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PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:24 am
Rikki Tikki Travi

Rydia chuckled and said, "Well I suppose that would make me your first. Perhaps if we got to know each other a bit better I could be your first again?"

Heather held a hand out and put it in front of Rydia's chest. "Ease up, your bluntness. Deora is straight." she firmly stated.

Rydia simply giggled and retorted, "Oh Heather, there is no such thing as a straight woman. Only a woman who hasn't met me yet."

Heather puffed smoke out of her nostrils and glared a hefty warning at the princess.

Rydia put her hands up and laughed,
"Hah ha, I am joking of course. Although I am quite serious about getting to know her better. You also, Heather. These ears of mine couldn't help but pick up the latter part of your conversation. The names Rheum and Flint sound familiar. I think there is a chance they could be related to the ancient that inhabits Trinity, Silhouette."

Deroa's blush deepened at Rydia's offer. She opened her mouth to answer, but Heather spoke up before she could find the words. During the rest of their exchange, she remembered to close her mouth again to keep from possibly embarrassing herself. She'd learned early in life to hide her feelings for others, or she might draw attention from the school bullies. It looked as though that had backfired now, and she'd hidden her feelings toward Heather a bit too well.

Rydia's next point drew away from her embarrassment, however. She was excited to be able to work with Trinity again.  
PostPosted: Sat Oct 14, 2017 11:43 am
Rikki Tikki Travi
Gidget held on for a little bit longer before releasing her grip on him. She wiped her eyes, sniffled, and then wiped her nose. "Sorry, I know that's gross." she said meekly.

She looked around at her destroyed lab and sighed, "I was hoping to be done by now, but that girl really did a number on this. It's going to be at least another do or so of days without sleep to construct the necessary number of nanomachines to get you healthy again."

She then tensed in place and exclaimed, "Oh! It turns out that the girl who shot up this place is my daughter. Daedalus used one of my eggs to make her. So...yeah. I guess you're technically a step-father."

she finished with feaux enthusiasm.

This news froze Ako for a few moments. That was certainly not a piece of news he was expecting. He figured he should be angry, at Daedalus, not Gidget, but he was just physically and emotionally tired after his recent battle and Gidget's diagnosis of his disease. All he had left was a bit of his wit. He put an arm around Gidget's shoulders and gave her another squeeze as they surveyed the ruined lab. "Well, then I guess we'll have some parenting practice before you're due."  

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Roleplaying Gems [Roleplaying + Community Area]

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