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Invisible Prophet

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:49 am
I'm Solar Void. Known as Robbie in the third dimensional realm. Maybe one day I'll release a book or two, but I don't plan on centering my life around writing, instead I just do it for fun. So that being said, lets start this crazy adventure into the Void.

"Challenge One: New beginnings"

The fire tore through the forest, charging at the two in the form of a lion. The boy and girl ran through the forest with the fastest speeds their legs could produce. They both kept at the same pace without actually having meant to keep the same pace. It was almost as if the two were one being. Together they avoided obstacles and dangers while breaking limits they did not even know they could reach.

There was no time to be limited. No time to stop. If the two slowed down for even one second, the fire would devour their lives. They ran longer and farther, but the forest seemed to stretch forever on. It would have been pitch black out, if not for the fire behind them. Merlia, the girl, blamed the whole fire on herself while running. It had to be all her fault.

But the boy, Legend, had thought it to be all his own fault instead. If only he had kept his pride in check, maybe this could all have been averted. But now it was too late, time wasn't something that moved in reverse for Legend. But he definitely learned something. Never piss off a wizard.

Only maybe twenty minutes before, Merlia and Legend had been searching through the forest for a place to be alone. The two were a match made in heaven. Both of them were mischievous, but bloody brilliant. Legend was a fighter with many an epic story forged into his muscles.

Merlia was the brightest sorceress that the world had seen in ages. Even as youthful as she is, she could perform magic that makes the elders inflamed with jealousy. Although, brilliant as they were, they couldn't help but to get themselves in trouble. They are young, after all.

While finding themselves a private spot in the forest, the two had come across a group of Piddels. Piddels are little troublemaking balls of fur that have drills grown out of their bottoms that let them dig everywhere. Of course, Merlia was intoxicated when she saw the Piddels. They were so cute that she claimed to have no choice but to get a better look. Legend, of course, just wanted their private time to get here faster. But, his love of Merlia often made him weak to her will, and he agreed to get a closer look at the Piddles.

The two moved closer, and the Piddles greeted them with cute little chirping noises. Merlia loved the little things, and gave them all a kiss filled with an equal amount of love. Afterward, Merlia felt content, and agreed to keep moving to find a private spot. But Legend felt like he had to make Merlia happy, so he tried to take one of the Piddles with them, so that Merlia could forever keep this ball of sunshine with her.

But as Legend nabbed a Piddle and started to walk away, a figure begun to materialize before them. A dark wizard named Void had appeared before the two. "You foolish mortals, these Piddles are my servants, I have used them as very cute pawns in my attempt to lure souls in. Your souls are now forfeit, die and surrender to me!" Shouted the wizard.

Legend and Merlia both took a defensive step backwards, caught off guard and still somewhat in belief. But, their hesitance would be their downfall. The wizard, Void, put his hands out in front of him and connected them at the fingers to make the shape of a sphere. Inside the empty sphere, a feint orange light had appeared. In seconds, this feint orange light had grown into a ball of fire that engulfed the wizards hands.

Seeing this, Legend and Merlia both realized immediately, that this wizard was more powerful than even both of them combined. So they ran. And as they began to run, Void unleashed his ball of flame at them, and as it flew through the air, it grew into the shape of a lion and charged after them, destroying everything in its path.

And now Merlia and Legend have been running for what seems like an eternity, each blaming themselves for being what kills the other. As the thoughts more and more engulfed the two, the obstacles seemed to grow heavier and heavier. Eventually, the two tripped and fell. They could not get up in time. The lion consumed the two while they were filled with horrible thoughts about themselves.

The two souls flew through the forest back to Void. As they flew towards the wizard, he raised his left arm to reveal a bracelet with ten gems. The souls each flew into a gem, and the gems started glowing black. Looking at the gems, Void commented, "Jeez, these two died with such negativity. If I am to pass them on, I will need to clean them. The fools don't understand, this had to be done.

