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Nanatsu no Taizai: Garden of Sinners

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Based off of Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) and GoT, Garden of Sinners bring you an adventure of life and death. 

Tags: Nanatsu no Taizai, Seven Deadly Sins, Magic, Fighting, Romance, Action, Game of Thrones, GoT, Role Playing, Semi-Literate, Advance Literate 

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2013 6:04 am
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" The Yellow Shaman "
Shamanism Instructor

Dorobo remained quiet for a while. He felt the tension building in the air once more, and with a woman like Alphard in the room, things could, and probably would, get violent very quickly. The Shaman busied himself with a mental call to his own familiar, one that stretched the distance between the two beings.

Dorobo had always felt a connection with the earth spirit. Besides the fact that
Earth Shaman magics came to him easiest, of course, Dorobo felt a deep connection with the slow rumblings of the ground, and the boundless energy that was rarely, if ever, shown by the crushing power of tectonic plates. Dorobo remembered the day when his father had the young shaman choose from the many spirits that he played with almost daily. They were all excited, and almost all of them disappointed that Dorobo had not chosen them. He was a young boy, and had chosen the spirit he not only knew best, but could get along with best as well. From that day, Florence had been his spirit, and hadn't left his side in the metaphorical sense.

Dorobo couldn't help but groan when the gun was pulled again. Really, Alphard couldn't keep that thing in it's holster, where it belonged. A soft hiss came from between the gritted teeth of the Shaman when Cyril stepped up to protect Kali. Such a brave young man, brave, but somewhat foolish at the same time. Dorobo didn't want to see him hurt. Obviously the shaman cared; he had just spent an amount of money that most people wouldn't see in their entire lives on some training for him. Training so that he could avoid pain, of all things. Dorobo was about to step forwards, but then Kaene did her thing. Yelling. The doctor was a pro at both calming people down, healing those people, or hurting them worse if she needed too. Admirable, really. Dorobo took another step back, and frowned lightly.

Dorobo didn't say anything when Cyril first came up to thank him. He'd never be able to repay him? Oh, no. " You can repay me by using this to your advantage, and not lazing around like a lout. I expect great things from you, Ambrose. " Dorobo nodded lightly at the young man, with a smile. When he left, the door was left lightly open.

Dorobo stared through the space for a moment, before a flash of green wiggled through the space. Obviously his familiar now. With the arrival of the glowing ball of mana, Dorobo's smile widened exponentially. It always pleased him to see the dancing lights that signified her form. He thought it was beautiful, while others might not have. The second the little ball came into the room, it dissolved into a small, yet bright ball of green and brown. It pulsed, and suddenly widened out, lengthening drastically. Not even a breath later, and a tiny little fox looking thing was scampering up Dorobo's arm, to perch upon his upper arm, clinging with prehensile claws.

" Ahh, well. Florence is here, so I must be off. I'll have your money in the morning, Ishtar. Just the same, I'll be back to talk to you, Kaene, in the morning. I'll have your jacket too. " Dorobo nodded lightly, before making his way to the door. Wen it was opened, the cool air outside of the office was like some sort of pure evil to Dorobo's skin. With a frown, the Shaman spoke once more. " Until I see you again. " The door clicked closed behind him.

Dorobo would slowly make his way out of the building, and underneath one of the overhangs. There was only negligible light with all of the fog, and the night sky besides that. The Shaman inclined his head to the white fox on his arm, clinging with paws that were almost akin to fingers. He smiled lightly, and the fox would reply in kind, it's a tensing of her snout in what could only be described as what would have been a smile were she human. It only served to make the poor dear look evil. "I think a car would be most suitable tonight, yes? " A sharp yip came from her snout, and not a moment later, a simple car rumbled to life in front of him. It was so quick, that the shaman had missed the tingle of magic that usually accompanied the transformation. A few minutes later, Dorobo was gone. Heading home, apparently.

WordCount: 4546
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:41 pm
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When Alphard moved Kanae's hair out from in front of her face, she could fill the blood start to rush to her cheeks, filling the capillaries just below the skin. Before it turned into a full blush, however, Kanae was able to suppress the rush of the blood by calming her breathing and thinking of something boring. She began to rattle off medical terms in alphabetical orders in her thoughts, which could put anyone to sleep. The only thing that cut through her medical term lesson was Alphard mentioning that she hadn't changed a bit, which made her smile. "Yeah well, you gotta have a certain charisma to be an Academy doctor." It was true that it took a special kind of person to be a doctor of the entire NIAS student and faculty body. You had to deal with people who thought they knew better than you, people you didn't know anything, people who never wanted medical attention, and people who wanted medical attention all the time. Although she may not act like it, doctors had to be people persons. And Kanae truly did like people, which was why she was so hard on them. She just wanted to see humanity do better.

Kanae's smile faded when Alphard walked away from her and pulled out a cigarette. It seemed as though that no matter how much Kanae pestered and nagged Alphard, she still refused to stop smoking. If anything irritated a doctor more than disease itself, it was smoking. Smoking caused a load of diseases and problems that could be avoidable if the person just stopped. But no, they chose to give themselves cancer, and that pissed doctors off. Kanae crossed her arms just below her chest and right above her abdomen as she frowned at Alphard. "They might be healthier, but they still aren't healthy." Kanae knew it was hard for smokers to quit smoking, but it wasn't impossible. Recently, there was a water vapor cigarette that had been invented to help smokers quit and they were allowed to smoke indoors, but believe it or not, they were just as unhealthy as regular cigarettes. It was better to get the patch or chew the gum, because smoking was still smoking and lung damage was still lung damage.

When Alphard looked at Kanae, she didn't change her expression. It was still one that said she wasn't amused at Alphard's smoking, nor of her new made cigarettes that were supposedly better for her. But when she began to question the reasons why Kanae vouched for her to be a teacher, her frown faded and her eyes hit the floor. She wasn't ashamed or embarrassed, she was just thinking. Her mouth was a hard line as she pondered how she would explain herself to Alphard, especially in front of Dorobo. Kanae sighed with a smile as she let the air escape her lips slowly. She closed her eyes, head still tiled towards the floor as she said "I could never get anything by you, Alphard. I can give you one of my reasons now, and only one." She then looked up, smile gone and face serious. Her feet were firmly planted and her right hand was placed on her hip. "The teachers here are too damn soft on these students. We needed a teacher who wasn't afraid to bloody their faces. In the real world, when you fail, you die. There isn't a teacher that says 'That's okay. Next time you'll get it. Here's a gold ******** star for effort.'" Kanae felt strongly about how the faculty treated the students. A lot of them were too easy on the students. Having Alphard as a teacher would be great, because she would teach the students that death was only seconds away for those who were unprepared. Kanae looked over at Dorobo as he was leaving, seeming it was his time to leave the room. When she knew he was gone, Kanae looked back over at Alphard with a smile as she said "Plus, I like having you around."

When Alphard mentioned dying her hair and growing it out, Kanae walked over to her and grabbed a strand of hair with her left hand. She starred at it with a smile as she said "Don't you dare! I like your hair black and this length. It looks good." Kanae thought that Kanae's new hair made her look edgy. The red hair fit her firey red personality, but the black made her look mysterious and tough. And like Kanae had thought before, she liked strong women. Kanae's hand fell from Alphard's hair as she looked out the window at the fog. "Yeah, you should drive. I'm an atrocious driver. As you know..." Kanae then laughed a little as she remembered scaring Alphard half to death when they went out to lunch one time.

Word Count: 810
Total Word Count: 6870


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