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An original character roleplay guild set in the world of Monster High! 

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 2:32 pm
Marceline LaGhede Wrote:
"I've been really meanin' t'talk t'you about Ro-- about all these rumors goin' round about us... I think it's time we cleared things up, don'you?"

Ari looked back up and nodded, the colour slowly returning. "Y-yes!" She said a bit louder than planned. The Fae took a moment to relax and tried again.

"I agree, I have been meaning to apologize for everything that has happened. It appears there has been a very unfortunate misunderstanding." Arillena offered a very formal and polite curtsy. She took a deep breath. Where should they start? The Changeling hadn't missed the hesitant 'Ro-'.

Ari offered a small, gentle smile. "In the time we have before Classes begin, I must first let you know that nothing beyond a new friendship has ever gone on between myself and Rory." She sighed, "Some things where taken so far out of context I took me a few days to fully understand it, myself."

Timidly but eagerly The changeling recalled to Marceline everything from the Catacombs (Purposely failing to mention her own...er...incident), to the Locker malfunction, to the food fight. Had she of been braver perhaps the chaos could have been avoided and maybe... She and Marceline could be friends.

"I am truly very sorry..."
Although for what she wasn't sure. She bowed her head again. "If there is anyway I can help patch things up, or... Or something..." She was running out of things to say. Her anxiety had her pouring everything she could remember out of her head in an attempt to clear up the confusion.


Meanwhile on the steps in front of the school, Damyn- (The Guardian would decide if he wanted to play the part of a student after the Holiday Break.) -sat examining the odd hand mirror that had fallen, broken, and then been repaired the day Rory had collapsed from Ari's locker. The blank and non-reflective glass both intrigued him and worried him. He focused, was it still humming? Tapping his hooves on the concrete he tried to catch a reflection in the curious object.

Perhaps he would know more. Damyn decided. He stuck the Item in his pocket. In a POOF of silver smoke he transformed into a white cat, slipped past some students entering the building. Check on Ari. Find Rory. Whoever he ran into first.  
PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2015 8:49 pm
Damyn Faolan Wrote:

"I 'ppreciate you tellin' me all this, Arillena. It's been so hard t'figure out what t'believe, y'know?" Marceline sighed, her eyes flicking up from the fae towards the smattering of monsters who'd stopped in the hallway; they were all eager to see the latest chapter of the Rorceline Scandal unfold before their very eyes, but as the Loa glared at them, they feigned disinterest and kept moving. "I'mean really... rumors tend to have an unlife'a their own in this school..."

Suddenly, a bright flash of light erupted from the wall of lockers, leaving stars in Marceline's golden eyes; Spectra Vondergeist, never one to miss the latest gossip, had extended her ghostly arm through the walls to snap a HEXCLUSIVE photo for the Ghostly Gossip. Marceline bit her lip, but remained hopeful that Spectra would at least spin the story correctly... a futile hope, all the same.

The first bell rang, warning the student bodies they only had a few moments to get to their classes before...

"DEADTENTION!!!" She could hear Mr. Hack growl in her mind...

"Hey, maybe we can talk 'bout this farther at lunchtime... you can sit with me, what d'ya say?"  

Marceline LaGhede

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Damyn Faolan

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 11:42 am
Marceline LaGhede Wrote:

Doing her very best to not react to Spectra's suddenly appearance and disappearance...Arillena managed a small smile. "Okay," She nodded. A tiny ray of hope in her body told her that maybe things would turn out okay in the end..

"I suppose I shall see you then."

The Fae Curtsied again before turning- looking both ways in the hallway- and casting a timid smile back at Marceline before fading back under her invisibility spell and dashing off to her class.

Knowing that She had nearly no reason to be afraid of talking to Marceline anymore- She was still afraid of getting stopped in the hall and just wanted to get this day over with...  
PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:07 am
Buried somewhere under a mound of blankets...

Someone was banging on Harry's doomroom door. He didn't care. He delivered such a vicious kick to the BOJANGLES when Woestock failed that nothing mattered. On to Rawr Street to become an entrail trader or whatnot.

"Go 'way...."

Someone was going on about a Howliday Ball and Santas with secrets. Then, a slip of paper was shoved under the door. Jareth fluttered over, picked up the paper with his beak, and delivered it to the blanket mound. It was a reminder that as the son of the Erlking, Harry was required to appear at the Howliday Ball at the Monster Embassy. Furthermore, Layla LaMia had entered Harry into something called a Secret Santa and he was assigned Arillena FaeDathanna.
Harry moaned and covered his head.  

Harry Herne

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Monster High

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