In the future, I will once again release their souls into the world. Not only will this future world be in dire need of two powers such as these, but the two will find that the time period there will be more suited to their liking. ----------------------New beginnings-----------------(DING DING DING, SPARKLES AND CONFETTI, WORD OF THE DAY, DING DING DING) aren't always easy, but in time these two will learn."
PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:30 pm
Number two! Cause and Effect. This'll be a short one.

"Reality is a dream right?" I said out loud to myself, peering into the mirror. "If reality is an illusion, a dream, then I can do anything I want and not worry." The me in the mirror laughed. "Well if you believe that, then maybe you should go test it out." Said the mirror me. I smiled at the mirror. "Well yeah, I guess I should!" So, feeling happy and full of confidence I went out.

I went to the mall, I started grabbing girls asses and making out with them. Some slapped me and some hated me. Some ran, and some were so scared that they just begged for me to stop. But some actually went with it, and enjoyed it. I thought to myself, s**t, maybe life really is an illusion. But I would never be sure this way. So I went around picking fights. I beat a couple of kids and one guy pulled a knife on me. So I killed him.

And it felt good. And nobody stopped me. The mall cops tried to stop me, but they ended up unconscious. So I decided to go watch a movie for free, because this was my dream and nobody could stop me. I walked up, opened the door, and went inside. I jumped over the counter, served myself popcorn and soda and grabbed myself some candy. People protested, but nobody stopped me. I went and watched a movie. Nobody stopped me.

I came out of the movie theater feeling amazing. I was God, there was nothing I couldn't do. And then some cops rolled up. They handcuffed me and violently shoved me in the car, they didn't even read me my Miranda rights. I was kept in a cold cell with a scary man who I accidentally killed because he tried to rape me.

In court, I was sentenced to the death sentence. They said I was being charged with rape, and murder, and assault, and vandalism, and all kinds of things. I pleaded that they could not do any of this to me. This was my dream, and I could do as I pleased. So instead, I was sent to a mental hospital. This hospital was hell.

The hospital, Void Minds, was not something I thought existed in life. After we went through those doors, I was taken to a swirling green pool in the ground. They threw me in. I was literally in hell.


Invisible Prophet

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Invisible Prophet

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:31 pm
Program Three: Peace of Mind.

Peace of mind is only a piece of me, and according to buddhists appears in the number three. Peace of mind makes me feel so free, with not even a fear of infinity. Peace of mind is like a great big tree, flowing in the harsh winds of insanity. Peace of mind is like the hive of a bee, where everything works together in harmony. Peace of mind is for those with the grade of C, and for those who take longs trips across the big blue sea. Peace of mind is the sin of sloth and gluttony, for those are the ones who are too peaceful to feel even the feeling of glee. Peace of mind is not for me, for I will be next Hokagee. Believe it.
PostPosted: Tue Oct 16, 2012 11:52 pm

Numero fouro
Childhood memories

I remember back to the days when we could soak up all the suns rays
I remember when darkness was a cloak for evil
I remember back when waking up just meant getting out of bed in the morning
I remember back when toys were such an upheaval
I remember the times our minds were soaring but now it either seems terrifying or oh so boring
now the darkness is my friend, and the seven sins are my heavenly lens for murder satisfies me oh so delightfully
But evermore the child inside is oh so frightened of me.
Two sides to every coin, with a layer in the middle.
Come here, said the devil, let me play you the fiddle
So down I went and froze just to oppose, but pigs learned to fly
So my sentence is nigh. Heaven rejected and hell tested, no prison cell no way for bail, just darkness.


Invisible Prophet

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Invisible Prophet

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:08 am
five is speed. here it comes.

