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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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Dashner Hawke

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 11:34 am
Fangsgiving went by in a flash for Dashner. He and Sally had a great time! he felt full from the dinner, but he was satisfied. After the dinner, Sally and Dashner spent some time in downtown New Salem before he took her home, where he thanked her father for allowing him to take the ghoul to the special occasion.

He assured Sally they'd meet again before Fangsgiving Howlidays ended, and he flew back to his Doomitory.
PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 7:43 am
It was a Hexcellent Fangsgiving with a huge turnout. The Headmistress was fangful most of all for the extended outdoor seating the Creepateria had recently gained. As the last student volunfear, Falconnie Hawke, finished sweeping the floor, the Headmistress wiped her brow, picked her head up off the counter and put it on.

"Deepest fangs to all of you student volunfears. This has been the beast Fangsgiving the school has ever hosted! Give yourselves all a round of acclawse!"

Clapping filled the Creepateria as the students were putting on their coats and preparing to leave.

"Now, I know that you are all hexcited to enjoy the three day freakend. If you are planning on going to the Maul tomorrow for Bleak Friday, I wish you the beast of luck. Otherwise, have a good howliday break!"

Even more clapping filled the Creepateria, and the students filed out, full of plans for the long weekend.  

HH Bloodgood
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Cassandra MH

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 3:50 pm
Ronan Aalto Wrote:

Cassandra walked up while everyone was cleaning. Damon had told her someone had found her phone...a little too late.  
PostPosted: Tue Jul 01, 2014 8:43 am
Cassandra managed to catch Ronan as he headed out the door. He paused, staring down at the small doll ghoul in bewilderment. She stared back, one hand outstretched expectantly.

He still didn't seem to get it.

"My phone?"
She explained, and realisation dawned.
When nobody had claimed the garishly coloured device he'd simply tucked it into a coat pocket with the mental note to put up fliers later.
A look of relief crossed his face, he wouldn't have to put up fliers after all!

Extracting the phone, he handed it over.

"What in the seven seas was it doing in the mashed grotato?"
He asked.

Cassandra shrugged.  

Ronan Aalto

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Jewels Underne

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:02 pm
The cookoff had not gone well.

The day had begun so promisingly, many monsters showed up all eager to display their cooking prowess and hexcitedly boasting about how uhmazing their secret recipie was going to be.

Jewels had remained skeptical, particularly when Heath showed up and managed to set fire to a pot of cold water.
Jewels hadn't been aware water COULD catch alight like that, and the subsequent dousing of the entire group by the fire surpression system had done little to improve her patience as the contest wore on.

Soaked, cold and bored, she'd stalked from plate to plate, sampling the finished dishes but nothing was just right.

"Needs salt."
She nitpicked Deuce's otherwise spooktacular mousakka.

"Needs less pepper. And more style on the plate, sheesh." She'd argued when Rochelle had presented her dish.

"I'm not even going to taste that." She flicked Heath's charcoal offering straight into the trash where it belonged.

The contestants started to grumble, but still Jewels continued. This was wrong, that was wrong, the presentation was just vile, it looked like someone had already digested it... on and on she went, oblivious to the muttering and narrowing eyes.

Before Jewels managed to crush the spirits of every contestant, calamity struck.

As an over enthusiastic naga boo held up his dish for her to try, she tripped over his tail and pitched face first into his trifle.

A few scattered snickers turned to great peels of laughter as the boo helped the mole ghoul up and began, awkwardly to appologise.

Jewels wiped cream from her face, feeling a vivid flush of humiliation colour her features. As she moved to storm off and clean up, she tripped on spilled whipped cream and fell backwards, sending plates and bowls sailing through the air.

Monsters screamed, food splattered and soon everyone was hurling food this way and that.

It was a disaster, and worse, it was all Jewels' fault.

She tried to make them all stop, but nobody listened.

Two custard pies whapped her in the face and a plate of steak tartare landed with a wet squealch right on top of her head.

When finally the chaos subsided, Jewels was left alone to clean up the mess with Miss Kindergrubber tisk tisking at her the entire time.

Jewels felt like she was never going to live this one down. Her cookoff had been an unmitigated disaster. Who would trust her to organise anything now?

Now it was saturday, and Jewels was still laying low, dreading the start of school once more.
She wasn't certain she could look any of those monsters in the eye.
No doubt by now word had gotten around, Bridget had already made sure to send her a link to the video one of the boos uploaded to fight tube of the entire ordeal.
They'd even made sure to edit it to show Jewels being pummelled with custard pies in slow motion.

Jewels wondered to herself if she could perhaps join the disappearing club. Because right now, she felt like that was the only way she could possibly face school ever again.  
Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule

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