, I've always wanted to go to a music fearstival that I wasn't performing at! Great idea!"

"Are...are you sure it's safe?" Rory asked, rubbing the back of his head. "With all those monsters, distracted by music, not looking where they're going, in a cavern, full of dangerous stalactites and stalagmites?"

"Oh yeah. It'll be fine. It's the perfect place to practice disappearing." Twyla nodded reassuringly. "And if you're worried, I'll keep my compact out. So you can hop into the mirror dimension at any time, okay?"

"Yeah, that's a great way to disappear." Invisi Billy nodded.

"This will be a GREAT chance to try out some of my new techniques at not being noticed!" Catty beamed. "And I can teach some of them to you too, if you want, Rory."

"Oh...okay!" He smiled, feeling much more reassured. Disappearing at Woestock...it would give him a chance to fang out and stay out of trouble at the same time.

What could possibly go wrong?
PostPosted: Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:00 am
Yes, it's true there were some club meetings at the school on this brisk Saturday moaning, but most student bodies who were there would have rathered to be anywhere else.

Saturday Deadtention, as hosted by Mad Science professor Mr. Hackington, was the worst. Just the worst. He even made sure the classroom it was in had a giant window, so the ghouls and mansters could look outside and see just what they were missing by being there.

"Thirty seconds left." Mr. Hack informed the students already sitting lifelessly in the room as he stood next to the classroom doorway. As soon as the clock hit 9 am on the dot, he would lock the door, and anymonster who wasn't inside the classroom in time would have to serve DOUBLE deadtention next Saturday. Just the thought of it made Mr. Hack cackle with glee.

"Twenty-five seconds, heh heh heh....Twenty sec-"



The two expertly disguised goblins, along with several mushrooms dressed up like several dogs from the Wild Hunt, burst into the room just in time. The door flew open, smacking Mr. Hackington in his face.

Their disguises were perfect. "Harry" was wearing a pair of dark green bellbottoms, a furry shirt and a cotton vest with lava lamps printed on it. He had on a headband with a pair of reindeer antlers made of felt that had been procured from the nearest Howliday novelty store. He had been scareful to remember to remove the bells.

"Harry" thrust two fingers in the air on each hand.

"Peace and love and friendship and groovy and protests to everymonster!"

"Kai" nodded. He was wearing a red plaid top, a black plaid bottom, a yellow plaid coat, blue plaid shoes and a green plaid tie tied around his waist acting as a tail. None of the plaids were the same.

"Gnarly brutha, how are my peeps and bros, gnarly!"

"SIT DOWN, you two!" Mr. Hack roared, rubbing his bumped nose as he locked the door. "Or else I'll give you double deadtention for insubordinance."

The two perfectly disguised goblins sat down in the two remaining seats. They were in the front row.

Mr. Hackington cast an evil eye towards the two. Harry wasn't in any of his classes, but he still seemed a bit...off.

Staring at Kai Merha's outfit made his eyes water and spots start to form in front of his eyes. So, there was nothing unusual there. Mr. Hack cleared his throat loudly and stood up.

"Now, let us begin our lecture today. It will be on....molds, spores and other fungus."

Loud groans rained out from the deadtention students.

"AND there will be a test!"

Even louder groans. "Harry" looked at "Kai."

"Spores! Molds!" He whispered in a loud stage whisper. "Other fungus!"

"YES! I AM SO PUMPED!" "Kai" whispered back. The two picked up their pencils with glee....  

Kai Merha

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Dapper Dabbler

Rorrim Rory Bludworth

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2015 11:28 am
The Disappearing Club had stopped by the Clawditorium briefly before heading over to the fearstival.

"One of the most important aspects of disappearing - especially if you're a monster like me who doesn't have any handy vanishing powers," Catty was talking to Rory as she lugged a large costume trunk onstage. "-is managing expectations."

"Expectations?" Rory asked, raising one fractured eyebrow.

"Right. For hexample-" Catty reached into the trunk and pulled out a long pink feather boa. "If I wear THIS to Woestock, the paparazzeek will be on me like worms on a corpse! That's what everyone EXPECTS to see when Catty Noir steps out. Big, bold, pink! They expect to see me wearing my big, broken-mirror boots-"

"Guh." Rory cringed at the thought of those.

"Sorry. But you see my point!" Catty put the feather boa away and pulled out a sedate gray-and-black scarf. "They don't expect to see me dressed like a normal ghoul. In fact, if I just tie up my hair, wear this simple dress and this scarf, and put on a pair of glasses - voila!"

Rory blinked a couple times. Catty was right. You had to look twice at her to realize it was Catty Noir and not just some other random black werecat.

"Woah. I thought that sort of thing only worked in comic books." Rory confessed.

"Managing expectations."
Catty reiterated with a wide, cheshire grin. "If you were TOLD that Catty Noir was at Woestock wandering around in a pair of glasses, I'd probably get mobbed, but if no one is thinking about Catty Noir, and you happen to see somemonster that sort of looks like her but you're busy distracted with other things...."

"Then you...basically disappear into the crowd!" Rory finished for Catty. His mind was blown. "You become invisible!"

"Well...not REALLY invisible."
Invisi Billy suddenly popped into view. "But close enough!"