He looked me in the eyes.
"Don't open that. Trust me, nothing good comes from opening that.
I looked him back in the eyes.
"There has got to be a way to stop this. My only answer is going to come from in that box. I have to open it. I have to stop this."
He shook his head.
"No, there is nothing to stop. Nothing is in that box, just an infinite amount of nothing. Don't do it. Please, heed my warning, I'm not your enemy. You don't need to know what is in that box, it will only torture you if you open it."
I shook my head back at him.
"I couldn't figure it out in the mirror. This is the only option left. I'm sorry, I've got to open it."
He grabbed my shoulders.
If you open that, and anything goes wrong, your going to have to fix it yourself. Once you void the warranty, your in charge of reconnecting all the wires and maintaining the conditions. You should never have to learn the skills needed to fix your own wires, it's nothing but torture."
I brushed his hands off of my shoulders and took hold of the box.
"You just don't get it. Other people are out there, weaker people are out there, and they have no clue what is going on around them. They haven't reached a level of awakening like this. Someone has to take responsibility for them."

I looked at the box.
I gripped the flaps.
I cut the tape.
I opened the box,
Oh god why did I ever open the box.
Time reversed, sped up, turned upside down. I could see all the frames of time, I could see our life, our reality, as one stagnant existance. I wasn't satisfied. Whose wall were we a picture on?
Just a bigger box. Open it up
Still in another box,
Forever and ever it goes on. My mind is working too fast, trying to comprehend the uncomprehendable.
If this went on forever, then wouldn't the biggest box somewhere be inside of the tiniest box somewhere else?
Are you serious? Is this real?
It goes on
forever recycled
only to create the same products.
The wires began coming loose.
I'm going to fast
everything is blurring.
I can hear beautiful bells playing in the backround.
it feels like a hot snake is rising up inside of me
my brain is exploding.
I can see the sounds
I can see the lights
I can see the smells
I can hear his thoughts.
Oh god why did I ever open the box.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:59 pm
out of order, gilding a lily as 6 and mayhem as 7
So, gilding a lily~

There my eyes lay, upon the most magnificent beauty I had ever thought to exist. She had sparkling misty bright green eyes, to match my deep dark emerald eyes. Her hair was the most beautiful shade of red that could ever be, and her skin was perfectly snow white. Out on the lily in the middle of the lake she sat, peering into the sky, the moon making her glow brilliantly. Every night I would visit her, we would sit and talk for hours. I would always be exhausted an tired at school the day after, and everyone always asked me why I never slept.
I loved her with all my heart, and I couldn't bear to go a night without her. I was the only human she ever made contact with, but she loved me all the same. Every night when she could take form, I would visit her. We would talk and laugh and be the happiest two you would ever see. It was heaven. Nothing was better.
But one day a group of kids from school who always gave me s**t got curious as to why I was always tired. They staked outside my house one night and followed me to the lake. The lake only appeared on nights when the moonlight would hit the middle of the forest, and that is the only time she could appear, for she was the lake in its entirety, yet she was just an illusion the lake created so she could peer into the stars and watch the beautiful moon as it covered her in a golden silky glow.
I had no idea they followed me, and as I was talking with her, they ambushed us. I got hit in the back of the head with something, and a bright light burst in front of my eyes as my ears rang like a worldwide alarm had gone off to warn us of an alien attack. But, they had figured me to be unconscious after an attack like that, so as they kidnapped her and took her away, I could watch which direction they went towards.
With something wet covering the back of my head and spreading, I followed them. I lost them at first, but the idiots were noisy and stupid, and left tracks everywhere. Tracking them down was easy, I followed them through the woods to an abandoned cabin. Silently, I approached a window and carefully peered in. There she was, still as beautiful as ever, crying her eyes out while they tied up her hands and legs.
The idiots were loud and had alcohol with them. They were arguing about who would go first. The biggest and strongest one intimidated the others, he won the rights of alpha male, and first serve. As he started to unbuckle his pants I began to lose my temper. I powerfully walked over to the door, with rage in my every movement.
I kicked the door, and it flew off its hinges and into the wall across the room. The two who had lost jumped, but when they saw me their eyes turned back into a grin. I walked up to the one closest to me, who had a baseball bat. He swung, but I was too fast. I stepped into his arms and threw his swing off, then I thrusted my fingers into his ribs so hard that i penetrated him. I grabbed one of his ribs and snapped it off, and tore it out.
His friend watched in horror as I filled him with endless amounts of holes, ripped him open, tore out his guts, and eventually left him as nothing but a horrifyingly gruesome mess of human parts on the ground. I turned to his friend, and my eyes were bloodshot red. I must have looked like something that God himself would fear. Fearing for the amount of time I had left, I made short work of this one.
Upon running into the room, I found I was too late. He was thrusting into her as she cried out in agony, and he was laughing hysterically. There was blood coming from between her legs. I was also covered in a different kind of blood.
But then, something inside of me broke. I felt multiple snaps in the back of my head. I reached out into the air with my hand, like I was grabbing something I couldn't see. He stopped laughing. I lifted my hand. He lifted into the air. I spun him around and pulled him towards me until he could see into the reds of my eyes.
"I will tear your reality to shreds. You will be the single most tortured soul that has ever existed, and I will place you in a time loop so that you relive this torture forevermore. Even if you could turn back time and fix this, I would go back in time and find you. You've made your last mistake."
I said to him as I set his brain on fire with my mind. He was already shrieking in horror and misery and terrible agony as I slowly poked holes in his perception of reality, one by one, connecting these holes to dimensions of nothing but terror and pain, sort of like what I did to his friend's body, but to his mind instead. Pushing him back up into the air, I created a fold in between existences, and pushed him into a time loop. He disappeared, for he did not make it past that moment of time when I pushed him in.
I backed up and sat down against a wall. In this moment of horror and agony, I had become on par with a God. She had sat up and was already wiping the tears out of her eyes. They sparkled even more beautifully then usual. She crawled over to me and cuddled up into my arms.
She spoke to me as I felt my heartbeat slowing, "You know you have to die now. What you did for me just now consumed all of your life force. Why did you do it, I'm not even real? I'm not even human."
I kissed her on the top of the head and squeezed her in my arms tighter. "Because, this is what love does. Love crosses the borders between reality and even life. This was not a chemical reaction that allowed me to lift a man into the air with my mind. But now its over for me. Go, find a forest on some mountain far away from these evil humans. "
She pushed against me with her body. "No. If you die here then so do I." And as she finished these short words, my soul left my body. I saw her tears start again as she turned to my chest and sobbed. I didn't feel anything. I just drifted away, like I was floating down a river. It got brighter and brighter and brighter. Until.



