How can one love,

Name - 𝔇arc Hayato (Hi - eh - toe)
Age - Twenty four in human years
Height - 6'3"
Orientation - Bisexual

Bio - Darc is not really what most people would think, he is a half demon, a very powerful one at that. Although he isn't human he has no knowledge of who his parents really are, he was raised by a witch down on earth. She treated him like a pet more than a son, she whipped him and beat him and always made him wear a collar that would sharpy tighten around his neck if he disobeyed.

One day when he was around the age of seventeen he slaughtered her and removed the collar only to soon find out his neck had been sliced from years of wearing it. This explains the stitches that travel around his neck in thick black lines. Now Darc is free roaming around where ever he pleases. He is tough, aggressive and very easily angered, but despite this he can be romantic and kind when he needs to. He dislikes children and disrespect.

Position - Seme
Collar color(s) - Firebrick, Red, or Black
Status - None at this moment (anyone? pm me.)

when their heart is filled with darkness?..