"Let me have a look in that trunk."
Rory kneeled next to Catty. "I can't wait to try this out!"  
PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2015 8:12 am
After allowing Twyla and Catty to dress him up....Rory was less enthusiastic about this plan.

"I look....sort of stupid." He informed his reflection in the mirror in the Clawditorium dressing room. His reflection nodded back sagely.

"Nonsense!" Twyla tried to supress a giggle. "Beards are SO in style right now!"

"I feel weird wearing glasses if I don't need them." Rory complained. Catty tsk-tsked him.

"Don't you know that Geek Shriek is all the rage in fashion? EVERYmonster who is ANYmonster is wearing glasses without glass in them. It's all about accessorizing!" She tipped down her own pair of cat-eye glasses frames and winked at him.

"But-but-" Rory stammered to protest. "I'd never wear GREEN-"

"Rory, that's the POINT. You're trying to not look like you, remember?" Twyla reminded her bluddy. Rory let out a defeated sigh.

"Right." He gave in. It was true; he was wearing clothes he'd never be caught alive wearing. Maybe it would help him escape notice down in the Catacombs. "I suppose if worse comes to worse, I can always do this."

In a moment, Rory vanished and a mirror-image of Catty Noir appeared. It was Rory's mirror disguise ability. It had been really handy when he and the other boos had taken their 'bro-ad trip' down to New Goreleans.

Catty looked at the mirror-her and licked her thumb. She smoothed a few strands of hair in her ponytail.

"Well, that IS a great look for you, I'll admit." She informed CattyRory. "But two identical mirror twins probably would attract a lot more attention than two distinctly different monsters."

Catty's mirror image wavered slightly, and turned back into Rory. At the same time, Disappearing Club president Invisi Billy reappeared, apparently having taken advantage of his disappearing ability to avoid 'dress-up time.'

"Should we get going then?" Invisi Billy asked. The other club members nodded.

"All fright, then! Off...to Woestock!!!!"  

Rorrim Rory Bludworth

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Rorrim Rory Bludworth

Rorrim Rory Bludworth's avatar

PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 9:43 am
Disappearing Club headed down the corridor towards an uhh-mazing Saturday at Woestock. As they walked, they passed the Mad Science lecture hall - where Saturday Deadtention was taking place.

"Poor students..." Rory mused. He remembered the Deadly Deadtention students who were trapped in the catacombs under the school...the ones that Glen had accidentally freed last week when the two of them had done their catacomb excursion. At least one weekend of deadtention wasn't as bad as 200 years...

"Wait a second...is that..." Rory stopped and peeked closer into the window on the door of the room. Two students looked....SORT OF like Kai Merha and Harry Herne...if you crossed your eyes and squinted. But still, sort of wrong, somehow.

What were they doing in there?!

'C'mon, Rory!" Billy called. "Don't disappear on us until we get to Woestock!"  
PostPosted: Mon Jun 15, 2015 6:21 pm
Rorrim Rory Bludworth Wrote:

Peggy Springwell was EXTREMELY angry. That annoying little hippie boo had gotten ringers for him and his bluddy! They were probably off fearstivaling right now while she rotted in false....FALSE...imprisonment. There was only one option left to her. Peggy would have to use her tools, the tools meant to protect Her School from the forces of Corruption and Evil. The tools that were meant to punish those who Had Failed This School. Her cursade was so EXTREME.

After making sure she was unobserved by anyone else in deadtention, Peggy scattered forty-two smoke bombs across the floor. Not too EXTREME but it was all she had on her. Smoke exploded outward from the horsehead shaped bombs and Peggy used the distraction to slip out.

"Sweet, sweet freedom!"

That was when she bowled right over a boo she didn't recognize.  

Peggy Springwell

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Rorrim Rory Bludworth

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:16 am
Peggy Springwell Wrote:

Suddenly....smoke! Smoke EVERYwhere! Rory tried to back away from the door as smoke started creeping out from underneath it, but he wasn't quite fast enough-


Rory and the mysterious figure cloaked by the smoke bowled over each other, rolling head over heels down the hallway until they came to a stop right in front of the big doors that led outside. The rest of Disappearing Club gaped in shock.

"Who the-" Rory started to ask, rubbing his head and checking to make sure he hadn't gained any new cracks.

"What the-" Catty's question was never answered, though, as she was cut off by a bellow from Mr. Hackington.

"HEATH BURNS! WHAT DID YOU SET ON FIRE NOW?!!!" The sheer power of his voice seemed to blast all of the smoke out of the room and into the hallway.

"It wasn't me! I swear!" Heath Burns squeaked. "I know I was lying all the other times I said it wasn't me, but this time IT REALLY WASN'T ME!!!"

The door to Deadtention slammed shut. Catty looked at Twyla. Twyla looked at Invisi Billy. Invisi Billy looked at Rory. Rory looked at-

"Hey, aren't you-" He started to ask Peggy, but the door to Deadtention flew open again.

"It wasn't me! And I'll prove it! Just wait and see!" Heath shouted out as he burst out of the room. His head was on fire and the sprinklers above him started spraying down the hallway. Invisi Billy looked at his club members.

"Now would be a GREAT time to dissappear, c'mon! Before Mr. Hack gets out here and starts handing out triple deadtentions!"

The entire Disappearing Club, with Peggy Springwell in tow, dashed outside of the school as fast as they could.  
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