Invisible Prophet

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Invisible Prophet

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2012 12:26 am
7- Mayhem

Sitting in a throne in an empty field. The sky was white, just an empty canvas. It wasn't dark out, but it wasn't bright either. Very very far in the distance in all directions, there seemed to be fire. There was no day or night here, just me, the field, and my throne. There wasn't a more insane place in this universe. Why we were even here, I didn't know. When I say we, I am referring to myself in multiple forms.

Multiple personalities. With nobody else out here to talk to, I just started talking to myself. Just sitting in my throne, talking to myself. I could stand up, and walk away from my throne, but that wouldn't make any more sense than me sitting in the throne. I would just walk through an endless field, I would find Nothing, and forever I would just walk. Sitting on the throne was at least something, it was comfortable.

I would know. I tried it once. I thought, there is fire in the distance, and that is something. Maybe I can reach it, and something would happen. But I walked and walked, and it felt like every step I took towards the fire, pushed the fire away with an opposite and equal force. I wasn't getting any farther or closer. So I went back to my throne, and sat. I sat and talked to myself, coming up with an endless amount of stories for what could be or what could have been.

One time I even looked up. The white-blank canvas above me was just as endless as the field. I thought maybe I could fly up into it, and it even scared me at first. After I got over the fear, I was really hoping I would actually fly up into it. But nothing happened. Nothing good, nothing bad. Just... nothing happened. So in my throne I sat. Just talking, and waiting for Nothing.

After coming up with so many stories between myself, I started to be able to project my stories into the field around me. At first, I just started with little fun things. I could create ice and fire, I could get the grass to be a little taller or a little shorter. I could make the fire in the back ground seem like it was a different colors. Same with the blank white sky, I could change the color with my mind. But I had to hold the color with my will, If I relaxed and let go, everything went back to the way it was.

