The demon scoffed, "You would dare claim the title of my brother?! You think too highly of yourself, cur!"

It felt the shadows around it begin to become weak. This would be the pinnacle moment.

It spoke directly to Trinity within her mind, "Trinity, this does not bode well. There are things best kept within the shadow realm that will be released should this abomination continue to feed as it is."

"If we put everything we have into destroying it, we will succeed. But it may come at a high most high. Once I have consumed the life of this creature, my mind will succumb to madness again, and your body will be a vessel for that madness."

"That is, unless you were to die. Your death would force me to keep you alive for the sake of self preservation. It is then you will have the opportunity to do what no one else has: attain complete synthesis with me."

"It will be difficult, but it is the only way we will avoid succumbing to madness."