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Final Fantasy VII: Neo Midgar City, Colliding Worlds

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Skuld HJG

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:10 pm
Okay, since the Beast is now in play, does that mean that Rikku's undercover op is in the crapper?  
PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:58 pm
Pretty much it's square Enix taking another stab at the "hunter" styled gameplay that has been made so popular by capcoms monster hunter series. Their first attempt was lord of arcana and it didn't sell well in the west as it's a niche genre to be honest. The main appeal of a hunting style game is hunting with friends. Capcom has cornered that market with monster hunter and of course SE want a piece of that pie with explorers.  

Lucian Strife
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:13 pm
I can't really say what is going on, since it's Starkiller's plot with the Beast. lol. It's awake but it's not attacking yet and still don't know when exactly it will.

Do you know if Explorer's is only going to be on the DS or if it will be on the Wii/U?  
Neo Midgar Information & OOC

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