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To overthrow Olympus is to commit suicidal treachery... 

Tags: Percy Jackson, Mount Olympus, Greek Gods, Battle, Violence 

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David Teach [ Gregory Way ]

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iUberUber l33t

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:32 pm

☆═━ Judas [x] Teach ━═☆

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:33 pm
Bi r t h [x] C e r t i f i c a t e

I was born with this name:
《 David Judas Teach 》
However, if you call me that, I'll kill you. Use this instead:
《 Judas, or Davey to those close to me 》
My mother screamed on:
《 December 14 》
That makes me:
《 I didn't bother to keep count 》
If you hadn't guessed, I'm a:
《 Male 》
My mother is:
《 Well...I would ask my dad. I don't remember that part of my life 》
My father is:
《 Apollo, god of Music 》


iUberUber l33t

iUberUber l33t

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:35 pm

E x t r a [x] S h i t

Sharp, pointy objects:

▹ I tend to stick with cutlasses because of their powerful swing.
▹ I'm also quite handy with any long-range weapons, thanks to my father.
▹ Although I dislike them, I can also use spears quite efficiently.

I have powers:

▸ I am very inclined toward music, which is singing, dancing, and such.
▸ My aim is impeccable.
▸ I can actually do some pretty deep hypnotism, especially toward those who are weak in the mind. Children of Athena are rather impervious to it, though.

I live for:

✓ Nighttime
✓ Bloodshed
✓ Hunting
✓ Music
✓ Hanging out with Apollo

I loathe these:

✗ Physical contact with Apollo
✗ Thoughts of past life
✗ Crosses and other signs of Christianity
✗ Silver
✗ Canines, especially wolves

Don't tell anyone:

✰ I am a demigod, yes, but thanks to a
vampire bite from Dracula himself I am immortal.
✰ Any sort of silver or stake through my chest would kill me. Silver crosses burn my skin, similarly to physical contact with my father. Thanks to him being my father, though, I can stand the sunlight.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:36 pm

A [ t e r r i b l e ] R e s u m e

It all started when Chrysanthe got all panicky. It happens every couple decades; Hades disappears into the mortal realm, has a few affairs, and returns to the Underworld a happy god. However, Chrysanthe told us something was different, and I believed her when she said it. She would know far better than I.

Through searching, he couldn't be found. Not even with mirrors, black sand, or the dark of night. None of us could find any trace of him, and this worried Chrysanthe further. Then the gods started to disappear from the world. I didn't notice some as quickly as others, but the two that I noticed immediately were Apollo and Zeus. Of course I would notice my father and the king of gods! They were the two that were familiar to me. It wasn't much later that the demigods arrived, two of them. They explained what was going on with Jolt, Max, and myself listening in from the next hall. Shu, my younger half-brother, had taken over Olympus by sealing the gods away. Details came later, at which time I called Aretha (who was working in a bar again, mind you!).

Before Aretha even arrived, I went to Camp Half-Blood to get myself caught and put up for auction, where I was taken in by Grey and Tasya. I'm around Tasya more, and though I'm stuck in the Underworld again, it doesn't cause a problem with information flow, most of the time. I honestly hope to get back to Chrysanthe and free Apollo really soon. I hope I can join in, too.


iUberUber l33t

iUberUber l33t

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:38 pm
A s k [ x ] A n y o n e

I'm a caring individual, if I like you. If I don't like someone, I make it known, and I make sure that I'm straightforward. I'm impatient, and I dislike games of wordplay. Around people I don't know, I'm always grinning, secretive. I don't like to give up too much information, considering I don't trust very many people. I never have been a trusting person, especially since my days in charge ended at Maximilian and my father's hands.

Around my father, I'm different than I am around anyone else. I can almost call myself goofy, since I just get a little...well, relaxed when he pays attention to me. Like a school kid when their daddy says how proud they are? It's like, when he's around me, it just shows that he approves of me. It makes me really happy and fuzzy, despite the fact that I'm technically dead and not supposed to feel emotion.

