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PostPosted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:17 pm
Deora didn't really know what to do with herself as Ms. Gidget broke the bad news to Kerana. She wanted to hug the poor fox girl, but with her in a seat, and Ms. Gidget already comforting her, she woud just be awkwardly in the way. Instead, she took a cue from Ms. Gidget's boyfriend and stood quietly by, letting the moment play out. The only difference between them being that she clasped her hands in front of herself, while Mr. Boyfriend had his in his jacket pockets.

She worried about Damien's offer. He'd shown how much he was willing to use his gifts earlier. Without much effort, she could now sense the bloodflow of everyone around her. What would he do with Kerana and Alec's body? Was he about to ressurect him? Read his last thoughts? Channel his spirit and give her a final conversation with the deceased? Deora looked to the boy, knowing she couldn't read him as well as he could her, but still trying to figure out if some Ouija stuff was about to go down.  
PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 10:06 am
Theo just realized that his call was a bit one-sided but it was the fastest way he knew of. Shortly after that he got her text. He wasn't a fan of using them. While he was reading he noticed that a lot can go down in an hour. Not like he was one to talk as he just found out he had a sister and that the multiverse is a thing. So much has happened today and most likely still is going to happen today. Which made him think of something else. Theo felt like he needed a break but most of all, Trinity. Maybe take her out somewhere nice? Just a calm, relaxing evening.

He responded to her text.

"A lot has happened it seems. The people I'm with right now are....from a alternate future. It sounds strange but it will all be explained when we arrive. That aside, how are you holding up? It's been a rough month for you. Both of us. You want to eat out tonight? We could use a bit of relaxation."

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:15 pm
Nova Blancke Wrote:
Legio knew what could happen when the two aura's merged but did not expect it at that time. Needless to say, he was ill prepared for it. The being took the full force of the charge. Biomass cracking all over, some bits effectively breaking. The charge took them through rest of the building as they shot out of it. Legio hit the ground and did not move.

Freya grit her teeth hard as they made contact with the ground. On top of the strain she was placing on her body by using the white aura, the impact sent a shock wave of pain through her body.

The white aura was a combination of the gold and silver auras. Rather than negate damage the way the silver aura did, it absorbed it to power up the yellow aura that made up the other part of it. That meant much more explosive hits from her fists and feet, and the ability to forcefully propel herself by way of creating bursts from her whole body at once. However, her sensation of pain becomes doubled as a result of her nerves being more receptive.

She knelt over Legio and launched a flurry of punches into the weakened portions of his biomass armor. She took the opportunity to do something she had always wanted to do while launching a mess of punches.


The flurry stopped when she felt her arms begin to give in from the attack. She raised her right arm and focused the white aura into her fist.

"*Pant Pant* I don't have beef with you. The power in my fist has the potential to blow you to pieces. Hrk! *Pant* You can't learn if you're dead, and he's probably going to betray you anyway. Please...stand down."
PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2016 2:24 pm
Kerana Wrote:

Kerana felt some level of comfort in her words. She started to calm herself when Damien posed his insistent question. She felt confused initially she wanted to answer yes but she felt her confusion was justified when Gidget asked if she was okay with it. Was she really okay with this? To see her Alec one more time? But in what condition, could she bare observing his cold dead body when it felt like only small moments ago he was filled with life and hope. She took a moment to think about this, it led to her giving her a chance to say a final goodby to him. She took a deep breath and nodded, "Yes, let's see him one last time…".

Then Trinity spoke of new guests brought by Theonis. As she left the foxgirl looked to Gidget whipping her eyes "I hate to ask but… is that a good idea? I know you, Theonis and Trinity are trying your best but, it pains me to ask, with so much chaos going on, is Valhalla really the safest place to be right now?" It was obvious she meant no insult on their efforts but as a voice concern for herself and friends who share this place as their home. It may be the inquiry that's on the mind of all of Valhalla's citizens.

The question saddened Gidget, but only because she had been wondering that as well. Valhalla was supposed to be a safe haven for metahumans. In less than twelve hours, they had been incapacitated and assaulted. But there was a difference...

"The incident on the beach has caused a massive anti metahuman outcry. Right now, anyone who stands out as metahuman is in real danger. We were caught off guard earlier, but now I'm on the defensive. If there is one thing that I cannot be beaten in, it's formulating a plan. I know who's coming, I know when they are coming, and I know how they will come."

"I don't believe in Gods, but anyone who tries to attack us again will need divine help. We've suffered today, but I wont let it happen again."

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Roleplaying Gems [Roleplaying + Community Area]

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