II Deagle II
I have some Wraiths, Immortals all primed and ready to go. and my Command barge.... ohh how i am gonna dred that kit. I have to keep my eyes on the prize haha otherwise ill end up with another half started army, haha. though iv been thinking about making a Nids army. based around heavy hitters and Garg's

Its funny that u mentioned Tau,cause this kinda got me thinking about a Cool Tau theme. ( Iv heard rumor Tau are next to be Updated, so i might wait on that)
Ooo, I vote Wraiths, those are one of my favorite Necron models.

And yeah, that's my problem. I have 4 armies, but only one that's really table-top ready, and I'm about to reboot the visual theme of them as well. x.X;;