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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:04 pm
Rikki Tikki Travi Wrote:

The child was confused by the sudden urgency in Kerana's action. It had expected her to stay with her guardian and ask what had caused the scream. Instead it found itself in her arms floating away from the homestead.

"What happened? Why're we leaving your friend?" it asked with feigned concern.

The fox girl's concentration started to get disrupted. Even to think of Alec and what he did troubled her so. The landing of the wind sphere was a little rough but they were safe and unharmed. Her eyes welled, and she whipped them. Was she really ready to give him the full answer? She felt he needed an answer for her actions of some sort. She took a deep breath and thought for a moment. "He did something I thought he'd never do…. He … killed someone…. and whether you remember it or not, it may have been someone really close to you."  
PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:07 pm
Nova Blancke Wrote:
Step back now Trinity. A knife is not enough to kill her. She is pretending.

Trinity was backing up but then the ground trembled. She found herself rammed into the bones raised from the ground. What's going on!?!? Then she felt a grip around her neck. She was being choked and her feet were no longer touching the ground.

"Surpise!" she licked her lips. "Didn't think you'd run into me again did you?... Considering you probably thought I was dead, with what was it? A pitch fork through my chest?" It was a little odd seeing the dainty looking and high maintenanced Shara do such a feet. It was most certainly un-lady like.

Trinity tried to use her shadow traveling abilities to no avail. The cage disabled her magic abilities. Air was beginning to run thin.

"I could easily snap your neck at the risk of breaking a nail. But it would totally be worth it! However, my master wants that pleasure for himself... and this time he'll make sure your dead or perhaps he'll bring you back just so he could have the pleasure to see you die over and over again. *OHHHH ho ho ho... Now that's entertainment."

The darkness begin to surround her. It was a little relief that she wasn't planning on killing her now. Her eyes went white for a moment "Brother... please come to my aid..." Her eyes closed, becoming unconscious.

At that statement, she quirked her eyebrow and thought, Brother? She has no brother. Who is she talking about?. She didn't take long thinking about it and moved on.

She normally did not like showing off this power her master have granted her. But to complete her task she had to use what her master gave her. Now that she has her, it was time to get out of here, find a lake and bring home the prize her master sought. She adjusted how she was holding Trinity, carrying her. In the process she palmed some of her special dust in here the stuff that would make them dazed for a moment. "Untill next time..." she opened her hand and blew the selected powder. The bones cleared out of her way, she got out of the door and disappeared into the forest.

Now to find a lake... but where?...
Master... I have her... but I know not where the nearest lake is...

*If you're thinking typical Anime b***h laugh, that's exactly what I'm going for.]  


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PostPosted: Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:58 pm
It was odd, being an a new body. He hadn't expected for the process to have taken this long, but hell; he's here now. Slowly he rose to his feet, stretched his new wings, and took a look around."Let's see, what's new? Wings, beautiful. Average build, better then nothing. Memories... Oh, well now." He said as a piece of bone broke through the floor. There was some yelling downstairs, but something caught his attention. He proceeded to head downstairs. Just as he stepped off the last step, his eyes met with that of an elf. He wouldn't have cared, but her eyes... They became just like his sister's. "You..." He growled, his fists clenching and his knuckles turning white. As the woman picker up the elf and left the bone cage, he barely had time to tell which way she was headed. "So that's the outcome... Dammit, you're better then this." He cursed under his breath, contemplating taking off after the two. He had his host's memories of every nook and cranny of this forest, it was rather barren for miles. So where was she planning on leaving? He looked at the other two who stood there. "Well, this is the welcome I receive after waiting for... How long has it been? Tsk, never mind." He spat before walking outside. "Well, judging from his memories, you two must be... Nova and Alec, was it? Hmm, decent companions indeed." He said, nodding to himself. Wings stretched, he looked back at them. "I'm no tracker, but I know the forest by heart. Leave the introductions for later, lets get your elf back." He ordered, cutting his thumb open. With the blood, he summoned out an irregular one handed sword. He jumped up and caught himself in the winds. "Stick to telepathy and keep a distance between each-other, we'll find'em faster this way."

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