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Pokemon Dream Saga

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empress dee

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:06 am
This may sound extremely strange, but on occasion, I have dreams about Pokemon.

In one, I participated in a sacred blood ritual, tying me in a crossover video game series. In another, I trained Pokemon and got to know the routes and regions one "street" at a time.

But this one, this one was more like one of them episodes you see on TV and shockingly to the Valentines Day theme!

When I am done telling the dream episode I had last night, you guys may comment on it or tell a dream of your own. I know not many of you would remember your dreams at night as realistically as I do, so...I guess you could say...I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did.

Ash falls in love

Have any of you ever wondered what it would be like if Ash ever fell in love with a woman?

We all have seen how Brock reacts and Brock has his Croagunk and Misty to prevent that perverted action. But what if Ash fell for someone? Who would it be? This dream told me the story.

It all took place in Almia where Ash was heading back to Pallet town the long way. As always, by his side was Pikachu his trusted Pokemon partner, as well as his best friends Misty and Brock. While passing through a pair of farming villages, he took notice of a woman his age looking like she has seen better days. Instincts told the trainer that he must help this woman in any way that he could.

The woman introduced herself as Violet, the niece to a family of Pokemon Rangers and that her aunt had been "kidnapped" by the neighboring ranch. To keep Violet quiet, the opposing ranch ordered her to farm berries and chained her hands and feet with a chip in it to prevent her escape.

Ash was horrified at how she was being treated and vowed that he would not only get the aunt back, but also free Violet from that dreadful slavery. And so, going to the neighboring farm, he was shocked beyond words that Gary was responsible for this crime!

Challenging Gary to a Pokemon battle with the stakes being if Ash won, Ash gets the aunt and frees Violet. If Gary won, then Ash, Misty, and Brock would become slaves as well. Gary could not refuse.

When Ash won handily, Gary was good to his word, but swore that someday that he'd get vengeance. That's when Officer Jenny showed up and arrested Gary for kidnapping and enslaving a woman. Back at Violet's ranch, Violet was so grateful to have her aunt back that she proposed marriage to Ash!

Looking at Pikachu, then his friends and then back at Violet, Ash agreed. He felt that while training is great and winning every badge brings a whirlwind of adventure, but it also brought sadness and emotional memories that he wishes he could have done without. Besides, this way he could spend more time with the Pokemon he called his friends and have someone that he could share those other...adult feelings with.

Comments Please!  
PostPosted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:03 pm
That last part was kind of shocking eek , but the Part with Gary getting beaten and Arrested was Priceless! lol

But anyway, IDK if Day Dreams Count, but:

I've always Dre-mt that I was Battling Georgia in one of the Pokemon Tournaments.


Then I'm all like: "Oh! Great! I'm Battling the Dragon Hater! Why Can't I ever get a Real Opponent!?"

And Georgia is all like Getting Pissed off at me for insulting her, and makes a big Insulting Speech to wards me.

Then I'm like: " stare ....... Do You Ever Shut up!?"

Then Iris Yells at me from the Stands telling me to kick Georgia's Butt.

Then I'm All Like: "Iris, You keep out of this!"

Iris: emotion_0A0

Then when the Battle Begins:
She uses Her Bisharp, and I'm using my Lucario

Georgia: Bisharp, use Metal Sound

Me: Intercept it!
(Lucario Blocks and Cancels out Bisharps "Metal Sound" wink

Georgia: Urrgh! Bisharp use "Iron Head"

Me: Somersault over it!

Georgia: emotion_bigvein

Me: Are you finished Yet!?

Me: Lucario use Aura Sphere!

Bisharp Evade

Me: Now use Extremespeed!
(Bisharp Braces itself, but looses Sight of Lucario, Not knowing that Lucario was right behind it)

Georgia: Bisharp look out Behind you!

Me: Now Wrap this up with "Close Combat"
(Before Bisharp can react, Lucario Rapidly Slugs and Punches Bisharp ending with one final Punch sending Bisharp Flying into the wall KO'ing it)

Judge: "Bisharp is unable to Battle! Lucario Wins! and that means the Match goes to (Insert name) the Challenger!"

Georgia: Bisharp Return. Don't feel Bad Bisharp this Match Doesn't count! After all, we didn't loose to a Dragon Master!

Me: mad .... Hey Georgia!

Georgia: Hm?
(b***h Slaps Georgia)

Me: God Georgia! You are unbelievable! You loose not only in the Dragon Village, but in tournaments as well, and You still think that gives you the right to hate Dragon Masters and Dragon Pokemon!?
Well I've got a news flash you Girl! "GROW UP!" Winning and Loosing is part of Being a trainer! And if you can't accept that, then you don't deserve to call yourself a Trainer or a Dragon Buster for that matter.
Seriously! You disgust me!

(Walks away)
.......... Oh! and one More thing: If you ever want people to respect you as a rival, then Can that Spoiled Brat/Sore Looser Attitude.

But know this: If you choose not to listen to my advice, then we'll be Enemies
It's your choice Georgia. Think about that the next time we meet.
Let's Go Lucario.
(Walks Away)


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empress dee

Skilled Guildswoman

PostPosted: Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:43 am
Daydreams count and good one! whenever I am playing one of my games, I allow my mind to take me to the region I am playing in. Say I am playing Pokemon dungeon and I am a cute little Chikorita, I allow my mind to think like chikorita.

A pleasant smelling pokemon with a sassy nature.

Or, if I am in the Orre region trying to lure Mirror B. I have my character do things that might summon him, though its random. Actually, there is one pokemon remaining where I need to hear the radar, capture the voltorb he has, then head to Gateon Port and reach the top of the Lighthouse for the rematch and snag the Shadow Dragonite he stole from the lab.

In a way, I keep thinking that in that Gale of Darkness, Mirror B was working for me. After all, if I miss a snag, he goes to the trouble, finds it, and I have a chance to face him. Normally I get the Pokemon he re-captures right away, but sometimes...he gives me the slip.

Then in Unova when on Join avenue I am trying to build my antiques shop higher than my rival while Truesdale, the avenue owner goes and searches the other shops and makes recommendations to visitors.

I remember when I journeyed through Kanto both in the dreams at night and on the game. I remember between routes 3 and 7 there was a nasty thunderstorm that I had to take shelter from. I back tracked to route 2 where there was that secret tunnel to route 11. I met Iori Yagami, one of the King of Fighters that owns a steakhouse, along the way. He suggested that I head to the nearest Pokemon center instead of looking for a diglett or a dugtrio. He needlesssly reminded me that those ground pokemon hate water.

Well, I knew that there wasn't any diglett or dugtrio hiding in their tunnels today since the weather was so nasty. I also figured that I might as well pick up my swampert while at the Pokemon Center in Vermillion. At least I think that's Vermillion. You turn right after exiting Diglett's Tunnel on Route 11 and you enter a small town. There is a harbor there, a fishing guru, and a pokemon gym. Heading left, leads you to the boardwalk that connects to Lavender town and Route 12.

The harbor in Vermillion City will take you to Unova, by the way.

Anyhow, whenever I play these games, I try and make it more real for me. It intensifies the fun, I tell you.  
HKSS Pokemon subforum - using Pokemon to protect Shinobu!

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