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Kingdom Hearts: Beyond the Door (1st KH RP GGN)

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Originally known as Kingdom Hearts : First Generation, we pride ourselves in our literate KH roleplays & community. 

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:33 am
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 9 }
{ Kyle : Station of Awakening }

Kyle gave a sympathetic shrug before he stared off into the mists, contemplating.

It would, inevitably, come to light. Both to his friends, and to this... shard.

His smile became more pensive than mirthful, but remained a smile all the same. There really wasn't any choice in the matter. He couldn't string him along, not when he seemed so... sincere.

"Your name, as far as I or any of my friends know, is Louis," he began, still staring off. "And I'll be honest with you. Yours is an... interesting history. One I don't think you'll like, though of course I only have my side of it. Still, it's something I think you need to know."

"It's at this point I guess I provide the eons-long debated choices," he continued. "You can stay blissfully ignorant, or thoroughly informed, regardless of the outcome. Your decision. But so you know, neither option revokes your welcome."
PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:44 am
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 10 }
[[Louis? : Station of Awakening]]

"So, you know me," he looked at Kyle, his expression shifting slowly downward as his companion continued, "I see... if you say it that way," the boy looked to the side again, contemplating his answer, "I guess there isn't much of a choice if you think about it. I don't mind. Tell me everything you know, please don't leave me in the dark."  


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 12:45 pm
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 11 }
{ Kyle : Station of Awakening }

"I know who you were," he said, making a point to correct him. "We are a summation of both nature and nurture, of inner thoughts and outer actions. If you truly don't remember anything, then... consider this a second chance. Don't let what I'm about to tell you change who you are and want to be now, because then the previous you would still have a hold of you and your life."

"So, getting started. First off, you, like me and some of my friends, are from a world called Earth," he began, and by waving his hand slightly he summoned a screen in front of them, outlined in the same material as the mosaic they sat on. The screen immediately lit up with a large image of the planet. "It was home to over seven billion people. It... wasn't perfect, by any means. But it was home. Then the forces of Darkness destroyed it in the span of minutes."

The planet grew covered with black clouds, all furiously spreading and consuming. Images flashed of Shadows and Neoshadows invading the planet, until finally the screen went dark.

"We are a handful of survivors. If there are more, we don't know where they are," he explained. "What we do know is we've been thrust into a universe of magic and monsters, and each of us have been given abilities with which to fight. My friends and I fight for the side of light against the forces of darkness, both hoping to help this world and maybe restore ours."

"When we first met you... well, you looked like this," he said. The screen immediately flickered to show an image of Louis in his Scion Armor, just as he was in Halloween Town. "If that looks even the least bit ominous, it's for good reason. Because you immediately split the group up and attacked us."

"At least, we thought it was you at the time. More recent evidence supports the idea that you had been temporarily possessed by a magic spirit that had latched onto your heart: the esper Mateus, the Corrupt." The screen immediately flickered to two different images. First, concept art of Mateus Kyle remembered from Earth, in the hopes that it might jog some memories; second, the towering visage of Mateus that faced them in Halloween Town, in all its corrupted glory. "Mateus and my own spirit, Ultima, have a bad history. She has made an effort to redeem herself; he has only gone further down the dark path. As a result of her original betrayal, though, he—and maybe up to ten others like him—seek to destroy her."

"That's why we think he possessed you and attacked us; to get to me. We also know that, at a later time, he approached a second group of our friends in an attempt to convince them to join him and kill me," he went on. "I say convince... more like coerce. It didn't work, either way."

"Still, he wasn't always in control. When you had control... well, that's where things get confusing."

"When we first met you—before Mateus took over and attacked—you were guarding the lab of an infamously malicious scientist." An image of Vexen appeared on the screen. He left it at that, and Vexen's image disappeared to reveal images of Ajora and some of the other Replicas appeared side by side. "You and he had paired together to create dark replicas of my friends and I. Clones with our powers, our thoughts, but none of the light in our hearts... only darkness."

"It's the second time we met where the confusion starts. Because when we met then... well, you presented yourself as an ally." The replicas vanished, replaced by a picture of Louis in his Ivalician attire. "We had no idea who you were. You told us you were Louis, from the land of Ivalice, and wanted to help us however possible. You were a good ally... some of us considered you a friend."

