Nova Blancke Wrote:
"Keleth don't!" Leo shouted at Keleth but was too late. The Earth Diver took the blow to the head but it did not seem to even flinch. It threw it's head up with force and roared once more. But this roar was louder almost deafening from a distance. But up close it was painful and the vibrations of it the air inside of your lungs would feel like it slipped out.

Keleth dropped to her knees while still maintaining a grip on her hammer. Her teeth rattled from the vibrations and pain caused by the roar.

She looked picked her head up and glared at the Earth Diver. She considered waiting until it stopped yelling and took a breath, but her own sensation of breathlessness caused her some concern. She had been wanting to wait, but she figured it would be a good time to reveal what she had used all of her her money to pay an enchanter to do to her hammer.

She gripped the hammer and forced herself onto her feet, her grin now one of determination. She knew her father would hear of this, and she wasn't going to give him an excuse to keep her from leaving this time.

She raised her hammer once more, not over her head, but to the side as though she were about to drive a spike into the ground. Runes on the head of the weapon glowed as she cried out, "Shut...up!"

She drove the hammer into the Earth in close proximity to the diver. The runes flashed and a great stalagmite burst from the ground underneath the Earth Diver. She hoped it would be enough to pierce the creature's underside, or at the very least stop it from roaring.