But I started getting stronger. The ice turned into hailstorms. The fire turned into burning tornadoes that scorched endless amounts of the field. I could turn the field into a jungle or a swamp, or even a mountain. I could turn the fire into different objects. I could make it into space, into clouds, into towns, into computer walls, into anything. The blank white canvas sky just became a giant canvas for me to paint and draw on. I could make shapes and draw pictures. I could control it like the fire in the back ground as well, but it was more fun to draw on the sky.

My willpower became stronger and stronger. As I sat in my throne, I could create life. I could make planets, the universe. I could make millions of myself on put them on planets. I could make spirits and ghosts. I could make systems of un imaginable complexity. But in the end, I always got bored and ended up just talking to myself on the throne in the field. No matter how powerful I got, it always came back to the field.

But one day I ruined everything. I started to think about myself. I started to question how I appeared in this field, how I came to be. I didn't care how long I had been here, it was all the same moment to me. Time was just a function for me to apply anyway. I started to wonder how I could think, how I could make multiple personalities. I started to wonder what allowed me to create things from willpower. I started to wonder where my willpower came from, what created my willpower.

Soon, everything begun to fall apart. The white sky started to leak onto the field, and the fire in the back ground started to crack and fall away. The ground around me started to break off and fall into infinity. I wasn't sure if my own powers had gone berserk and I no longer had control, or if there was something more, some mental wire that held everything together, and when I started thinking certain thoughts I tripped the wire and activated a sequence of destruction.

But through it all one thing never changed. There I sat in my throne. Doing nothing at all.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:45 am
Umm number eight. the number of infinity and life and stuff. The subject is New Romance. I made this story very loosely based on this subject. It is also somewhat a bit of a fanfic because I've been addicted to rune factory 3 lately. So yeah, future me, enjoy!

