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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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HH Bloodgood
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:59 pm
Thursday Moaning.

This was it! Today was the big day! It was the last Graveball game of the season, and every boo on the team was wearing their jersey as they exited the field following an early scrimmage. Team Captain Clawd Wolf and Coach Igor had drilled strategy so hard into their heads that they were spinning - in some cases literally!

The Gory Gazette, the school newspaper, had its reporters already on the beat, taking photographs and scribbling notes about their profiles of the Graveball players. As was tradition, the Fear Squad were all wearing their uniforms to class today, too.

Amongst the rest of the student bodies, there was palpable tension and hexcitement in the air. It was no secret that Luna High Graveball players had been 'scouting' Monster High practices all week - and causing a bit of a ruckus with boos and heckling. Last year, Luna High had walked away with the Monster Division title....would it be a repeat this year?

Meanwhile, for the third time this week, Headless Headmistress Bloodgood was preparing for the arrival of yet another new student. As was tradition, she had requested that one of the Monster High New Studet Mentor Committee be present to greet the student on the steps in front of the school. She had decided to ask the gentle-spoken Layla LaMia to greet this new student. Layla's calm demeanor and polite attitude were certain to help keep Bobby "Telly" Tube at ease on his first day....
PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:34 pm
JD paced in front of Draconia's locker, his iCoffin gripped in his claw. His thumb tapped out a lengthy message before pausing, deleting everything and starting over. He groaned, scratching the back of his head and shifting his eyes through the crowd of student bodies filing away to their lockers...

His date with Draconia the previous night... well, it never happened. JD found himself overwhelmed with nerves and stood her up. But, of course, he couldn't tell her that. And he'd spent the entire morning trying to come up with an hexcuse for it. He didn't have his car anymore, so he couldn't blame it on that... and saying he had to do homework wasn't believable either. What if... ALIENS had abducted him for an emergency rave party?!? Perfect. JD tapped it out on his iCoffin, and just as he was about to hit send, his eyes locked on the icy stare of an invisible ghoul.

Vanissha de la Luz, clad in her fearleading uniform, walked down the hallway with the rest of the B-Squad surrounding her. She looked completely unfazed by the past week's turn of events, or perhaps that was what she was trying to convey to JD. But she was staring at him, likely making sure he knew she was thrilled to be without him; and with one quick flick of her gaze forward, she wrapped her arms around a werewolf boo in a graveball jersey. JD felt a sting in his chest and he continued typing on is iCoffin. He had to make things fright with Draconia.

JD Leeds

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Bobby Telly Tube

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Dapper Genius

PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 10:53 pm
(Sincere apologies for not making it on the date this was posted, I was occupied with something before, won't happen again!)

The school was quite a feat to the certain out of touch gentlebot, who wandered down the halls with a perplexed view of all the organic lifeforms around, though it was impolite to stare. He couldn't really help himself! Though the high percentage of distraction that overfilled his circuitry in his ancient wiring caused him to lose sensory of his surroundings and bump into someone.

"O-O-Oh dear!" He spoke in a polite, but surprisingly human voice that emitted from the speaker of his television head. Looking upon the "person" in question, was an odd being with the lower half of an animal! How peculiar! His television screen would show a pixlated smile and two dotted eyes when facing towards JD.

"Why hel-hel-hello there! I am Bo-Bobby, and I am-am-am terribly sorry for bum-bumping into you. Qui-i-i-ite the scatter brain-aina-nainainain I am!" His pixelated face would show him "laughing". not at his new peer, of course not! But how clumsy he became in such a short amount of time, a new record in his books!  
PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:00 pm
Draconia stalked into class feeling more than a bit down. She'd waited, literally al fright for some word from JD Leeds regarding the date they'd set up....only for no word whatsoever. She'd texted Nero to see if he knew where JD was; no luck. Glen wasn't responding to his iCoffin, probably due to being down in the Catacombs for Mad Science most of the evening.

In fact, none of the monsters she'd texted knew where JD had been. It was to the point where Draconia was concerned....had something happened to him?

Of course, all of her concern and fangxiety vanished when she walked into the school and saw him loitering right next to her locker, coolly tapping on his iCoffin. She looked at him, standing there in his leopard print pants, and his leopard print shoes, and his leopard print...blimey, even his iCoffin was covered in leopard print!

