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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:07 pm
{ATE: Sleeping with the Fishes : 1}
{Dani : Ocean Depths Heartscape}

When Dani opened her eyes she instantly freaked out for a few seconds sitting at the bottom of the ocean until everything clarified: she has been here before. She used to dream of this ocean floor in the past while in Hawaii after trying to figure out why others were disappearing. What was odd for her was that this time, across from her, a figure she had gotten used to seeing was there.

“I am actually surprised,” Dani smiled a little “Someone else managed to make it down here with me… with us.” Dani leaving the last part implied.

“It… honestly has been a weird day or so,” Dani addressed Louis. “I mean, to be taken from where you live in Pennsylvania and just thrown into Hawaii is just… an adjustment. You would think everything would be normal but then more Earthlings show up and your view of the current world collapses.”

“I could not help anyone in Hawaii in the end,” Dani said softly watching the ocean and the bubbles appearing out of her mouth. “Just like what happened during the fight with the darkness just now. I guess Ashley in a weird way she was right.”
PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:11 am
{ ATE: Heartfelt Memento: Part 4}
~ Louis: Balcony Heart Scape~

"Shhh..." the young man whispered softly as he let her hand drop away, brushing his fingers through her hair where just before she'd bunched it beneath her grip, "You did everything you could, that's all that matters."

Louis held her there for a moment more before moving back a step to look her in the eye, "You did so much more than you ever needed to... and still you worry yourself over if you could do more? You saved me... wretched, despicable, and tainted as I was. You looked past all of the horrible things I'd done and saw the man who could still rise from the pits of hell. You stood up to your allies and friends, sure that your light would guide you and the hope for something better and chose to save me. You stormed the castle and weathered unspeakable horrors and nightmares that I wove in spite of you. I fought you every step of the way and STILL you chose to save me. What more could anyone ask for than a friend who would do that?"  


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PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:21 am
{ ATE: Heartfelt Memento: Part 5}
~ Kyla: Balcony Heart Scape~

cue: Our Sanctuary (Piano Orchestral Arrangement)

Kyla looked up at him, locking their eyes and listened to what he had to say. Louis recited a series of events that passed by her true notice so easily- it left her speechless.

‘Did I really do all that?’

It was hard to see, to look back and take notice of her actions in a different light.
Instantly, a nagging doubt pointed at things like- how she turned her “friends” against her- how she made them doubt and distrust her intentions. She gave them reason to think they couldn’t count on her. That she couldn’t follow through with decisions- that she could turn traitorous, that she was selfish and vainglorious or histrionic.
She said things that made them worry, scared or hurt.
She disappointed them all.

She wished she didn’t make such a massive wedge between herself and everyone else. If she could go back- would she have taken it back?

‘So...so.. no?’ No- that conclusion was too simple. They had valid points to make. They were not wrong either.

But...but- here she was.
Looking Louis in the eyes in the form she always..hope- he’d be.

She had to think... eyes going down cast a moment, blinking slowly...

“I always thought, from the beginning that the light made some mistake... I-I couldn’t possibly be here."
I'm expendable, acceptable to leave behind
It hurt to be with them, and lonely to be away, or left behind.
"- I didn’t want to think everyone was gone."
A mistaken survivor- I was supposed to fall first, not 'him'-

" I messed up so much... when I saw you... it hurt. It hurt to see you like that. Tell me- am I ... really a good person?"
Or am I playing Hero, a pathetic person with some complex- a delusion of something I'm not.

"Did I do all those things for the right reasons or.. was I selfishly fueled by...some sick self preservation of my own mental faculties?”

Someone once told her that's all kindness was; That there was no kindness. That everyone helped each other to make themselves feel better and perpetuate society. Civilization needed structure to continue and so sinful people “acted” good, but it was all produced by some inane selfish need to sustain their current livability.
There was no such thing as love- there was pleasure during procreation.
No such thing as friendship- there were allies towards a mutual livable sustainability.
There was no such thing as kindness- only the act to maintain ones positive livable environment by sustaining partnerships and connections of give and take.
Humanity was a heartless system. A system of numbers where it was acceptable to sacrifice the few for many. As long as society continued.
At first she refused, ignored, and or polightly disagreed. But as time wore on, that explanation revisited her like some night terror.

Propounded by the two extremes of beliefs in good and evil, verses nothing at all!

She hated this mindset so much...

She hated being an evil thing.
She hated being heartless thing.

She wanted to prove that neither was true- she needed some sign, something to let her know...

And so here you are.
What is it you feel?

“...I really – am your friend aren’t I? I d-don’t understand why it’s so hard to be sure. If I was a scientific mind, all the evidence is a suitable statement to prove this conclusion, so why is it not enough???” she clutched her hands to her chest as if her heart was some visible thing she could hold right now and look at.

