Welcome to the World Wrestling Federation Guild (WWFG). WWFG opened its virtual doors on December 14th 2004. It is the oldest operating wrestling guild on Gaia Online. Our shows operate on a 2 week schedule with Pay-Per View events lasting 4 weeks. WWFG promotes an environment where people can not only compete for championships but make friends, learn from others and yes, punch people’s virtual faces. We as a guild also believe in these principles as we strive to deliver a constantly improving product. World Wrestling Federation Guild are the 2009/2010 Gaia X Cup champions. Team WWFG beat Team ICW, FFATF, and former champions Team GCW! So yes, we also believe in putting virtual boots to asses.

WWFG tries it's best to be user friendly. We have great moderators who are willing to serve you and answer your questions. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact any member of the crew. We are here to help you.

Our Current Champions
Legacy Champion - Matt Shanahan
Tag Champions - Beached Whales
Intercontinental Champion - Boxer Anarchy
Royal Rumble 2014 - Matt Shanahan
Money In The Back Case 2014 - Cyrus Leone

Guild Achievements:

Created Memorable Tag Teams for years. Teams like Team Prozac, The Amazing Haze, and The Midnight Marauders.

This guild houses many matches, story lines, and promos that others in the wrestling community still talk about years after they occur.

Best in The Biz 2011 Promo In Memoriam ((Phoenixfire Tribute))
Money In The Bank 2010 Brody vs Joey vs ??? vs Justin vs Draze vs Thunder K vs K-Dogg vs Blood Wolf vs Claire
Landry vs Shanahan and Phoinexfire
Kid Omega Spot 2
Major(c) vs Freakshow(c) vs Duality
Tornado Tag Cage Of Death - Midnight Marauders(c) vs Los Guerreros Enmascarados
Jarel speaks on Being number 1 contender
Mike Landry vs Chrono
Royal Rumble 2011 Draze(c) vs Jarel
Undisputed Championship Freakshow(c) vs Mike Landry
Intercontinental Championship Open 2010 GBL vs Cart vs Justin vs Kid Omega vs Kyle Dracious vs Tyson
Wrestlemanina 2007 WWF Championship "Your Fired" Match Jay Lighting vs Mystic