Draconia walked up to JD and cleared her throat.

"A-hem." JD didn't even look up, instead tapping even more frantically on his phone.

"A-hem!" Draconia tried again, but whatever he was texting, apparently it was completely absorbing his attention.

"A-HEM!" Draconia nearly rattled her own locker clearing her throat. JD finally gave a jump and looked up.

"Hey, coughie, you should see a witch doctor about tha-DRACONIA!" He nearly choked on the word, but then cleared his own throat and regained his composure. "H-How ya doin?!"

"How am I doing?" Draconia repeated, incredulously. "How are YOU doing? What happened last night?"

"Oh yeah, that. You see about that...well, you see about that...well, you didn't see me!" JD replied, with a resolute knowing nod.

"Clearly." Draconia replied, a bit dryly. "Why did you stand me up?"

"Woah, hey, let's not go throwing around hack-usations!" JD threw his hands up in a sign of surrender. "There was extenuating circumstancery goin' on, that's all. You know how it gets sometimes, I mean, if I had a dime for every time I was stood up....well, I'd have zero dimes. How you doin'?"

Draconia frowned at the joke. JD shifted uncomfortably from one hoof to the other. This was clearly not going well, and Draconia didn't respond to JD's East coast charm the same way Vanissha had.

"What I mean to say is, sometimes things happen and you have plans, and they don't quite pan out, you know what I'm sayin'? But I'm on my note today, honest, an' if we can re-schedule, say to a time more future-like, than I'll show you a night like you ain't never seen before." JD shot up a brilliant smile and batted his eyes at Draconia. She raised one eyebrow and fidgeted a bit under his gaze.

"I...I'm not sure..."

"Look, please, give me a second chance. I'll prove to you, ba da bing, ba da boom - I'm the unrealest guy in the room."
JD batted his eyes even harder. "Ask any manster in the school - I'm not like that normally, okay? I am a certified G and I'd never leave a pretty ghoul in the lurch like that. ...More than once."

Draconia took a couple seconds to consider JD's proposal.

"I'll...think about it..." She finally acquiesed. JD grinned broadly.

"Tell ya what. I'll find you at the Graveball game tonight, and we can make plans then. You'll see! It'll be the best date you ever had! It'll be so great you'll swear off dating forever on account'a not wanting to sully the memory of this epic date! In the grand, cosmic scheme of date-dom, this one's going to be in the top ten, easy. Top FIVE if I really put my mind to it. How you doin'!?"

"Why do you keep asking how I'm doing?"
Draconia asked, but JD was already walking away, backwards, giving her the 'double bang-bang' salute with his index claws and winking as hard as he could. Without answering, he turned the corner backwards and was gone. Draconia turned to her locker, still a little bit stunned by JD's overwhelming personality.

She started unloading her books, when the realization hit her like a bolt of lightning.

"He STILL didn't tell me why he stood me up!"  

Draconia St George
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JD Leeds

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 25, 2014 11:16 pm
Whew, that was smooth! JD thought to himself as he backed away from Draconia's locker and turned the corner. After the embarrassment of last night, he had it in the bag for the future, no question about it! He pivoted on his hoof to turn back to class with his chin in the air, when...


JD slammed headfirst into a cathode ray tube screen and flung to the floor in an overly-dramatic way. He'd hoped Draconia had seen him fall and would come running over to see if he was okay, but a cursory look-around proved that she had moved on to her first class. With a roll of his eyes he hoisted himself up onto his hooves.

"'ey, no sweat manster. I uh, meant to do that, y'know what I mean?" JD brushed off his shoulders and took a good look at the boo he'd crashed into... his eyebrows furrowed in a bit of confusion; he'd seen some odd monsters in his unlife, but a robot with a TV for a head was among the top weirdest. But it seemed the poor guy was having a bit of trouble fitting in, and JD felt a bit of a responsibility to Bobby now. "You must be new around here. I'm JD... say, uh. Don't new student bodies usually get a Student Mentor? Looks like yours stood you up! I hate it when that happens, bro. Listen, why don't you walk to class with me and I'll show you the ropes, know what I mean?"  
Monster High - Where the Ghoul Kids Rule

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