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███████████████ T h e--T o m b


Out in the middle of the ocean is one ship you would never want to end up on. Unfortunately for you someone has payed for you to end up there.... forever. You find yourself in a prison out at sea. Stripped of your electronics, any tracking devices, and a massive headache from the chloroform they used to knock you out. The place you wake up in is known to be impossible to break free from. However, its not entirely impossible. Vain Chollet is the warden of this grim place. You're put in a complex of glass cells with no outside windows to indicate the prison's location; suspended in the air they offer little to no privacy. The guards, who wear masks at all times, make sure nothing goes wrong. They are people you do not want to cross.
Welcome to the shadow world, you are now a member of what we call, The Tomb.

███████████████ Y a k u z a--


In the heart of Tokyo lives the well known gang, the Yakuza. They are feared in japan and not afraid to assert their dominance. Even some of the police work with them, making it impossible to dispel their shady business. However there are some brave souls out there who want this world of crime to end. Civilians get kidnapped and other sorts of wrongs done to them, making even some of the residents either side with them or too scared to speak out. Do you have it in you to be apart of this dark organization or will you fight for what you think is right? Or, just stand silently on the sidelines? You decide.
This Roleplay takes place in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward, most noticeably, Shinjuku's red-light district Kabukichō, which is famous for its hostess bars, host clubs, love hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and its organized crime presence.

███████████████ C u r s e d--T r e a s u r e


Throughout the years Pirates always whispered of a cursed treasure. A treasure so grand that it has the ability to grant eternal life-- however it comes at a price. For this treasure you must give up your heart, the person who means the world to you. If you accept, the person will die, but if you refuse, the treasure will be lost forever. The seas are ruled by the ruthless pirates who seek out this youth. Many fear them but a select few who are brave enough to battle the endless seas wish to be just like them. How will you carve your destiny, and what would you choose?

Have a RP idea? Be sure to post it, and maybe it'll be added!

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1] Don't be an a** to someone, if you have a problem bring it up with the VC or me.
2] There's no character limit, but please keep up with the characters you make.
3] Post at least once every day or two.
4] Keep posts lengthy!! Minimum a PARAGRAPH. No short sentences either.
5] No auto-hitting without permission.
6] No killing without permission.
7] NO GM or PP. (God-mod or power-play)
8] Don't steal other character's info/traits. It's OC for a reason, be original.
9] Try to steer clear from using the most common anime characters. I don't want Sasuke running around, stealing yo' kids, and hiding in the trees. No teenage ninjas period. 3:<
10] Use your RPC's picture and name in your posts, I like having a visual aid.
If you need help with making an easy post format, please post down below!!
11] NO INSTANT HOOK UPS. If I see your character falling in love with another character 20 posts in, I'll make sure to kill your character. Let the relationship develop!!!
12] Respect all mods (VCs, crew, and Captain)
13] Please use anime pictures, I like real life pics as well, but we can't have them both. Who Framed Roger Rabbit always freaked me out.
14] Refrain from over-bedazzling your posts, thank you.
15] Keep Pictures at a max of 500x500 - 600x600. Slow computers have trouble loading anything larger.