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Jacqueline O Lantern

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 21, 2017 10:13 pm
"Eh?" Jaki looked around seeing as she seemed to be last one standing on her team. "Uh..." She caught a skull that was thrown at her and threw it back "This hardly seems fair..." She wasn't really trying at this point...no real reason to right?  
PostPosted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:44 am
Kai managed to be the last of three creatures on his team. Manny Taur was on his left and Gilda Goldstag on his right. On the other side, the only remaining monster was Jaki.

"Dang, Jaki! You've got some mad skills!" Kai shouted across the grym. Manny snorted.

"Sure, for a GHOUL!" He winged a dodgeskull towards her, but put too much backspin on it and it whizzed harmlessly past her.

"Double team!" Gilda shouted, tossing Kai a dodgeskull. She lunged to the side and prepared to let a skull fly towards Jaki. Kai raised the dodgeskull...

and then it struck him.

Indecision! Should he try to hit Jaki straight on? Or move the opposite direction of Gilda to trap Jaki in a pincher play? Or should he pass the skull to Manny and have him try to nail her with a power pitch?




"Oh, GREAT." Manny groaned and Gilda grimaced as Kai stared at the dodgeskull. "He's locking up again!"

"Go left...no! Go right! Or maybe I should back up...or I could duck down, or jump up, or-"

Yup...Kai's freaky flaw of not being able to make choices when presented with too many options was rearing its freaky head again. Manny huffed.

"Forget him! Pass me a skull!"

"On it!" Gilda made a beeline for the sidelines to grab a skull to pass to Manny. Meanwhile, Kai stood completely still in the middle of the grimnasium, trying to decide what to do with the dodgeskull in his hands...

Jacqueline O Lantern

Kai Merha

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Atomica Servo

Distinct Genius

PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:45 am
"That should be ME out there." Atomica grumped, watching the new orange ghoul avoiding Dodgeskulls. "I am going to ream Lin at lunch!"

She gave her antennae another tug. Good news - she stopped picking up the music radio from Hexico. Bad news - now she was picking up some sort of yodeling station.

Atomica winced. All of the other monsters sitting next to her backed up a few steps.
PostPosted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:48 am
Atomica Servo
"I am going to ream Lin at lunch!"

"Ooh! Do you pick up Jpop!?" She asked jokingly, trying to help her by standing on her toes, even wearing platformed sneakers..which weren't as tall as her other platforms.

"I'm kidding, although if you do pick it up i so won't be against it, it's better than anything you've been playing. What did Lin do to you!?" She scoffed trying not to go deaf due to yodeling  

Cassandra MH

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Jacqueline O Lantern

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:52 pm
Oop...now he done it. one a very long list of things you shouldn't do to Jaki, Insulting was on the top. Her brow raised and she picked up the skull that whizzed passed her only moments ago. Her orange eyes met with Manny for but a moment before releasing the skull. However there was a twist. It whizzed off into a different direction, this time going for Gilda. Made contact with her gullet with enough force to bounce off and right back to Manny. The dodgeskull bounced off Manny and back over to Jaki. She picked up the skull once again and cocked her arm back, here eyes set on Kai. "Kai, you overthink to much." And with that she sent the skull off in his direction...

Kai Merha
PostPosted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:59 am
That was it! That was the right decision! Kai, having finally made up his mind, raised his arm to throw-


And got whomped upside the head with the expertly thrown dodgeskull from Jaki. Kai blinked, and realized that he was staring up the the ceiling from his back. Manny groaned and Gilda shook her head.

Mr. Verizhe blew his whistle.

"GAME OVER! Team One wins!" Team Two grumbled a bit as all of the students stood up and headed back to the locker dooms.

"Next time..." Manny punched a fist into his other hand. "Next time we'll flatten 'em!"

"You don't even know if we'll be on the same team next time, Manny." Gilda informed him coolly. "That's why they make us count off to form teams."

"Sorry guys." Kai apologized, still rubbing his head as he joined everymonster on the way back to the locker doom. "I was gonna...but then I thought...and then maybe-"

"It's okay." Gilda shrugged it off. "It's JUST dodgeskull."

Which was true, and it had been a pretty good game. Kai was impressed with Jaki's master-level ricochet skills. But his indecision problem WAS a problem, and he had to come up with a way to conquer it. But how?

Kai mused on it as everyone got changed. His stomach growled. At least lunch would be next.

Kai Merha

Dapper Dabbler

Demona MH

Desirable Bloodsucker

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:59 am
Kai Merha

Mona had gotten out of class early and she was so happy to see Kai. She debated leaving and meeting up with him at lurch, because of the blasting yodeling music.

At home mona had to deal with Wolffang Amadeus Mozarggh from her parents who would SWEAR 'All of the greatest composers come from Austriuuh.' So elitist!