“-I keep thinking I’m just playing a part. But I’m fake. I want to take you back with me, protect you, like you did for me, and make sure the darkness can’t do those things to you ever again. I want to make you smile. Is that a real feeling?” She didn't think nor want to put this on Louis, not like this, not right now, not when he was facing his final moments- it was again-selfish... but maybe from an outsiders view of her own head space, he could tell her. What did she look like to him? All those things he mentioned- was THAT - really her?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 10:44 pm
[ATE : Goodbye My Friend : 10]
[Louis :Dawn's Heart : Station of Awakening]

Louis continued with dawn's approval, "You're kind, even if you sometimes try to hide it. You bring joy and laughter to those around you with your often cross-cheerful demeanor. You hold your friends close to your heart, and empathize with their strife easily."

There was a pause as he went from walking slowly forward to spinning around, walking backwards as she followed, "You're passionate... wearing your emotions close to the surface making you easy to rile up, but people trust you because it makes you so sincere. You're a bit innocent, but it isn't a bad thing. All the more reason people want to watch your back."

Louis stopped s they reached the center, standing up straight and proper, "And lastly- ah, do me a favor and close your eyes."  


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 4:58 am
{ATE: Sleeping with the Fishes : 2}
{Louis : Ocean Depths Heartscape}

Louis was silent, allowing Dani to get out her piece. She needed to vent, he would listen. He stared up towards the surface as he sat cross-legged, the distant shifting glow of the light showing the way up. As she finished he dropped his view from the sky to her, stating simply, "Who cares about her?"

He let the statement hang in the... water for a bit before continuing, "Not to belittle you in any way, but who cares about what some other b***h thinks? You're breathing aren't you? You succeeded didn't you? You saved me didn't you? The way I see it, those are all pretty impressive feats given how few earthlings seemed to have made it this far to even try and fight back against that thing. Who gives a fat rats a** about the opinions of this Ashley person. What I see is a girl who has a good heart, kick a** skills, and a REEEALLY creative personal space." He smiled, looking around at the underwater expanse while swatting his arms around briefly fluttering up off the sand floor like a retarded butterfly before sinking back down under the reduced but still present sense of gravity.  
PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 6:06 pm
[ATE : Goodbye My Friend : 11]
[Dawn : Dawn's Heart : Station of Awakening]

Dawn followed Louis slowly followed Louis and watched him carefully as he gave his description of her.She shook her head hiding her face when he finished. Half of her wanted to deny what he said, but said nothing.

When he finished walking, Dawn unconsciously followed his former posture. When he made his request she blinked at him a bit taken aback, "Huh?" she said, "That is a bit of an odd request."

Though slightly hesitant, she obeyed with a loud sigh, "I swear if you leave or disappear on me, I will be very upset..."


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 19, 2016 11:30 pm
[ATE : Goodbye My Friend : 12]
[Louis :Dawn's Heart : Station of Awakening]

Louis giggled, his only reply to her exasperated complaint, "Probably your most endearing trait..." his voice carried with it a mental image... glittering gold petals, "besides the grumpy face you get when someone tells a joke at your expense or the childish raspberries you blow at others when they poke fun," he stepped around her, his footsteps light chiming against the glass surface, "is that you are adorably-"

"-very-" he stopped somewhere to her side, his voice carrying to the empty space behind her as his presence remained at her side, the same glowing energy flowing through her mind's eye at the angle he stood.

What came next was strange and perhaps a great deal unexpected, but with a cheerful note, a singular word left his lips that might at first have left her perplexed, but what followed after, likely shocked and perturbed, "Boot," a swift but soft and playful kick smacked Dawn from behind as he spun on his heel bringing the top-flat of his shoe to meet unceremoniously with her buttocks.

"oh, so gullible."

And before she might turn to face him, he was gone. Scattering gold as all that remained alongside the echo of fading laughter.  
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:32 am
{ATE: ’Til We Meet Again .:. 7}
{Bobbi .:. Station of Awakening}

"Oh, man," Bobbi groaned with a chuckle. "Behold my jealousy! Horses are my favorite real-life animal. Dragons are my favorite over-all. I’ve ridden a few times, but I never actually learned, it was always just 'hey Bob, there’s horseback riding trails where we’re going on vacation.' Got complimented on being an excellent rider once, though. Oh, man, speaking of big dogs and horses, let me tell you about Rosie. We got her when I was in third grade; one of our neighbors found her abandoned at a state park, hiding under a rosebush. Hence her name. She was part black lab, part we don’t know, but probably Shetland Pony. Big, beautiful dog, about so high at her shoulders—" Bobbi held out her hand to indicate the height, well over her head sitting, but about to her bottom rib while standing.

"She was the sweetest thing ever. If she got out of the yard, she’d run like the devil was chasing her if Mom or Dad tried to bring her back, but me or Steve? Nah, she’d just sit and wait patiently. She was a ninja, too. You wouldn’t think a dog that big could sneak up on anything, but she did it. Scared the crap out of people walking by. And, oh, she was patient. She’d just lay under the bird feeder, not moving for hours, until the birds got close enough and then, chomp, robin for dinner. She was in a perpetual war against squirrels, too. And, the one time she caught a squirrel, she was so proud of herself Mom didn’t have the heart to get mad at her. The squirrel was fine, though, just a little rattled."  

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