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_____в α c k g r σ u n d

αģε ↸ Adult Mare

ģεṉḋεɾ ↸ Female

τÿρε ↸ Pegasus

εlεṃεṉτ øƒ hαɾṃøṉÿ ↸ N/A

øссυρατïøṉ ↸ Customer Service

αвïlïτïεṡ ↸ All Standard Pegasai Abilities

[color=darkred]сυτïε ṃαɾќ: ↸



h í s t σ r ч ↸ ➢ There really is not much to Say about RivenHeart. She lead a relatively normal (albeit introverted) foalhood consisting of two parents that were strangely fit to each other and a younger sibling who received all the praise of the world. she loved them with all her heart, though as she got older they began to go their separate ways because she could never seem to please them. Her parents were always strict and demanding, but gifted her well on holidays and most special occasions. Little to say, RivenHeart did not have very many friends and the pang of loneliness often ate at her because she was never really allowed to have many friends around. RivenHeart was desperate to have some sort of pride and appreciation from her family and that took presedence above all else. She never understood why, because her own personal dreams did not coincide with their own but she still sought their approval nonetheless. Because she was so introverted and focused on her family, RivenHeart never really left the house to do anything that a normal philly or foal would do, mostly because for most of her life, RivenHeart was a blank flank. She thought she had many talents, but was never good enough at one thing to be better than anyone else at it but that did not stop her from spending hours locked up in her own room either creating or learning- which her parents did not understand. Often times her solitude caused arguments to evolve quite easily. When not at home and was forced into other environments, RivenHeart refrained from other pony contact in fear and suspicion of the world around her, calculating every move in order to determine what was going to happen which often got her heart and soul cracked or broken but she put on a brave face anyway. However, RivenHeart did eventually leave her family to seek her own route in life, despite how hard it was. She enjoys her freedom, but she still has nagging and unorthodox demands from her past echoing in her head. It was only recently that she gained her cutie mark, after a breakup between her and her almost husband when he left her for another Mare in a very dramatic, very angry way that she really didn't understand. She fell into a despair that she hasn't quite redeemed herself from though it is a constant thing for her. She always falls for the wrong pony at the wrong time and has yet to find the right moment for anything. Her heart is always broken and she is convinced that she is not to find love again, though she tries to be happy as best as she can.

ρεɾṡøṉαlïτÿ ↸ ➢ Despite her VERY Mary sue like past, RivenHeart is proud because she is who she is, and no matter how hard she tries to change the flaws she was born with she knows that she can't and she attempts to stand tall and proud despite all of them. she doesn't let anyone stand in her way and will stand up for herself. RivenHeart is unbiased and try to look for the good things in life, trying to convince herself that everything has a reason. Even though she can come off as standoffish and shy and also occasionally fiery and brash since she does not let anyone push her around or tell her what to do, RivenHeart is very kind and caring and often times RivenHeart is over-emotional and how she feel is always a myriad of confusing things. she firmly believe all people alike deserve their second chance, no matter what they did. But if you break that chance a second time, RivenHeart is not afraid to subject you to punishment (but not without pity and regret). RivenHeart is can also be a bit annoying if she find out that secrets are being kept from her, and she WILL hang on to that until she find her answers. As long as you approach her with a sense of intelligence and dignity (or as long as she can see it buried underneath your act), she can be the most understanding friend you will have. Also, RivenHeart is extremely loyal to all those close to her, and will never betray them, even if they betray her. If they do break her trust and friendship, she will pretend to turn the other cheek until she is alone (which then she falls apart). Words and actions affect her greatly so be careful how you word things with her because RivenHeart is liable to take it seriously.

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ḋɾεαṃ ↸ To someday be loved by somepony special without hesitations.