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Strictly Romance rps 

Tags: Romance, Yuri, Yaoi, Anime, Master/Slave 

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Ace Shade II

Versatile Bloodsucker

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 5:19 am
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Red Stadtfeld


The Quiet Librarian

❝...I do so love Books...❞


Red Stadtfeld








Calm, Cool, and collected. A bit neurotic at times, as he showers at least twice a day, and also uses a lot of hand sanitizer. Though he is not phobic about germs, He has a huge problem with dust, as he is severely allergic.


Red was born into a wealthy family, but was always looked down upon as he had no real interest in the family fortune. He usually kept to himself as a child, and this habit has carried on into his adulthood. He has a very well-toned body, not overly muscular, but well-toned. He is an avid collector of old books, and has a massive library in his Manor.

Crystalline Manor was left to Red when his parents were killed in some sort of freak accident when their car lost all of it brake fluid and they were sent careening off of a cliff into the ocean below. Red was not as affected about this as he probably should have been. His parents were very cold and self-centered, giving him trust issues.

Collars looking for:

Red: Has a Temper and Dangerous, is Rebellious
Indigo: Deceptive and Clever
Deep Pink: Known as a Romantic or Charming, A Flirt
Magenta: A complete flirt
Pink: Cute and Playful
Dark Violet: Fun and Mischevious, Can be dangerous
Medium Slate Blue: Cool and reserved, Very thoughtful
Dodger Blue: Happy Go lucky, Very Optimistic
Dark Grey: Jealous and Possesive

Charms looking for:

Heart- Loving, Affectionate
Shield- Protector, Very Defensive
Emerald: Rare Species
Black Pearl- Demon or Other Night Inhabiting Creature
Spoon- A Cook
Dustpan- Good for Cleaning
Bell- Pet
Hourglass- Good Body Shape
Ballet Shoes- Dancer
Microphone- Singer
Paint Brush- Artistic
Book- Smart
Wrench: handyman/good at fixing things
Bow and Arrow - True loyalty and devotion

Material looking for:

Jeweled - Rare and/or exotic
Glass - Unpredictable and normally have a split personality.
Spiked - Requires handling to keep from harming self and others
Leather - Obedient but still troublesome


❝!...If you read one, please return it to it's rightful place...!❞
PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:20 am
''Mind my wicked words~....''

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Open Status
⇝ Currently Owns: [0] Slave/s

Valentine_Ambrose ◞
Played by Marceline-chan.

xxxName: Valentine Ambrose
xxxNicknames: Val
xxxAge: Unknown but appears 23
xxxPlace of Birth: Unknown
xxxGender: Male
xxxSexual Orientation: Bi
xxxLanguage(s): English & Demon
xxxOccupation: A slave tamer for one of the largest slave shops.

xxxPersonality: Valentine can be quite flirtatious and affectionate with his tamed slaves and fans.Even when he is angry,he seems much more so like he's plotting ways to get even.
xxxLikes: The darkness.He usually sleeps during the day and works during the late afternoon and night.He also enjoys performing for his fans.He enjoys hearing his fans cheer and applaud him.He also enjoys working,black clothes,and floating about his home.
xxxDislikes: He doesn't seem bothered by much.
xxxWeapons: Nothing,however he is capable of summoning dragons to do his bidding.They seem capable of appearing from his black clothing with ease.
xxxSkills: Singing,dancing,ice skating,cooking

xxxFears: People knowing finding out he was depressed.And not being able to flirt with people.
xxxHabits: N/A
xxxDreams and Goals: To become a successful idol.
xxxTurn-on's: Bondage,whether it's him or the other person.
xxxSecrets: N/A
xxxBackstory: Valentine is the most hated and most loved staff member at the slave shop he works at.Upon seeing him walking about,people know that he's likely retrieving slaves on his list,usually by placing a teleportation charm on their cage,who will ether be whipped or seduced into submission at his home.He is in charge of taming unbroken slaves and does quite well at his job.There's never been a violent slave or run away prone slave that he hasn't been able to discipline and break.Granted,sometimes the slave is so naturally violent that breaking them leaves them without much of a personality but such broken types sell very well.Valentine's home is a separate dimension still affected by Earth's time.It is a dark void that Valentine can control.There are warmer,room temperature,and cold areas in this dimension.It is so dark that it's impossible to see your hand in front of your face.And even the brightest of lights are ineffective as if the darkness eats the rays of light themselves.As for Valentine,he used to be a normal human talented in ice skating,dancing,and singing.He was very good at conveying his emotions through singing and dancing.However after falling deep into depression,he found himself in a different dimension.Red glowing eyes greeted him and offered him a deal.Since then,he has become a well known idol in the singing,dancing,and ice skating fields.He is an elegant ice skater,has a seductive voice,and usually does sexy and flirtatious dancing.When he isn't working at the slave shop,he is working to maintain his talents.Because his real home is simply the dark,vast void of his dimension,He has made a home for his slave to cook in,watch tv,and such and made it capable of being mostly unaffected by the darkness outside.
xxxPreferred Collar/s: Mostly any
xxxPreferred Charm/s: Any
xxxCurrent Residence: N/A yet

xxxTrack 1: <"Gooey (Domenico Torti Remix)" by Glass Animals
xxxTrack 2: <"Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)" by Glass Animals
xxxTrack 3: <"Toes ( DLRY Remix )" by Glass Animals

''I just want to go where I can get some space~''

''Mind my wicked words~....''

User Image

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Open for pm rps Status
⇝ Currently Owns: [1] Slave/s

Valentine_Ambrose ◞

xxxTrack 1: <"Gooey (Domenico Torti Remix)" by Glass Animals
xxxTrack 2: <"Gooey (Gilligan Moss Remix)" by Glass Animals
xxxTrack 3: <"Poplar St." by Glass Animals

''I just want to go where I can get some space~''



Taken Vampire


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