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Angela ❝Angel❞ Hopewell
►If you say im such an Angel im just going to have to show you how much of a devil that i can be◄

『ℓets start α t тhe вegining』

I go by the name of: Angela Hopewell
But, please call me: Angel, or Hope
If you must know i am: 16.
I am obviously a: Female.[i]
I dont like to brag, but i am: [i]The girl from the legand.

『α ℓittle тrivia』

I am told that i act: Stubborn, carefree, short tempered, hyper, clumsy, some times panicky, and preasured.
My life story is long, it would surely bore you so I've shortened it: Angel's father left her, and her mother before she was born, and her mother died shortly after giving birth, so she didnt know either of them. She grew up in an orphanage where the Nuns kept her hidden from the Empire. That is until she turned sixteen, and the Sky Pirates visited their town. Now Angel is off on the adventure that she always dreamed of. And, its to late to turn back now.
I love:
☑The sky.
☑Noisy areas.
But I very strongly dislike:
[i]☒The dark.

I am: 5'5.
I fight with: Bow, and long sword.

『ℓast, вut иot ℓeast』

Oh i forgot to mention: I cant dance at all, so if you dont want any injuries dont force me to dance.
Who am i crushing on? Well that would be: Wouldnt you like to know?
The Puppet master behind my actions is: Luna_Meharego_Shee_Elee.