It was still early in the morning. About seven oh clock. I was groggily pouring my heart out into some sushi that I was preparing for a special woman. I had just recently discovered her love of fish. It was somewhat unexpected, because her adopted daughter was actually a mermaid, and eating fish was borderline cannabalism for her. Therefore Shino, the mom, always had to have squid whenever it came to seafood. Not even shrimp was acceptable.
I wrapped the sushi up and placed it inside a nice box. It was still early, but Shino usually got up before her daughters. I grabbed a piece of toast and headed out the door.
It was bright outside. Painfully bright, at first. Eventually though, my eyes adjusted. The walk wasn't long, seeing as how she lived only a few blocks away. Our town was quite the small town anyway, and I noticed how I seemed to be the first person awake as I made my way over to the hotel that Shino ran with her daughters.
They both lived in the hotel and did business there.
I was surprised to find Shino already outside looking into the pond in front of the hotel. She noticed me rather quickly and her face seemed to brighten.
"Soul, its nice to see that you actually get up in time to enjoy the mornings. Unlike my daughters, even though all three of you are the same age." She said to me. I smiled brightly at her, taking in her beautiful Japanese appearance. She always wore a kimono, it was supposed to be part of her appeal as the head of a japanese style hotel.
"Nah, don't blame them. I'm the weird one. After all, I'm half demon and live in a giant tree!" I said jokingly. Shino laughed and shook her head.
"Oh Soul, your always so full of sunshine. Actually I have a favor to ask of you, I wanted to go collect some mushrooms for making meals for the hotel, but since I'm always in charge I usually never have time to search the Valley. I know your always out training and fighting, so could you possibly take me to the cliff out in the Valley and help me find some mushrooms?" She asked me. I felt my insides tighten. The woman I secretly loved was asking me to go out with her alone, and on the day I had made her some sushi. Things could not get anymore perfect.
I agreed to accompany her, but only on the condition that she hold my arm like we were a fancy couple. She seemed delighted about my condition and agreed. Only an hour later we found ourselves at the cliffs. Shino sat near the edge of the cliff and looked out at the ocean as I searched around for some mushrooms.
"You know, Soul, this is the first time I've seen the ocean in about five years. I had forgotten how beautiful it was. I used to be in a very rough line of work, similar to yours, living by the blade. But during my travels I discovered this place and found I loved it here. I couldn't leave." She confided in me, while I was looking for mushrooms.
"Hey Shino," I said, "I found a good patch of mushrooms!" I stated victoriously. She smiled at me.
"Oh Soul, I'm sorry, I didn't actually want to look for mushrooms. I lied so that you would take me out here so I could enjoy these sights with you." She confessed to me. I blushed and smiled at the same time.
"Well if thats true, why don't we take a break and have a little picnic meal here? I actually have some sashimi and sushi with me right now. I heard it was your favorite but I know with Paia there that you never actually get to eat any. She would think your a murderer." I shared optimistically. Shino's face at first seemed surprised, even shocked a little. But then she blushed and actually turned her head away a little bit, looking like a young shy girl. It was cute on another level.
"Oh soul, your amazingly sweet. My daughter is lucky to be engaged to a man like you. If I weren't so old I would try to steal you in an instant." She said to me, sitting down as I opened the box and unwrapped the fish.
"Actually Shino I have a confession to make. I do love your daughter, Sayuka, but truthfully... well this is hard to say. Shino, I'm in love with you and only you. Ever since I first laid eyes on you that day in the hotel, I have felt the coals start to burn at the bottom of my stomach. Over time as I visited the hotel more and more, under the disguise of trying to spend time with Sayuka, the fire grew inside me. I spent more time wih you, and got to know you better and better, and one day I found that I was a walking sun, burning the element of love made only for you.
My entire nineteen years of life have been filled with nothing but miraculous, and wonderful moments, but I have never truly felt love for anyone other than you. This is truly my first romance." I confessed, intensely. It felt like my heart was Goku, trying to blast its way out of my chest. Shino put her hands up to her face, trying to cover her expression. She couldn't hide it though, she was starting to cry. I felt like the world ended, I messed up bad.
But then she got up and walked over to me, knelt down and kissed me. She didnt stop kissing me either. For the next two hours, we made love.
I found myself sitting against a tree, with Shino cuddled up against me as we ate the rest of the fish. finally she spoke the first words either of us had spoken in two hours.
"Soul, I also love you. And just like you said, I also have this entire time. But you know, it can't happen. We're too far apart in age. Plus, your already engaged to my daughter. She loves you as much as we love eachother. Please Soul, be satisfied with the time we spent together today. We can always be together, but we can't be with eachother. Please make my daughter happy." She seemed to plead with me, still pressed up against me. I held her tight as I answered.
"I hate to admit it, but I've known this is how it was going to be since the very start. Just... let me hold you for a while longer."And she did indeed let me hold her for a while longer, for she did not want to leave the moment we had created any more or less than I did. But eventually, we packed up and headed back to the hotel. We brought a bunch of mushrooms back inside the box, and agreed to never speak of what happened, and only carry it in our hearts forever.
Back at the hotel, Sayuka ran to me and jumped into my arms. We kissed then said goodbye to Shino as we headed out to spend some time together. Shino and I made eye contact, both sad that we had to leave eachothers side.
Sayuka practically dragged me along as we headed towards her favorite meadow. "Hey Soul, did you know today is my moms birthday? That's why me and Paia watched the shop for her while you two were out looking for mushrooms. I hope she had fun, because she's going to be your mother in law one day!" She told me. I was incredulous, no one had mentioned it was Shino's birthday.
"It's her birthday? She didn't mention that at all. In fact, no one seemed to mention that at all!" I said, still trying to figure out if Sayuka was joking or not.
"Really! Jeez Soul I wouldn't lie to you. She just doesn't like telling people. My mom is a very mysterious person." Sayuka told me. The rest of the trip with Sayuka was filled with pointless chatter and lovey dovey talk between two soon to be married love birds. But one thing was on my mind the entire time. Shino had chosen me of all people to spend time with. I had accidentally made her favorite meal for her on her birthday. We made love on her birthday. It was truly my first and last romance.  


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