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PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 5:16 pm
Rikki Tikki Travi

It was everything she could do to stop herself from grinning. If she were able to, Shade would be trembling with excitement.

She slithered around the Fox-kin like a hungry panther. "She doesn't know it, but I was the one who gave her the power to manipulate and travel the shadows. She was a heartbroken and half dead when I came upon her. Now she is a modern legend."

"But what I gave her was only a fraction I can give. It is as you say, you are far more gifted in the mystical arts. I can give you power second only to me. Then you could protect not only yourself, but the people Alec worries about as well."

"What say you, Kerana?"

All of that power, being able to protect the people Alec was worried about and to finally be together and live happily ever after!? She was about to say YES but she stop and thought about it. She was tought when offered such a thing considered to give careful consideration of the consequences. All of that power, given and not learned could she really control of that? That would totally be irresponsible and chaotic.

She originally came here to become numb, to the pain caused by the 'truth' she discovered. The love she has for him would only get in the way of their quest, especially if he wasn't going to act upon it. She took a deep breath shaking off that train of thought.

If it was anyone else they wouldn't give it another thought and say yes. Kerana looked to her dark friend. "I appreciate the offer, but I'm afraid power is not what I want… instead I rather have my love removed… it'll only get in the way and continue to ache…" her eyes leaked. "There's no point in having it if there's no way he and I can be together. At that point I might as well be out of his way."
PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2017 12:37 pm
Ruby was squeaking cheerfully. Enough that Nova dropped her off. It was a little too much for his ears. He felt magic being used nearby. Not theirs, at least the source of it was not theirs.

"Yes and it's not a good thing.....that idiot." Nova replied growing more angry as he said it. " Don't interfere"

Using Wind Magic he surrounded himself in a dome and shot towards Kerana. He could see the shadow around her. When he reached her the dome vanished.

His eyes glared like daggers." You have 5 seconds to explain your actions, fox."  

Nova Blancke

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Rikki Tikki Travi

PostPosted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:58 am
Alec sighed with relief. Even after ridding herself of fear, Kerana had retained her logic. He wasn't particularly pleased with how she arrived at her decision, but he was thankful none the less.

He felt a disturbance in the wind. He turned his head to look, but he was quickly forced to shield his eyes from the gust. He followed the path of the air currents and saw Nova reaching out for Kerana.

Shade swung behind Kerana and rooted herself into the girl's shadow. That connection allowed her to speak directly to Kerana without anyone else hearing what the shadow creature was saying. It also had the added benefit of heavily influencing a person's behavior and emotions through her words. It wasn't perfect, but she was confident that Kerana's will was as weak as her resentment and frustration were strong.

"He means to halt your progress. He doesn't trust you. He's never trusted you. He thinks you're weak and stupid. But you aren't. You're better than him. Smarter than him. He'll never understand your plight." she whispered in Kerana's mind.

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