Then there was Damon's rap music, the words would go by so fast it was hard to understand what they're saying. And Damon would rap to it and keep up with it!

Yodeling, was nothing like a piano or fast words. It was torture! She knew they played music during running but she always thought it was 'eye of the weretiger.' Or 'another one bites the dust'.

Demona was now greatful she didnt have to take gym. Being a Model her management didn't want anything flying towards her face.  
PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:09 pm
Harry huddled in the hallway with a herd of henchgoblins.

"Gentlemonsters, I totally have a far out mission for you if you choose to accept it...you certainly don't have to because every monster has free will and it would be not cruel to enslave the will of-"

One of the goblins cleared his throat.

"-er, yes. The mission. I to ask the groovy ghoul known as Marinara out on a date but I have no idea where she is. You dudes up for a scavenger hunt?"

All the goblins jumped in unison.


"What? No, wait..."

It was too late. The goblins enthusiastically broke the huddle and shot off on their quest to capture Marinara and bring her before the Young Master.  

Harry Herne

Liberal Fairy

Marianna Trench

Fashionable Genius

PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:23 pm
Grabbing her lunch for the creapatria, Marianna slams her locker shut, shoving the lunch pack in her satchel and tossing it over her shoulder.

"Can't believe I had to spend points just to buy items most students get for free... ugh. " She was still miffed about the assignment given to her, but tried go with the flow, as she was sure her study buddies and herself would be able to get though it.

She sighed, then tried to focus on food, as she unsuspectingly walked down the clawway to the next class.  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:13 am
After leaving Boosic class, Draconia went to Glen da West's locker to meet up with him before heading to the creepateria.

"Glen?" Draconia looked around after hearing an odd rattling sound, but Glen was nowhere to be found. That was odd! Usually, her little green friend was in a rush to eat after a morning drinking nothing but Red Ghoul Power Drink.

The rattling sound started again. Draconia tilted her head. It appeared that the doors on the lockers were shaking for some reason.

Draconia looked down the hallway.

"Glen...are you there?"

Now the floor was rumbling. What WAS that? A nearby crumpled up piece of paper, thrown near the wastebasket but not quite in it, was bouncing up and down thanks to the tremors.

Draconia looked down the hallway again. Some looming, dark...cloud? seemed to be coming.

"Glen, is that y-"

"CAPTURE THE SHINY ONNNNNEEEEE!" About three dozen henchgoblins poured into the main foyer, running on the floor, the walls (possibly, the ceiling?), grabbing everything in sight, inspecting it, and throwing it aside. Four or five henchgoblins swarmed Draconia, who froze up in shock. One of them sniffed her leg. Another grabbed her wings and inspected them. A third busied himself inspecting her armful of books.

"This one shiny!" One henchgoblin posited.

"Wrong shiny one!" Another argued.

"Take just in case! Master may want ALL the shiny ghouls!" The third hissed, and with a nod, all three hoisted Draconia up off her feet, above their heads, mosh-style, and carried her off with the rest of the hoarde.

Draconia, eyes still bugged out in shock, was barely able to get a word out as she was swept away.


Draconia St George

Beloved Friend

Kai Merha

Dapper Dabbler

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:52 pm
Demona MH

"Aloha!" Kai stepped out of the locker room just in time to meet up with Demona. The two of them waited for Jaki to join them. "How was boosic?"

As Kai listened to Demona's day in boosic class with Mr. Phantom, the pictures on the hallways started rattling.

"What the heck was that?" He asked as the rumbling got lighter. "Zombie flash mob?"  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:58 pm
Jaki had left the locker room, being in her, rather...orange dress. Like a security blanket it felt good to be in her own skin again. Gym was not her cup of tea, but her aim was still good. She spoke not a word, her shy side coming out, as it normally did. Joining Kai and the others, unaware that someone had just been taken away as she was this morning.  

Jacqueline O Lantern

Shirtless Flatterer

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Marianna Trench

Fashionable Genius

PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:07 pm
Marianna gasps,

"That's not an earthquake, trust me, I know earthquakes."
The Leviathan said, the tremors having little effect on her. "I think I know what's causing this... Or rather Who!"

Marianna recalled her punishment over the little goblins, getting her in trouble, when they tried to boo-nap Harry.

"Goblins are on the loose!" She said with a bit of irksomeness in her voice.  
PostPosted: Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:37 pm
Mona frowned seeing her friend being ghoul-napped

"is this another protest? is it about the change of music played in the gym?" she smelled the aroma of food coming from the caf.

"hmm...are you hungry?" She asked linking arms with Kai then pulling back

"actually youre gross and sweaty... I dont do sweat, sweat is gross. Even when I'm on a shoot I never sweat, they spritz me with water to make it look like im sweaty. Again so lucky i dont have Gym"

Kai Merha

Demona MH

Desirable Bloodsucker

Monster High

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