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Nanatsu no Taizai: Garden of Sinners

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Based off of Nanatsu no Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins) and GoT, Garden of Sinners bring you an adventure of life and death. 

Tags: Nanatsu no Taizai, Seven Deadly Sins, Magic, Fighting, Romance, Action, Game of Thrones, GoT, Role Playing, Semi-Literate, Advance Literate 

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:14 pm
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You must realize that FEAR is not real.
It is a product of thoughts you create.
Do not misunderstand. X XDanger is very real.
But FEAR is a c h o i c e.


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                                  Walking into the hallway, she looked around at the students passing her by. Some greeted her with a friendly hello, or a wave to show that they had some sort of respect for her family. Rafaela would only smile in return, she headed up the stairs to the other floors; she wanted some sort of fresh air even if it was raining. Heading up the stairs she was about to head towards the rooftop when a gun was fired, pausing before the last step she looked down. Who on earth could possibly be allowed to shoot a gun in the school? Looking down the stairs, she sighed lightly and decided that she would be going for fresh air around lunch since it looked like it'd be impossible at this point. Walking down the stairs, she stood in the hallway and noticed students were slightly terrified at what was happening in the cafeteria. Apparently the terrorist had made her presence known and was bossing students around and frightening the others. Whatever she was doing or planned to do, Rafaela didn't want to be near or apart of it. If there was something that she learned in this lifetime, it was to stay away from those with reputations like Alphard's. Sitting on the bottom of the staircase she was approached by one of the nearby students who had just come from the cafeteria. Looking up at the two girls, she noticed they were a little scared from hearing the new professor speaking. Rafaela's eyebrow arched upwards slightly confused why they were coming to her. "Did you hear the news?" one of the girls finally asked Rafaela, the pinkette arose from her seat and go on eyelevel with them.
                                  "My apologies, but I rather not discuss the recent homocide" Rafaela said with a pungent smile. The taller girl shook her head and began to speak in place of her friend. "That's not the news we're talking about. But they just announced that you're the class rep again, and we wanted to say congrats" she explained. The classmates seemed to be much more at ease now that they were a little further from the cafeteria. This wasn't much news to Rafaela, she knew that others had gotten stronger and grown, but she still gave the most quantitative amount of spells at a given time. Nodding her head, her smile changed to a kinder one since this news was a lighter subject than the one everyone gossiped about.

                                  Pushing some loose strands of hair behind her ears, she had only one question to ask the girls.
                                  "Thank you very much, do you happen to know who they declared was the ambassador?" Rafaela asked curiously, there hadn't been a tantrum thrown so she assumed that Dorien was chosen after all. The girls were a little surprised that she continued the conversation with the two, she didn't know their names and normally left the exchange early. "Dorien Shields announced himself as the new ambassador" the shorter girl answered with a chippery tone. Rafaela nodded, this meant that the wars were going to be quite serious this time around. Her green eyes looked at the students that were walking by, she hadn't realized that she was slightly spacing out. Retracting her eyes back to the girls who were patiently waiting before her, she laughed a little innocently. "That's wonderful news, Dorien is the best option for our victory." Rafaela replied nodding as she spoke. The girls seemed happier that they actually got more than just a few short words out of the Barthomeloi heiress. "See you in class Ms. Barthomeloi" the two said at the same time then headed down the hallway towards the class. Rafaela stood still and watched as they left, she was curious exactly how many students in the school feared the four families. Walking off the last step of the stair, she made her way over to the laboratory. Entering the ladies room, she looked in the mirror and noticed that her braid was now slumping more on one side. Rafaela began to untie her French Braid, pulling the ribbon out from her ends which kept them united. Pulling the braid to the front, she began to undo the three parts and let it hang loosely without any constrictions. Looking at herself in the mirror one last time, she brushing her fingertips through her bangs. "Another year of research and still not much new information has come forth. The school's resources are running out, how many more books could there be? I have to finish the book from yesterday by tonight, there's still hope" She headed out of the restroom, and towards the classroom she had been anxious to enter since her arrival at the school this year. "I wonder if anyone is there" Rafaela thought to herself as she straightened the strap of her bag on her shoulder and continued down the hall.


Strength: o5
Intelligence: o55
Agility: o5
Magic Points: 201,500
Magic Strength: o57.5
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Word Count: 819
Total Word Count: 3154
PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2013 8:07 pm
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The talk of the current events had quickly died down to nothing but a rumoured whisper. Things had calmed down. Which was good. Virgo wasn't a fan of the whole crazy people running mad and screaming thing. Virgo himself had already lost interest on the whole incident anyways. It wasn't affecting him so why should he have to worry about it anyways. His mind could be occupied with much more important topics anyways. Why linger on the things you cant control.. Or care too. Students now more relaxed and at ease began to occupy themselves with talk of class. That's right, classes were starting. It was the first day of the new year. This year was Virgo's second. If only it was his last! Virgo wasn't a huge admirer of the Academy. He couldn't say enough of how disinterested in magic he was. He couldn't use it right anyways, though that could just be due to his emotions. Whatever. It all came down to the fact that instead of going to class he could be out working and earning a pay check. Too Virgo money was the only thing that mattered! The only thing worth his time and effort. But no. He was here sitting in the stairway awaiting the beginning of another year at the NIAS. Thinking about it made his soul die a little. With a heavy sigh Virgo turned his focus towards a nearby clock. The time it read indicated that it was time for him to get up and head to class before he was late. Among all things getting in trouble on the first day wasn't something he was planning. Certainly wasn't something he wished to endure. So with no other options Virgo got up off his butt. However he had to take a second to collect himself. He wasn't feeling all that great and he was really feeling it now. His stomach was really bothering him. But pain was something he had learned to endure. So endure he would. Besides he was going to be late if he didn't hurry. So without further delay Virgo headed to his class room. This year it was 3-C. So that was where he headed directly.

