This is for all those whom play ZOMG on a regular basis. Those whom need help or looking to get a good crew together for hours of fun and making gold. A Place where Newer players may find help. AS the guild grows and stays active. I will host giveaways and such that will be ZOMG related such items will include revive, dubble orb just to name a few. Donations can be sent to ZPO Mule. ZPO Mule will be the one that giveaway prizes will be sent from ) PLEASE DO NOT DONATE GOLD TO THE THE GUILD. WE HAVE MORE THAN ENOUGH CURRENTLY FOR THE CREATION OF SUBFORMS. THATS THE ONLY THING GOLD IS ABLE TO BE USED FOR WHEN GIVEN DIRECTLY TO THE GUILD. iF YOU WISH TO DONATE, START A TRADE WITH ZPO Mule. THANK YOU smile