Hello my name is not that important but I am the Queen of Spades, sink that title into your skull for me please. I'm here to welcome you to your beloved wondrous land of Wonderland.
Wonderland is an imaginary fantasy world where everyone can go to escape reality.
Well not everyone
In ordered to enter this magically world, you need to find the hidden entrance first. It's not nice for everyone to know otherwise thing will get, chaotic.
And we don't want that do we?
You can say it's a special place for special people like Alice. It's a place of peace and sanctuary, a chance to escape your problems and find peace.
But in one condition
If you have entered Wonderland before
Whatever happens to Wonderland
Reflects you in reality.
Have a nice day.~

Wonderland is slowly falling apart. Last time Alice visited Wonderland, a tragic event occurred that would change the whole land. Alice has successfully killed the Queen of Hearts. News spread across the land and the creatures of Wonderland were overjoyed by the news. Everything become much more peaceful and carefree than having a murderous queen breathing down your neck and fond of your head.
But sadly...
The story doesn't end there.

Despite the freedom, things took a turn to the worst. For some reason Alice has stopped visiting Wonderland, because her reality isn't Wonderland. Hence she can't be the next ruler. The more she grew, the more apart she is from Wonderland.
Every country needs a leader. Why? To keep the place from to keep the from falling into chaos of course!
Chaos has spread across the land until a new ruler has rise among the ashes. The Queen of Spades. They say she is nicer than the Queen of Hearts yet more merciless and has shown a fondness for skulls.
"Off with his head! Then off with his flesh!"

It might seem that it's under control but it's far from that. The Queen is not satisfied with not only controlling Wonderland but also yearns to reach into the Real World and turn it into her own. Some pledge loyalty to the Queen while others hide in fear in the shadows of Wonderland. They need a leader to save them from this insanity.
Will Alice return?
Which side would she/he pick?
Would the Queen get what she wants?
Would another get it before her?
So many questions to be answered.
Lets find out.

Looking through a shattered glass...
Queen of Spade is in power
A fairytale becomes a nightmare
Imagination becomes madness
Leave sanity behind
Time is running out.
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