Yes, my Lord/Lady Slave and Master Guild

Welcome to a new world order. A order to where the rich own the poor, or unfortunate. How did this all happen you might ask. Well let me tell you. It all started about 200 years ago...[insert flashback here lol]

Due to a terrible drought that effected 75% of the world, followed by a year full of the worst hurricanes, earthquakes, and other phenomena ever recorded. This caused a world wide food shortage, the biggest ever to happen on the face of the earth. Food, and water prices sky rocketed, so only the very rich or luck could be able to afford it. Everyone else was left to forage, or starve, or beg. In order to keep the majority of the population of dieing out, and wars over food, and inbreeding, the government reenacted the right to own slaves. The idea was a chance for the weaker, poorer or in some cases criminals, and unfortunate persons a better chance in life. As a slave they were food, water, health care and shelter. On the flip side the rich and powerful would get someone to clean there estates, or whatever else is needed for them. Yes, sadly that did include pleasure slaves, and what are referred to as breeders. Breeders are slaves that carry young for a family, so the wife will not lose their figure, or the rich single man or women can have an heir with no obligations.

The Masters... Master's or Mistresses are those who are rich enough to be able to afford someone to do their bidding.

The Slaves... Slaves are those who serve their Master’s or Mistresses every whim, or they are supposed to anyways. For those unbroken slaves be wary, you never know whom you might get.

In this age of time, most slaves have learned to accept their place. Master’s reserve the right to buy, sell, or trade a slave, or if they so deem them “pet” at the local slave shop or between each other.

Slaves are then delivered to their new Master/Mistresses home. They have no choice in the matter, they live to obey, or to try and escape. (Not that it has ever been possible before) Not all owners are mean, many are nice, and will often adopt a slave into their family, or set them free if that is there so called choice.

A slave is expected to do their owner's bidding, until they are sent back to the shop, freed, or are given to a new owner.

Enter this world with caution, because once your caught it shall never let you go.

This Guild NO LONGER auto-accepts requests. We have/had to many people that join and than NEVER DO ANYTHING.

To join please put the following in your request:

1) How long have you roleplayed?
2) Why do you want to join the guild and will you be active? How active?
3) How much do you write? Please give me a example of your writing. (Just put a link to a post you've written)

DO NOT send me, the VC, or any of the Crew PM's about your request to join. There is no need and if you can't wait for one of us to look over it, it will be declined for your being impatient.