When I'm around those that I trust, I throw in as much as I can to help, and if help isn't needed, I sit back and let everyone else have their moments. I'm very relaxed if I like the people I'm around, but can be an a** to everyone i don't like.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 2:39 pm
r e l a t i o n s h i p s

x oxo oxo
xlikes xox dislikes x crush/dating

xxxxx★★★★ I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually seek your company... You're a best friend, don't ******** up.
xxxxx★★★★ Not particularly close. I like your company well enough but I don't specifically seek you out.
xxxxx★★★★ We're on fine terms. We're not friends but I don't dislike you or anything but we don't talk.
xxxxx★★★ No. Not friends. We brush each other by, no dislike but we just don't know each other that well.
xxxxx★★★★ I couldn't care less about you. You literally don't even get on my radar. I'm sure you're heartbroken.

xxxxx☁☁☁☁ I couldn't dislike you if I tried. You know, like a puppy who shits everywhere but you still love him...
xxxxx☁☁☁☁ You're annoying. I'll try to keep my distance if you do the same.
xxxxx☁☁☁☁ Yeah, you get on my nerves... Like, a lot. Get lost, okay, I'd rather not be in the same vicinity.
xxxxx☁☁☁ Don't push me, I will hit you. Don't forget that. You piss me off majorly.
xxxxx☁☁☁☁ ******** off! Just find yourself a nice bridge and jump from it.

xxxxx❤❤❤❤ Nothing. I don't feel anything in a romantic sense for you. What can I say? Sorry?
xxxxx❤❤❤ You are visibly attractive, I'll admit that much however you won't catch me asking you out anytime soon.
xxxxx❤❤❤❤ Attractive and a little bit more. I feel something for you. You brighten my day a little...
xxxxx❤❤❤❤ Wow, uhh, feeling a little light headed around you. You're just special somehow... S-Special.
xxxxx❤❤❤❤ I just... I just can't do this! I'm falling in love with you and I just can't do this again!

xxxxxA P O L L O ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:I've always held a special affinity for my father. He and I have always gotten
:tab::tab:along great, and since I was his first immortal child...well, we're very close
:tab::tab:since we've literally spent centuries together. Sure, I get a little jealous when
:tab::tab:he goes to visit his demigod kids, but I never really held it against him. After
:tab::tab:all, he's all I've really got to my family now.

xxxxxA R E T H A x S O L E I L x T E N N Y S O N ★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:I can't stand Aretha. She is such a pain! And Dad sides with her all the time!
:tab::tab:Like when she tries to shoot me with arrows? He tells her how to better hit me!
:tab::tab:I know he doesn't actually want me to die from this, but I can't see him stopping
:tab::tab:any time soon. She loves to show off her body in disgusting manners (i.e. stripping
:tab::tab:and pole dancing), so I generally get her in trouble that way.

xxxxxS H U x J I x C H A N G ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Shu is my least favorite sibling. He betrayed all of us by sealing away the gods,
:tab::tab:our shared father included. Of course, this was all because he never had the lime
:tab::tab:light! He's absolutely ridiculous, to think he'll be getting away with this. I'm
:tab::tab:not going to pull any punches when I finally get close enough to absolutely beat
:tab::tab:him...he'll pay for sealing Dad away.

xxxxxL E E x T A E Y A N G x C H A N G ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Despite how jealous I was of how much attention Dad gave him, Lee was one of my
:tab::tab:favorite guys. I personally can't go to Camp Half-Blood, but there are times I
:tab::tab:wish I could have so that I could have at least talked to him before...well, before
:tab::tab:all this. He was a really cute kid, and I honestly hope that, in the midst of all
:tab::tab:this, he found his way to Elysium.

xxxxxM A R I E x L E S L I x T H E R I O T ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Marie actually falls under the same category as Shu. She was just as happy about
:tab::tab:taking over as Shu was! It bothers me to no end, especially since she wanted all
:tab::tab:of Aphrodite's things! There were children of Aphrodite on their side, so I don't
:tab::tab:really understand why she wanted Aphrodite's things so badly! As long as I live,
:tab::tab:I'll consider her even with the "Slut Queen" herself...

xxxxxC H O U K O x K I M x S A S A K I ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Chouko's actually pretty fun! She's a nice girl, and very energetic. The best
:tab::tab:thing about her, though, is the fact that she's pretty good about not giving in.
:tab::tab:Everyone needs that stubborn part of themself to stick to their values, because
:tab::tab:when time continues and doesn't wait for those around you, all that you have is
:tab::tab:the values that you leave behind when you finally depart.

xxxxxM A X I M I L I A N x Z A Y N x D U N H A M ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Maximilian is my husband, actually. We have an open marriage, considering that we
:tab::tab:are both given to our instincts, and generally, staying with one mate is a difficult
:tab::tab:thing for any humanoid. Together, we actually cannot reproduce (considering we're
:tab::tab:both male), but a long time ago in Germany, I actually had a daughter. Her name is
:tab::tab:Andrea, and we tend to avoid each other if possible.

