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The Ravinhill City files: A day not forgotten (Anthro RP)

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What if you found yourself mixed with an animal breed? Would you save your city or try to take it over? 

Tags: manimal, anthro, humans, animals 

Reply The Ravinhill City files: A day not forgotten (Anthro RP)
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Britt Nightshade

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:43 pm
Her suspicions all night came to an end as her thoughts were right, his hands had the appearance of being raised in particular areas that calloused wouldn't reach unless he was a hard worker to the core with his hands in the past. Each little stroke with her glove was rough like harden skin like a dog's pad, but had the tone of Jasper's skin tone. Seeing this for herself Brittney let go of his hand looking to her pocket before looking back.

"Don't worry I'm not a strange oddball for a thing for hands, curiosity got the best of me from earlier tonight. Sorry for the scare there, you never know who could be lingering besides the staff. Better to be a defensive little lady than a damsel in distress all the time, it never ends like the fairy tales."

Jasper had a perplexed look from the saying, but understood what she meant when it came to the real world. He looked at his hand and hid it behind him, a little off guard that he had it examined like a specimen. Brittney saw his uneasy look as she finished the last of the tables, thinking he probably didn't expect to be threatened then looked over.

"That particular guy asks for me almost every night, he can be a real jerk but I tolerate it knowing it's only for a couple hours of biting my tongue." she tried to make it not seem hostile and strange with talk. Not after speaking she felt a slight shot of pain hit her arm, but dismissed it to keep a cool head.

" I gotta admit that without you stepping in, his fingers would've stabbed right in my side and my night could be worse, thanks again for the help back there. By the way, my name is Brittney or Honey as I'm called with the clients. I like your name, not many guys are called that around here."  
PostPosted: Sun Aug 30, 2015 9:07 pm
Jasper shrugged his shoulders but buried his hands in his pockets. " That guy seems like bad news to me." He looked down to see a small red stain starting to show. He said nothing though as he pulled his own hand out and stared at it. He looked up quickly though when Brittney questioned him.
"Your another hybrid aren't you."  

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Britt Nightshade

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 31, 2015 1:58 pm
Jasper slipped his hands quickly behind as if with the idea of being caught, somewhat in a panic of how to really explain himself for the sudden question. He didn't say anything for a moment, drifting his gaze from looking to Brittney to other places in the room getting the feeling that if he ran what would be the outcome from that. The other point Jasper had was that what would be her reaction if he was to say anything of what he was now, however it was possible that it won't be the end of the world if she asked about knowing hybrids. Did she know what they were? Was she one herself? or even she was working with someone to know about them even more, those were the questions going in his mind, and he didn't want to say a thing.

Taking a hesitant breath Jasper took out his hand in view to look at his padded chance in his palms, looking to see a small red dot from where his claw nail had pressed with enough pressure to bleed slightly from the quick reaction. He used his thumb to wipe it off before looking back at her direction, realizing he was in a corner and not able to just run from the question.

"There had been strange things that happened to me for the past few month, things I just though was a bad mutation or something in the water. After looking in the mirror and accepting my appearance change it kinda stuck with me."

It was all Brittney needed to know, and leaned on the seat to listen to his explanation, knowing he probably had no one to talk to about what he went through.

"I seem normal looking just like I was months ago, but small things like my hands, teeth, and small areas of my body change in ways even I can't understand. I just learned to deal with it along with a couple good perks, my strength had increase even more than what it was in high school. Probably one of the good things to happen, so it's not too bad to seem normal and go with life as it goes. I got this new job and it's at night, so it's just like any other day."

Jasper peered through the hall at the clock and the last of the staff walking out, knowing it was about time to leave after last check. On the other thought in his head the idea of spilling everything out left a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach, whould this woman say anything or just keep it in thought to know. He looks back at her with a little worry in his face, with a slight sense of fear in his eyes as he nearly cupped her entire arm in his hand.

"No one can know about everything I just said to you about this, promise to keep this a secret and never tell the owner or others here. It's a well earning job and I want to keep it a little longer that just a few days and act as normal as possible. Do I have your word not to say anything?"
Brittney looked at his expression and can tell that this was very serious to Jasper, someone just trying to seek normality from a society that wouldn't understand if he was exposed to everyone. Her arm started to throb in pain again as she tried to slide free from his hold nicely, without giving him a scare but she just nodded to his plea.

"Why would I rat on a fellow employee, I know how it feels to keep things normal and you have my word. Your secret will be safe with me, however you're not the first hybrid I laid eyes on. Even my real date is one himself but I still accept everything about him, so you're not alone when it comes to the hidden hybrid."  
The Ravinhill City files: A day not forgotten (Anthro RP)

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