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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:04 pm

{ATE : Healing Bonds : 32}
{Kyla/Louis : Disney Castle : Kyla's Station of Awakening}

James was right, and as the child looked concerned between Bobbi and Louis, Kyla looked to the spirit who still had hold of her hand and nodded to James’s suggestion.

Louis met her gaze, brows raising was if asking- me? Really? Even with the entity hanging onto him like that he seemed dumbfounded he could be of any use beyond simple word service.

“That’s a place meant to seal up and keep things inside. If we went in there I’m not sure we can come out. James is right. I think- this is something only you can do.” It only took a few steps to being the artist to stand before him. She turned towards the opening in the lotus.
“I’m scared of the dark. No matter how pretty the dim lamp light can be, or how shiny the stars are in comparison. I know I’d be scared. So please-“ she reached up and put one hand on his shoulder, eyes pleading and meaningful.
“- please keep this part of me company. It’s weak, scared, easily frightened when facing the dark alone. As long as I wasn’t alone, then I wasn’t afraid.”

Louis stood there a moment, eyes flickering between the tiny Kai with the ‘horn’ on her head, and the grown one before him with no welt to be seen.
Something only I can do?

Up to this point, back in those other dives, those other fights, he had been utterly helpless. All he could do was stay at this girl’s side, like some angel on her shoulder..
Or a demon.
But did that really mean anything in the end?

Right now, right in this moment, he realized he wasn’t the same as Carbuncle. He wasn’t an entity born from a lonely heart, he must at least have been part of some other person once. It was this significance that mattered. He was a friendly outsider willing to take her by the hand and walk into the dark. No more pretending, or making believe, or fashioning friends from fragments of yourself. Though Carbuncle was hardly a figment any more- the origin still mattered.
It mattered to them.

Tiny hands clasped hold of his and he was forced to look at Kai fully. She gazed up at him with questioning, and his resolve clicked into place with the strength of a metal latch closing shut.

This is something only I can do.
I can help.

“I’ll go.” He replied, taking both his larger hands to grip the child’s fully and giving them a tight squeeze before turning to the other three.
With Bobbi’s motherly comfort, James patience, and Louis companionship, the child didn’t resist as he began to walk towards the opening of the lotus.
"Let's go lil one, to a place where nothing bad can find us."
Kyla watched on in rapt silence, grateful beyond words that he’d do this. She simply smiled, that real smile he knew was hers.

When they crossed the threshold he could feel Kai pull closer to him as they slipped between the petals and only then did he looked away from the other three, facing the free fall where darkness flowed past. Submerging he could feel himself fall deeper, the tiny form clinging to his front as they fell and flew down into the deeper dive to a sanctuary below, were fears, and lies all melted away… were the memory of the child could find rest.

Kyla stared where they disappeared a moment before looking to James and Bobbi. Taking the archers hand she squeezed it- “Thank you, for that. I- she, we…won’t forget that. I’m sure of it. She’ll take what you did to a place where most precious memories are kept. When I need it most. I’ll know it’s there.”
Now all they had to do was close the opening.
PostPosted: Sun Feb 01, 2015 9:33 pm
{ATE : Healing Bonds : 33}
{James : Disney Castle : Kyla’s Station of Awakening}

{{Cue: Always On My Mind}}

James fell silent again, he did that a lot. Probably always would, he was a listener more than anything it seemed. He watched as Kyla approached the spirit of Louis, yet again agreeing with his idea that the fragment was the only one who could really go with Kai deeper into Kyla’s heart. He had refused to allow himself to grow attached to either Kai or the fragment, unlike Mizu. He had feared that openly displaying emotions would distract from the task at hand, cloud his judgement. As real as this appeared, as she appeared she was a figment, part of a whole. Part of Kyla, that was all. When Louis accepted the task that Kyla had asked of him and led the girl into the lotus, deeper into Kyla’s heart the corsair finally allowed himself to smile.

His smile widened and he nodded his head as Kyla thanked Mizu and himself for their help. The corsair was just glad that he was once again able to help his new friend. It was moments like this that forged and strengthened the ties that bound them together as friends. Their task wasn’t finished quite yet though.

“All that’s left to do now is close the lotus and the wound on your back can finally heal,” The corsair stated as he made his way back over to the opening in the lotus, placing his hands upon bent outward petal, ready to push when the others were ready. “Let’s get this done.”  

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KHBTD : Kingdom Hearts Roleplaying and OoC

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