xxxxxC H R Y S A N T H E x A G L A I A x A R M A N I ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤
:tab::tab:It's hard to describe the relationship between Chrysanthe and I. You see, she's
:tab::tab:an illegitimate kid, actually, which no one really knows. She is Maximilian's true
:tab::tab:partner, and she keeps the peace in the godly realm. The both of them go through a
:tab::tab:lot of work to keep that whole thing together. She's hardworking, and we only really
:tab::tab:interact when we have to.

xxxxxJ A C O B x A N D R E W x W I L L I A M S ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Jake - or Jolt, as we know him as - is a son of Zeus. He's a smart a** most of
:tab::tab:the time, which is aggravating sometimes, but he can pick up cues from Chrysanthe
:tab::tab:quite well on when to keep his mouth shut, which probably saves his rump in most
:tab::tab:situations. He's actually a little concerned with me, and it's the whole...well...
:tab::tab:vampire thing, I think.

xxxxxG R E G O R Y x A M A D E U S x W A Y ★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Gregory is, well...He's my "master." When I was caught and put up for auction, it
:tab::tab:seems as though he was asked to buy me by his girlfriend, Tasya. I don't really
:tab::tab:like him, especially from Tasya's little comments on how he's always searching for
:tab::tab:his dead girlfriend. I mean, I shouldn't get emotionally attached to her, but I
:tab::tab:don't like Grey for how she's neglected.

xxxxxA N A S T A S I A x G R A C E x R O S E W O O D ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:If I wasn't there strictly for spywork, I would be great friends with Tasya. She's
:tab::tab:very caring, and has let me feed from her a few times. You see, she wanted a companion,
:tab::tab:and also wanted to get back at Grey, which I readily helped her with. I taught her
:tab::tab:some flirting tricks, and she uses them on me. In truth, I'm not sexually interested
:tab::tab:in her, but I do wish we could be friends.

xxxxxK A T H R Y N x G R A C E x A R L O V S K A Y A ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Kat is Shu's girlfriend. I shouldn't really dislike her, but anyone that is so
:tab::tab:close with Shu rubs me the wrong way. I mean, especially those who are so blindly
:tab::tab:devout to him. She burned her eyes for him, which kinda creeps me out. I really
:tab::tab:can't stand her (though it's more of Shu's fault than hers) and I don't want to
:tab::tab:talk to her...like, ever.

xxxxxH A D E S ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Hades is a bit of a pest sometimes. He's overprotective of Chrysanthe, and very
:tab::tab:childish about it. And yet, he's a hypocrite. He would leave Chrysanthe in total
:tab::tab:control of the Underworld for years at a time to soothe his own sex problems and
:tab::tab:have a romantic relationship with a girl. I understand a one-night stand with a
:tab::tab:girl, but a full relationship? And kids? Come on...

xxxxxA T H E N A ★★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Athena's nice, and I generally turn to her when I need advice. She's insightful
:tab::tab:and intelligent, but the whole chastity vow makes me wonder about my father's need
:tab::tab:to have a relationship with her. She's nice, and very sweet. Hell, I've hugged
:tab::tab:her in the past. She's motherly, even with the whole braingasm thing or whatever
:tab::tab:she has to do to make the kids.

xxxxxN E A L A ★★★ | ☁☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤❤
:tab::tab:Ahh, little Nea. I don't interact with her much, but she causes Chrysanthe and
:tab::tab:Max a lot of trouble. He has had to restore her immortality a few times when she
:tab::tab:angered Chrysanthe enough in her youth, though she's been better over the past few
:tab::tab:centuries. I hope she matures soon, because all she does is torment Chrysanthe.
:tab::tab:I don't know why, but it really bothers me...

xxxxxR A H A S Y A x E L L A - L I ★★★★ | ☁☁☁ | ❤❤❤
:tab::tab:She's a brat. A brat! Just like Shu. She's so angry with her mother for locking
:tab::tab:her in her room, but I'm pretty sure Hera had a reason. Why wouldn't she? I mean,
:tab::tab:seriously, Zeus needs to be kept away from his kids. Especially the girls. Look
:tab::tab:at Persephone! He tricked her into sleeping with him (he disguised himself as
:tab::tab:Hades, long story short) and she wound up pregnant!

iUberUber l33t

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