Word Count - [ 368 ]
Word Total - [ 2,791 ]


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 10:57 pm
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Cyril ran down the hall, looking around him cautiously as he did. He focused his mana within him for a specific spell, one that could end a conflict quickly if necessary. If things escalated to such an intensity, there could be fatal consequences to staff and students. Cyril had learned about such a spell being so strong as to level cities and defeat dragons if fed too much power. The image of a leveled city came to mind and made him shudder. He pulled out Victoria from the case which also held her sheath but was attached to the case. Running down the hall, Cyril could see worried faces of staff as the opened their doors and looked out their classroom windows. Cyril knew it wasn't allowed to display his weapons openly but it was first instinct to have it at the ready when things got hot. Making a turn to the right and sliding down a railing on a set of stairs, Cyril was on the right floor. Feeling the vibrations and pull from the spell, Cyril knew he was getting closer. He didn't have to rely on special abilities to find something of such magnitude. A spell of the Black Magics always had a negative pull of Cyril. It was the reason he chose not to invest his time on them. It was destructive and paid homage to demons of another realm, something Cyril didn't find to be very fashionable to put it lightly. With the classroom in sight, Cyril bolted forward quicker and stronger.
Word Count: 4378
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:36 pm
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You must realize that FEAR is not real.
It is a product of thoughts you create.
Do not misunderstand. X XDanger is very real.
But FEAR is a c h o i c e.


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                                          After exiting the now lively library, she began heading towards the classroom again; she wasn't sure how things were there. Hopefully no one was too badly injured from the spell, things were just starting to get interesting before Dorien decided to shake things up, literally. No matter how she looked at this, there was no way that she could turn this around to be a positive; unless she decided to lie and say that they were just doing some sort of practice emergency routine. Who would actually believe that? There was no alternative, both her and Dorien would get into some sort of trouble for the damages that were created. Rafaela felt her face grow a little hotter at the possibility of her family finding out, a sigh escaped her lips as she tried to push the thoughts of her family to the back of her head. Before turning a corner, she paused briefly and pressed the palm of her hand to the top of her hair to pay the loose strands that were sticking out. Feeling all the cotton candy locks back in their place, she smiled a little bit satisfied with her appearance now that it was fixed.

                                          Continuing on the path, she noticed the students were still slightly confused by the events that had transpired in Class 2-A.
                                          "This is calmer than what I predicted, they will be fine being in the shadows a little bit longer" Rafaela thought. Some were looking at her for some advice or guidance as to what they should do, but she merely shook her head and suggested that they should speak with the faculty. Finally she spotted the sign that documented the number of the classroom; it was easy to spot when you've seen the class on many occasions. Walking pass students in the hallway, she reached out for the doorknob and without hesitation entered the classroom unaware of what would lie inside waiting for her.


Strength: o5
Intelligence: o75
Agility: o15
Magic Points: 201,500
Magic Strength: o70.5
Magic Accuracy: o52.5
Magic Defense: o57.5

Word Count: 325
Total Word Count: 6541

Black Angels Love

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:07 pm
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G u a r i n o t xx B e a u m o n t
User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

User Image Guarinot left his classroom, book bag slung over one shoulder and his notebook and pen in hand. Barely anything had been achieved in class today; disrupted as they all were by an individual named 'Dorien Shields'. Everyone in the school must have felt it. That power - breaking windows, scaring the students, and just because of a 'scare tactic'? What kind of student would he want to overshadow so desperately? A personal issue - or does Shields simply enjoying showing off such power when he can? He isn't my concern. Still, a part of me wishes to thank him. I know I'm only supposed to find my salvation and will in Him, Guarinot reached a staircase leading down to the ground floor and began hopping down them two at a time. But I feel he must send inspiration through other means. It is just up to us to interpret them. Dorien; you are my inspiration to become stronger. To protect innocent lives from power such as yours.

"Oof!" Guarinot felt the impact of someone hitting his side. He quickly turned, fixing his feet firmly on the ground while holding up the student that had knocked into him. "You alright?" The student nodded and quickly dashed off up the stairs. Odd. Guarinot shook his head and continued down the hallway, reaching a pair of vending machines. Guarinot had missed lunch and was starving. And training, studying, basically doing anything on an empty stomach was just not the best way to achieve results. Same with lack of sleep, and Guarinot feared he would suffer that if he didn't train himself into exhaustion tonight. Maybelle... I haven't had the proper time to mourn you yet. Or even come to terms with... it. Damn, I'm so sorry. Maybelle. The French teen pulled out his wallet from his book bag, pausing to shake the tremble from his right hand before diving into the coin pouch. The change jingled in his hand as he scanned the selection of drinks and snacks in the two machines.

No Aloe Vera? What about... peach tea? Lychee... Guarinot slotted in the coins, blue eyes watching his hand begin to tremble once more, forcing him to lean his hand against the metal surface so he could get the coins in. Guarinot picked up the drink and moved on to the next machine to get some food, just a bag of mixed nuts. He still didn't have much of an appetite - even with skipping breakfast and lunch. But he knew he needed the energy to keep his body going. He stored the goods in his bag, along with his wallet and turned to leave, continuing on to his intended destination.

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