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Inspired by; Wolf Among Us, Once Upon a Time

      Many, many years ago, no one's entirely sure when, but fairy tales became reality. The people we heard about in tales became reality, not just the heroes but also the villains, the creatures that caused disarray and chaos throughout all their tales. All were brought into the world. They've lived among us probably years before we knew they were as they took on human forms, differing from how we would see them, not looking out of place in the slightest.

      Though upon the finding of these creatures, discovering they lived among us, they were seen as tools for war or anything else people could use them for. But what the characters understood the most was that they were tools, after being found out what they could do and everything, they only had minor worth. Many of them were used for undercover operations, to help with wars, to help predict the outcome for what could happen and slowly, the fairy tales were adjusting.

      That was until a hundred years ago when a group of people had banded together with their hate aimed at the fairy tale creatures. Their hatred fuelled them and thus, the Royals were created. Their aim was to get rid of the creatures that plagued their lands, to make sure that humans stayed top of the food chain that seemed to slowly be vanishing. As time passed by, the Royals grew in numbers, towering the numbers of governments around the world. They wanted to banish the creatures and worldwide executions occurred endlessly, to get rid of the creatures, just so they could remain on top. Endless pleas occurred, with fairy tale creatures returning slowly amidst the humans, born to even human parents who had no connections to the creatures, they were all being killed, slowly.

      In fear for their lives, the fairy tales banded together to hide in secrecy away from the Royals, hiding below the surface, more specifically the surface of London as that seemed to be their only safe heaven as they were all driven into a hole more and more.

      Thus, the underground city known as Arlasia was created.

      Several years had passed and Royals had information on where the characters had fled to and where they no resided. About to diminish that light of hope of not being found, a group of humans stood in defence of the fairy tale characters, stopping the Royals from laying a hand on them. And so, the HQ for the Royals started in London as they said they wouldn't go down to disturb the characters but if any were to come to the surface,
      they would take control of the situation.

      A rebellion of humans formed though to try and protect any of the fairy tale creatures that showed themselves off in the human world yet it was a difficult task which caused it for the creatures to remain underground for pretty much all their lives. Though a clan known as the Mirror clan, a well known family who appear to act as if they are the almighty rulers of Arlasia and keep trying to negotiate with the Royals a way out, trying to be peaceful yet the distrust against fairy tale creatures still lingers,
      especially with the Syndicate who grow impatient with the clan's attempts at getting them to the surface and continue to try and speed it up through violent attacks. Will the fairy tale creatures prevail? Or will the Royals keep the Fairy Tales under control?

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