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Profitable Lunatic

PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 2:59 am
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Cori watched as Wesley cloned multiple versions of himself around her. She stopped in her stride, whipping her head around at the five of them. She didn’t know which one was the real Wes, and that didn’t make her very happy. She scowled as she looked between them all. Her attention shifted, and then stayed on one. Her concentration distracted.

The jolt came quick, but it resonated within her. Shocking throughout her body with almost enough electricity to lurch her to the ground, but she managed to keep her footing.

Her eyes finally focused her surroundings as the as the situation dawned on her. Her brother and Cohen going at it, Chris was dead on the ground and then Wes . . . She whipped around just as he tightened his hands around her throat. His hand tightened around her neck, chocking, suffocating. Tears welled up in her eyes as she found it harder to breathe.

Her hand grasped at his pulling at them in an attempt to help her breathe, scratching and clawing at his hands, trying to pry them away so that she could breathe. That is, until Cori looked Wes in the eyes. His pain evident, she could see that within his eyes, tears spilling down his cheeks. She couldn’t blame him. He was doing what was right, what needed to be done. He had every right to. After everything she had done . . . it needed to end like this. It had to.

So her hands fell from his knowing she had no right to stop him.

Her head was getting heavy, her lids drooping, tears still falling. With the little strength she had, she raised her hand to his face, wiping his tears away with the back of her fingers. A tiny smile graced the corners of her lips and she whispered a wordless, “I love you.” And she meant it with the whole of her heart, a heart that would always belong to him, even as it stopped silent at his hands.


{{OOC:And now I cry crying }}

Falling Up the Stairs
PostPosted: Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:06 am
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Cohen took his eyes of his concentration to look for Alek for a few seconds, watching as that kid Wesley killed his little tool. It scowled. That was his best weapon. Just as he went to refocus on finding Alek, the boy reappeared right in front of him. Managing to take a step back just in time for his neck to miss the blade, he wasn’t quick enough for it to bury itself in his shoulder. <********> He said with an audible hiss. “Wow, never thought you had it in you, though I also never thought you would stand by and let your sister die. Guess I’ve been surprised twice today.” He said looking over at Alek as he clutched his shoulder, blood seeping through his fingers.

He straightened his stance, keeping his eyes on Alek. “How’s that feel though? Your sister’s death? Does it hurt yet? Or did you never really care. After all, she was always such a burden, such a disgrace . . . so much like your father. She lost her mind years ago so did you ever know her?” He said, tauntingly. “She was just an easily manipulated tool, but you, you would have made an excellent leader of my army. Pity you have to die.” He said, saddened by the thought.

A sinister smirk then lined his features. “Corinne on the other hand, didn’t need to die, and that’s not for my benefit. Few drugs, maybe some counselling and her mind would have been all cleared up.” He said, knowing the pain it would cause Alek. “But hey, death works just as well. It is a shame though; she was a useful little tool while she lasted.” He said taking his hand from the wound on his shoulder. If he was going to take Alek on, he couldn’t dwell on the pain in his shoulder.

{o o c: Cohen is an a**-hat emotion_donotwant }

Falling Up the Stairs


Profitable Lunatic

1x1 & 1x2 RP's (Anything like that!)

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