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Name: Sasori Tamaguchi
Nickname: Sori | Riri
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 140 lbs.
Age: 17
Birthday: 12-31-1994
Home Town: Iccirus City
Orientation: Bi
Likes: Gum, Reading, Swimming, Soccer, Video Games, Learning everything and anything about pokemon, Battling/Raising pokemon, Rain, Walking under a crescent or full moon, Snow
Dislikes: Pokemon Abusers, Cocky people, Judgemental people
Fears: Being alone in a world where no one acknowledges him.
- Pokemon Master
- Meet Legendary pokemon
- Cooks
- Sings
- Soccer
- Photography
Status: Trainer
Favorite Types: Dark, Grass, Water, Psychic, Ghost
Least Favorite Types: Fire, Steel, Poison
Personality: Kind, Caring, Thoughtful, Good listener, Understanding, Short tempered, Smart
History: Sasori along with his younger brother Ren and his parents reside in Iccirus City. Growing up, Sasori's knowledge came from his parents for his mother was a Pokemon Breeder and his father was a Pokemon Researcher. He enjoyed the knowledge that was given to him along with playing with pokemon that his parents provided him. Eventually, as Sasori grew up he realized that it didn't suit him to pursue an educational life like that of his parents. Of course he did manage to retain all the previous knowledge he acquired when he was younger, but the rush of battling was what had him. He decided to go on a journey battling gym leaders and trainers and then eventually to enter the Pokemon League. His goal is to become the Pokemon Champion, but knowing that's a long shot, he also wants to be a gym leader.