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The Tempmus Chronicles

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A guild where original ideas for stories can Blossom. And Bubbles. And okay, Buttercup, you can join too. 

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Reply Residents of Tempmus (Tempmus Character Thread)
Haven's Little Misfits

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 5:23 pm

Name: Glacia Juliet Hedgecat
Nickname: Frost
Age: 24
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Animal: Hedgecat
Alignment: Neutral Good
Powers: Ice Manipulation
Personality: Sweet and kind, Frost always looks out for others. She despises fighting, but will resort to it if anyone threatens her or her family.
Bio: Frost was born prematurely, clinging to life by a thread. Her organs weren't fully developed, and the odds were against her from the start. Not wanting to lose her only child, and against the will of the nurses, Icius (Frost's mother and queen at the time) jumped up from the medical bed and ran to a special chamber. Inside this chamber, slept a powerful guardian and semi-god known as Angel, in the shape of a heart gem due to her dormant state. This gem powered the entire island and kept it floating. Without it, the kingdom would surely fall. Icius pleaded with the guardian to save her child, as her and Teryn had said this would be the last child they bore. Angel, seeing the distress her kind friend was in, spoke. "I can save her, but there will be a price to such an action, Icius..." Frost's mother agreed, and out of the blue a pure ray of light shot out of the Crystal Heart, going into Frost. This warm, pure energy completed Frost's organs and set her heart beating. Her snow-colored fur turn an icy light blue, and she opened her eyes. "G-Glacia..." Icius smiled, cradling her child in her arms.

A few years later, an alarm was set off. Frost, only of age 10 now, was woken from her sleep by the shakings of the castle. She heard screaming, and saw two figures leaving the castle, a familiar gem in their hands. All Frost could do was watch in horror as her home crashed to the ground. Very few survived. She was one of the lucky few. Her parents and siblings, however... were dead.

Years passed, and Frost was forced to live on the streets of a strange kingdom, turning to stealing so she could live. She was taken avantage of, and thus ended up with two children, Rose and Cyan. Unfortunately, they eventually were caught by the King's soldiers, and no one thought their punishment should be anything less than that of death. However, George had different plans, and now Frost lives in his kingdom.

Name: Cyan Romero Hedgecat
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Animal: Hedgecat
Alignment: Neutral Good
Powers: Weak Ice Manipulation
Weapons: Throwing Daggers and a Sacred Kunai
Personality: Suspicious of everyone, Cyan only gives his trust to those who earn it, and those who betray him will be sorry. He usually remains quiet and keeps to himself, but when he opens his mouth he can sound much more mature than his mother realizes.
Bio: Cyan was born only one year after Frost began living on the streets, and from childhood he had to grow up fast to support his frail mother. When Rose was born, he took on much more responsibility than a 13-year-old should have, but he was happy to help out his mother.

Name: Rosie Elizabeth Hedgecat
Nickname: Rose
Age: 7
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Animal: Cat
Alignment: Neutral Good
Powers: Flora Manipulation
Personality: Always outgoing, innocent, and bright, Rose trusts and loves everyone. Nothing dampens her sunny personality for long!
Bio: Little Rosie was born only 6 years after Cyan, and her older brother sheltered her from seeing how bad their life was. She's settled nicely into the new house, and is hoping to find a playmate.

Name: Angel Heartstrings
Age: ∞
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Animal: Cat
Alignment: Lawful Good
Powers: All the divine powers of light and purity.
Personality: With the sweetness of the purest angel, Angel always looks out for others, and is very protective over Frost.
Bio: Unknown.

Name: Haven Michelle Cavitt
Nickname: Hollow/SHaTTeReD
Age: 15
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Animal: Cat
Alignment: Neutral Good
Personality: While she always tries to maintain a bright outlook on life, Haven is quickly depressed by many things due to her emotional illness. She can frequently be found listening to her mp3 on full blast or drawing bloody pictures.
Bio: ???
Appearance: Haven has all-white fur and wears a black and dark grey striped bell-bottom low-hanging shirt. White bell-bottom pants and fingerless gloves along with normal converses complete the outfit.
PostPosted: Sun Mar 03, 2013 6:16 pm

Name: Program no. 17965
Nickname: Techa
Age: Has none, but looks like she's in her early twenties.
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Animal: Half Robot, Half Cat Anthro
Alignment: Neutral
Weapons: Her circuitry holds a wide range of weaponry.
Personality: Techa is a little strange. Her anthro self tends to be naive, shy, and purehearted, while the robot in her is always looking for new adventures and new ways to learn.
Bio: Techa used to be known as an amazing warrior called Celestie. However, she was killed in a war on Tempmus. The weird thing is, however, that her body was never recovered. It instead was harvested by aliens for their experiments on the lifeforms of Tempmus. Because Celestie's body was covered with extensive wounds, many parts had to be replaced, including parts of her memory. After awakening, she assumed the codename "Techa", and is now under alien surveillance.
Appearance: Techa's body is really the only thing on her completely normal. Her ear tips open up, and hold many useful tools and weaponry. Her right eye's pupil is lighter than usual, and her left eye is a targeting crosshair that she usually covers with the bangs of her medium-short white hair. The colors of both of her eyes are a strange neon light blue color. The ends of her muzzle are reattacted with circuitry, and the point where the pieces of flesh connect glow a neon light blue color as well. her neck is also reattached this way, and is secured with bolts. Both of her arms are completely made of metal, along with her legs and tail, and all have multiple segments, making them extendable and retractable. Her arms can transform into many weapons, along with her tail, and the places where the white metal connects glows as well. She has a personal control panel on her left arm, along with the main control panel located on her back. She wears a top made of light white cloth that has the same neon glow in a sawlike trim on the top and cuts off above her belly. Her short shirt matches her top, and purposefully hangs below her hips a little, so her entire slender stomach is showing along with a bit of her hips. She wears short-cut boots with the same saw trim on the tops and bottoms.

Vice Captain

Anxious Seeker

Residents of Tempmus (Tempmus Character Thread)

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