"It's confusing because now, we also have a second account of those actions... a different point of view, essentially. From someone who had had access to your mind and knew who you were fully," he said, and beside Louis' image, Ajora reappeared. "My replica, Ajora. On the one hand, you could argue that he's obviously not trustworthy; you could easily have been trying to redeem yourself. But he's also made a point of never lying... and now I share his memories, so everything's still blurry."

"Here's what we know. You were fighting with us across a few worlds. In a few places... you seemed to lose control. Not to Mateus, but to your own darkness," he said, and the screen switched first to show an image of Louis, lying unconscious on a wooden floor, with darkness seeping out of his body at a dangerous rate. Then it switched to the terrifying armored form they all witnessed in Hawaii, rending gravity with his might. "The first time, you couldn't remember anything that had even happened. The second time... well, we don't know anything for a fact."

"Still, besides those two incidents, you stuck with us... until this morning. You disappeared in the middle of the fight, and to be honest, none of us have actually seen you since. Not the physical you," he went on. At that point, the foreboding black specter that came to Kyle appeared on the screen, giving the cold, dark chuckle just as it had before.

"You appeared to three of us like this, in a sense, though no one knew it was you until recently. You approached the other two... differently than me, as far as I know. For them, you latched on to them, and in their time of desperate need, offered strength and protection, if they just let you in," he explained. "For me, it was more... tainted."

"There was a lot of pressure... lives were on the line, and it was my duty to protect them. But there's no excuse. I should have fared better," he admitted with a sigh. "I was losing control. You appeared to me, like this, and offered power... dark, twisted power. And I accepted."

"In that moment of connection, I knew who the specter was... the host of Mateus. But the host was in control this time, because this wasn't how Mateus worked by any means," he explained. "So any hopes that the host was just a good guy being possessed... got thrown out the window, essentially. He was offering help, yes, but... at the cost of injecting our hearts with bits of his own darkness. That doesn't exactly ring "good guy"."

"Anyway, when my head cleared, my friends and I ejected the dark specter, though it was more than a bit painful. Another person who'd accepted a specter, Kyla, had hers mostly ripped out of her heart by an even worse guy," he continued. "And the third, a a woman named Bobbi, still has it, but because we're in a world with a powerful aura of light, the darkness of the specter is suppressed."

"Like I said, that's what we know. Ajora's accounts add more detail to the story," he said, though he shrugged. "Of course, as they're from his point of view, they should be taken with a grain of salt, but... there's a good chance they're accurate."

"From his account, even while you worked alongside us, you were working with others. You were an ally of Seymour, and the two of you—three, if you include Nicholas, the host of another corrupt esper named Chaos—were acting as allies to collect information on us," at that, the three of them appeared on the screen; Louis, in his Scion Armor, on Seymour's right, Nicholas, in his own Scion Armor from Atlantis, on his left. "Seymour has recently revealed himself as one of the major players on the side of darkness; it was he that set you and the scientist, Vexen, to making the Replicas. Nicholas gave up on his act and went full-fledged psychopath. You, though..."

The images of Seymour and Nicholas disappeared, and the screen focused on Louis, whose visage slowly changed to show his clothed disguise instead.

"While you were disguised, you were still bound to Mateus. And you used him; the Mateus that approached my other friends and tried to gain their allegiance was doing so by your command." he said. "The second time you lost control, in that powerful dark armor... you'd attained that power by driving with Ajora, fusing your hearts and bodies. Doing that requires that both participants agree, so you'd consented. And finally, last night, Ajora called a meeting, and you were there, along with Nicholas, and some other replicas."

"Essentially, you were still acting as a spy. And yet... Ajora seemed to think that after awhile with us, you grew to actually want to help us," he said; the image of Louis remained on the screen. "Even more than destroying the replicas, which you hated and felt responsible for. You had your own agenda, yes, but sometimes compassion seemed to actually win out in the end. You went above and beyond in your "acts" of allegiance. What was malicious and what was benevolent... well, only the real you can say."

"Still, though, I have a theory."

With that comment, the mood of the conversation seemed to shift. His somber tone grew lighter, amicable, instantaneously.

"This place is called the Station of Awakening. It is, essentially, the metaphysical realm of my heart. And due to recent events, my heart has been purged of any outside sources of darkness," he explained; briefly, the screen showed an image of Kyle twisting the Trident in the mosaic, only for everything to erupt in light—and making the screen stay white. "That you are here can literally only mean one thing: you have no taint. You have no connection to the darkness, to any form of corruption that your original self might be full of. Hell, thinking about it, that's probably exactly why you're amnesiac."

