After getting his starter from the lab and saying adios to the people he met there Shin was eager to set off -and more importantly, to see family again. Specifically his grandparents. He couldn't wait to introduce them to the newest addition!

Said addition happily agreed with this idea, leaping up to cling to his trainer's arm!
... with his jaws!

"Ack! ow ow ow- " The boy frantically waved his arm about, making worried faces and running in short circles. Man he hoped no one was watching this, he probably looked ridiculous.

"-N-now now, say it with your words, not your teeth~" He gently chided, flinching here and there while he pried his exuberant pal off, who then swung about on that same arm as Shin watched, a chuckle bubbling up into light laughter. Well, he hadn't bitten that hard -really it was just more startling than anything.

Yeah, he was sure he could get used to this.

For the time being he found a small parkette within the area, in which he plopped himself down and set about organizing his bag while his totodile made busy playing with one of the unused pokeballs by balancing on it.
Hey, he was even having some success with it!

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Lv 5
Hp 40
Scratch- 30
Leer- Lowers target's defense
Exp 2/15