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Coming July!

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This is Endurance.
This is Excellence.
This is

Feel free to apply, although you'll need to know:
1. How to roleplay.
2. That we use CAWs here (created wrestlers).
3. Everyone will get their equal chance, but you just need to prove you can do it.
4. If you intend to use a mule, please have the courtesy to inform the guild owner.

Note: Any and all applications to join that are found to be in violation of item #4 will immediately be declined.

WWE:E Evolution Championship
Matt Shanahan

Remnant Championship

Evo Tag Team Championships
Beached Whales (Brantley Summers & Whale Helmet)

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Basic Information
Location: London, England
Nation: United Kingdom
Founded: 2007
Founder: Nuke Fusion
Owner: Major Devastation
General Managers: Anonymous CEO / VACANT (Destiny)
Popularity: Global
Schedule: Full-Time
Style: Sports Entertainment
TV Network: Sky Sports (Europe) / ABC (US) / Score & RDS (Canada)

World Rank: N/A
National Rank: N/A