Name: Nikko Hayden
Age: 83
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Either side of the fence- this Dragon has no real preference until it comes down to repopulating.
Favorite saying: "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
❖❖❖Her specialty is her bond with the earth, granting her powers of life and rejuvenation. She has the power to manipulate life forces, Essentially giving or draining life to natural organisms (flowers, trees etc.).

❖❖❖She does not carry any equipment with her, she can only conjure weapons from the life forces around her on earth❖❖❖

Appearance: She is a Dragon capable of taking on a Human form:
❖❖❖Human form:

Dragon Form:

Personality: Nikko has a quiet personality, she used to being run out of cities and towns when her true form has unearthed to those around her. She is more familiar with being alone than having company. Under her hide she is kind compared to her brethren. She is no fool for thoughts, her time traveling earth alone has gifted her wisdom. Though quiet at most times, she is eager to inherit the tales and stories of any being. She is a stubborn, but passionate Dragon. ❖❖❖
Bio: Nikko was chased out of the nest as soon as she could fly, she lived high atop a mountain rang with dense forest below. She hunted for survival as most Dragons did. Ever since she was young she would follow travelers from the shadows to their cities to learn about Humans and the other species they sung songs about. Later in her years she had acquired the skill to take on a human form as some dragons did. Nikko visited towns and cities learning as much as she could about other creatures. She's continues to search of a world where Dragons are free to roam; accepted for who they are.
Nikko is free spirited and hopes to one day have many companions as the humans do.

Her goal is to study humans and other species the way they live life. She feels the need to find a haven for her kind to retire for eternity in peace. She's wants to learn the art of music, and learn about this thing the humans call love.