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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:56 pm
Nova Blancke

They stepped out of the shadows in Gidgets lab.

"Okay...so...today is one of those days. Where everything goes to s**t at the same time. Like some kind of manga. Might wanna take a seat for this one." Theo said before starting his story.

"Rydia and I went to check out a distress signal Gidget received, Turns out...it came from a tear in time and space! As in, a tear to another freaking universe. A different timeline. Both alternate and future. In their time...we failed to stop Legion and pretty much doomed humanity. I do not know how many years into the future it is. I am guessing 17 years from now or so." He took a small pause to let things sink in. Crossing his arms he leaned against the wall.

"Legion consumed all but 10 people. Kids mostly. Well...8 by now. We are not among those people. The Deacalum or Hell Star also arrived there. From that moment on Legion became more violent and active. They somehow scanned multiple universes and this one was the safest. They should be at the medbay right now. Full check up. I've seen what happens what happens if you get infected by Legion." Theo finished his crazy report.

Trinity sat down as Theo recommended near Gidget. He began to explain the background. They failed to take down Legion... she was part of that failure. Even though there was nothing she could have done to prevent this from happening she couldn't help but feel awful, these kids she let them down she failed them. She always felt the world was on their shoulders but now, there was evidence for that.

With so many feelings of doubt beginning to build she shook her head No! She shot back up and slammed her hands on a part of the desk. She silently stood and listen. This is their safest option? I guess I'm doing something right… but still…

After a deep breath she turned to Theo and asked, "Did you fill them in on what is currently going on here? Despite their findings this timeline has its own set of dangers." Something else occurred to her, "The Hell Star came to their world. Do they have some incite about possible weaknesses this may have? Or even where it showed up? Eclipse has to summon it… if their history can point out where he is, then it could be our chance to stop him." Finally something positive toward the next confrontation with Eclipse, even though it may be quite a stretch.

Rikki Tikki Travi
PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:23 am
Theo watched Trinity's reaction. Guess she really knew how he felt now.

"First thing I did telling them that something is trying to summon the Hell Star. Ravan said she'd deal with the Hell Star herself but I think she was being overconfident. She was the first one to come to this side. The only way to truly kill the spawn of Legion and possibly the Hell Star...would be either fire...or a black hole. The latter Ravan can make. Which is also why there is a big hole where the signal came from. One of those things also came through. She took care of it." Theo explained.

"As for Eclipse....they said that suddenly it appeared. I do not think they even know about him. Even if they did, I am not sure it could help. The time lines are already vastly different."

Nova Blancke

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 5:19 pm
Rikki Tikki Travi
Gidget was happy to see that Kerana was still capable of being happy in spite of Alec's death. "Sure. Tell them I said it was okay."

She then nodded to Cassandra before turning her attention to Deora.

"Good handling danger today, Kiddo. I knew Trinity was right when she said there was something special about you, but I guess I really had no idea."

"On that note, there is another someone special that could probably use a friend. Heather was successfully brought back. She's either in her room or Liv's. Why doncha go see how she's holding up?"

Deora smiled proudly at Gidget's praise, brushing a stray bit of hair back behind her ear. "Gracias, I had no idea either." She looked from Gidget to Ako and back before saying, "I'll go check on Heather now." She made her way out to the hallway to give them the room, and pulled out her phone to figure out where Heather's room was.  
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