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A Changeling's Pastry Shop

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:00 am
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She rather hated sweets.

Unfortunately for her, the pony known as Sweet Sugar Blitz - a long name even for a pony, if she did say so herself - and her meandering ways had been an easy target to assume the role of. The original was trapped in a back room, hopefully never to escape, and Regret took on her shape, a baby blue unicorn with a pink and white mane tied up into - sickeningly enough - a braid. Still, she had to be strong. Not just for herself, but her beloved mother, still weak from her horrendous ordeals. Chrysalis had always fed them well, and it was their turn to return the favor. They would hunt down the deserters after the queen was well again.

A yellow stallion with a rather silly-looking hat smiled at her, and Regret could only assume he was a regular customer.
"Hey, Blitz! What's on the menu today?" Quite honestly, she hated him already.

Still, that begged the question, what WAS on the menu? She glanced down at the baked goods that her captive had created earlier. Curses, she should have known it was too easy. How was she supposed to have guessed that people would ask her what the strange food items were? "O-oh! Well," she said, a bit unsure of herself, but capable of maintaining a good front. She'd studied the pony whose identity she'd stolen carefully, so she was hoping to use that carefree attitude to her advantage. "Today we have these red things, those brown things, and these pale brown things!"

It seemed to work, for the yellow pony laughed.
"Always the kidder, Blitz. Unfortunately, I'm trying to watch my calorie count, but it's been a pleasure seeing you! Maybe when I've dropped a few pounds, I'll try some of that delicious fruit pie of yours, eh?"

"Of course, dearie! I'll see you around!" Good riddance, as far as she was concerned. Thankfully, the yellow pony left pretty quickly after that, and she was left alone behind the counter, waiting for some more ponies to stumble in and buy things. With the money she stole, she would be able to invest in better things, and the meager scraps of affection she'd squeezed out of the yellow pony would serve to sustain her until someone she could somewhat stand to be around came along.
PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:25 am
Cresent Dawn dartted into the pastry shop, attempting to get out of the sunlight, which was burning his fur, and he suddenly looked around, sniffing the air, fangs baring slight but he stopped his snarl and had a quizzical look Sweet Berry...are you alright today? you...smell different the vampony sniffed the air again  

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 6:34 pm
Sorcery Star, the starlight unicorn

No words here
No words here
No words here
No words here
No words here
No words here
No words here
No words here
No words here

The door swung easily open as Sorcery Star walked in. She hadn't visited this shop yet and was interested to see what sweets would be offered. "Hello?" she called, bits clinking merrily as she set her bags down beside her. "Is there anyone available?"

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