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DieKraft Fe-Amon Wrote:

This is acceptable, I do apologize for the late reply, it has been a VERY busy month and this month hopefully will be a little less eventful! ^^
(Complexity of items will determine the price, the more details added the higher it goes.)

K, Thanks Lady K. Hopefully things stay a little more easy going for you, nothing more annoying than life becoming hectic. kk, good to know about the price. Does that mean I don't start a trade for any amount till you work on it and give me a price quote?
No-- your price and form are both correct ^^. I just do not have a moment to start them is all :3 Will get to them and let you know when I do so you can start the trade! ^^
Okay, I wan't sure by the wording of the stuff in the brackets of your previous post.