"But you are clearly a piece of the original Louis; the only way you could have arrived was by that specter. By definition, then, your very existence proves that there is good in him. There is light. Then that, itself, proves there is a chance, however small, that he can be redeemed," he said. Suddenly, the screen showed the artist, Kyla. "Kyla is likely even more evidence; after the specter was supposedly ripped from her, there was still a piece there. A piece that she feels strongly for. She was the first to argue for your salvation, because before her, none of us really thought it was possible."

"I'll be frank. I was one of the doubters. My only experiences with you, by that point, had been you attempting to murder me, you helping us while simultaneously helping our enemies behind the scenes, us finding out you were responsible for the replicas, and then you trying to 'help' me by infusing me with darkness," he said, shrugging. "You didn't exactly have a sum-positive record. But she insisted we try. I wasn't against trying, mind you—just didn't think it had a chance of working."

"I was wrong. I can admit that now."

He turned to face Louis, his expression not a smile, but not a frown; his lips were tight, as if in sheepish guilt or apology. "And I'm sorry for it. Faith hasn't exactly been a strong suit of mine... I've always relied on evidence. Well, here you are. All the evidence I needed."

"If you exist here, and inside Kyla, then it's likely you're also in Bobbi as well. It's just a matter of making sure the dark part latched onto you is removed in her," he explained, turning back out to the screen, which showed Bobbi next to Kyla. "If we can do that, then we'll have three pieces. Three proofs of your light. And if we can help you take back your heart... maybe we can give you the existence you deserve."
PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 2:17 pm
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 12 }
[[Louis? : Station of Awakening]]

The boy was silent, deathly so as he stared, no, glared out into the mists and dark expanse. He grimaced multiple times as Kyle listed off each of his transgressions. He leaned forward on his elbows and cupped his hands in a fist over his mouth. His eyebrows bunched up, his jaw clenched, his shoulders tightened. It seemed the more Kyle said, the less the boy wanted to hear.

At last the history lesson came it an end. Of course, he wanted to believe Kyle was lying, and everything he said was made up, but nothing in his voice sounded insincere or deceiving. If Kyle'd looked closely, he might have noticed the tears in his eyes, "I-" the boy choked, "I'm sorry."

With a cough to clear his throat, he continued, "I never would have imagined it was that bad. When I thought about what I might have been like... I imagined someone kind and just. A guardian or a protector, a scholar at the very least. Not... it just doesn't feel right," he laid his forehead on three knuckles, "So much for wishful thinking."  


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PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 5:12 pm
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 13 }
{ Kyle : Station of Awakening }

"Eh, like I said, don't sweat it," Kyle said, shrugging. He didn't really know how to help with the tears, since so far he didn't really know this new Louis.

"The past is in the past. Let it go. Rise, like the break of dawn," he mused, smiling, though every single muscle in his face wanted it to be a wide grin, deep laughter, and an outbreak of song. "You can't control what happened. Just what happens. So, don't stop moving forward."

"The way I see it, sadness doesn't really help. It's good to get it out, so don't stop, but don't linger in it. It's not a strong motivator, psychologically speaking," he continued. "You want to be a scholar? A protector, a guardian? Then don't wish for it or imagine it. Fight to be those things. If your past upsets you, get angry at it and do whatever you can to leave it behind, make it insignificant."

"The point is, if you can't control it, don't stress about it, you know?" Kyle ran a hand through his own hair, thinking about the past few days of his own mistakes. "All it does is make you feel worse."
PostPosted: Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:12 pm
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 14 }
[[Louis? : Station of Awakening]]

"I'm not sad..." he responded with a sour laugh, "I'm frustrated. You don't need to worry, I won't let this stop me. I don't care what kind of person I was... whoever that person was isn't me, and I refuse to become that again if I can help it."

There was a sigh and another smile, "So, you've told me all about me... or who I was... What about you? Tell me about yourself."  


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PostPosted: Sun Apr 20, 2014 12:35 am
{ ATE : The Unexpected Guests : 15 }
{ Kyle : Station of Awakening }

Kyle smiled when Louis said he was frustrated. Good. Frustration was drive. Not power... just drive. Taking power from anger never ended well.

"Well, I'm... uh... well, not good at talking about myself, for one thing," he said, laughing. "How about you ask questions and I answer accordingly, eh?"
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