Greetings and Welcome to Cybertron.

In this guild you will be able to RolePlay, and talk about every transformers generation ever made,or anything, as long as everything is in the right from. we're not pickey. This guild will also consist of things that are not related to Transformers like popular video games like the 'Kingdom Hearts' series. Much more is also on the way so keep a look out.
Generations of the Transformers series that will be featured here are:
Transformers G1
Beast Wars
Beast Machines
Transformers Armada
And many more.

We are slowly in development of seperate Forums for the Transformers Generations so that you can go and talk about the ones you love most. This is mainly a test idea we are considering but if given enough votes on subject may be to happen. Look for future updates on this.

We are currently under construction in our new 'Kingdom Hearts' Forum! At this current time there is only the ground layout of the forum so if you decide to enter it don't expect much at this time. Updates shall be posted here for your referance.

Now there are a few rules:
1.No god-modding in rp's.
2.I am the leader, and the crew, my fallowers.
3.Keep any all topic and rp's pg-13.
6. You must be active! Non active members will be banned! Do not join this guild simply because you feel like joining. Only do so if you will be an active member!

I want a good reasion for you wanting to join, no 'Transformers are cool' but an actual valid reson for joining.