I made this guild because we need a guild to the art of yarn!

I do accept it for other crafts such as sewing, art, music and the like but remember why this guild was made!

I am Not charging an entry fee of 100 gold to help to get sub-forums!
We Have enough!
Donations are greatly appreciated!
(DO NOT DONATE TO THE GUILD! Please Donate to the Guild mule used for Prizes and Newsletters!)

When requesting to join please answer these questions!
or not I mostly want to make sure you legit yo

1.Name(Can be real or nick or gaia)
2. Age (if you'd rather not just put n/a)
3.Why are you joining this guild?
4.Were you referred here?
5a. If So by Whom?
5b. If not How did you find us?
6.What is your main craft/hobby?
7.lastly, Just have fun!

Thank you so much for considering Joining!
and have fun!
Any Questions?
Contact me or any of our mods or the guild mule!