Before you request to join read this page. It contains important information.

If you do not read we WILL know and you will not be accepted.

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CHECK the links at the bottom. Wolves:Scar of The Warrior is recommended to all members. All members planning on making a Silverpelt wolf are required to join the other guild.

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Art by Dreams Can Kill and Loiiypop-chan

I really hope you decide to join, but please do check it out. This is a guild for wolf lovers. Bashing them is not tolerated and we like to keep a friendly atmosphere. Please read the rules and the content below. Also introducing yourself will be greatly appreciated!

About the 'Pelts'
EarthPelts are brown and gold pelted wolves of earthy brown colors. Mother Moon's faith flows strong in the hearts of these wolves and loyalty is prized above everything.
SnowPelts are white, pale grey, and light colored wolves that blend in in snowy weather. They are strong fighters and good thinkers who take pride in their family bonds.
ShadowPelts are Black, and extremely dark grey and brown wolves. They hunt well at night and they have a certain talent for being sneaky and sly.
SilverPelts are the head of all the packs. They come in all pelt colors, normal and blessed by the moon. They are descendants of wolves sent by Mother Moon to keep peace and follow stricter rules than the packs they govern. They help keep the peace and decide if a treaty is necessary or not
Shatteredpelts are members of NEW pack in need of strong and loyal wolves who desire to work as a team rather that the typical pack set up. Any wolf of any age, gender, species and color is welcome in this pack that walks outside of Mother Moon's light. These wolves desire a different sort of pack life and their faith in Moon ranges from non-existent to silent awe.

Loners are wolves of any color, and come from any pack, or cross between packs. Some are born loners, some come from afar, and some, are forced to become loners. But there are some, who choose the life of freedom it may entitle them to.

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'It is time. These wolves with hearts of darkness and blood have coaxed the wolves with weak minds and dark hearts into following them. The packs have shrank, and their certainty in any one thing is shaken. It is time for me to make myself known to their doubting minds. My wolves will soon return. The Crimson and Onyx of the Blood Moon, the evil eclipse, will be vanquished by the might of Silver. But first the entirety of these wolves must be weakened even beyond the exhaustion my wolves will feel when they return home to find this chaos.

I see the Shatteredpelts who have gained the late Crystal Moon's blessing are struggling to survive in their small numbers, though they are not wolves of my own heart I will spare them the wrath for the other packs. Their struggle is enough, and should one wolf cry for me, I will hear.

But for the others....Let the sun beat down, the water dry up, and the heat become too much for the packs of shadow, earth, and snow! Let their land suffer, and in turn let there true selves show through. Those with dark hearts will run for the land of the Silverpelts, taken over by the evilest of my pup-kin, and their families will howl in anguish at their lost loved ones, knowing they can not come pack. Let them fight, until they die or flee. Because the time for peace is coming, and for peace to resume, there must be blood shed.'

The Silverpelts, chased from their land and forced to flee(to the other guild) by wolves who felt discontented with them, have settled safely over the mountain and their pack has lost and gained members, new pups and new faces. Upon a vision the healer Summer Dove has received they known now that the time is coming for them to come home. Now they must only wait for a wolf from the Earthpelts to receive the sign and come and fetch them just as Crystal Moon, the late alpha female, promised.


☻Listen to the Captain and Crew
☻Be considerate
☻If you are unsure of something contact the Captain or VC
☻Follow common courtesy when posting
☻NO ONE LINERS!!! Two line posts and above only.(no, I don't have a huge monitor so it's really not a lot, I'm pretty fair about this)

There are other rules you are required to read in the guild.

User ImageHow to become a crew:
Pay attention to the guild. Post often, and post well. Recruit members or remind members to post. And help out the Guild Crew! Also, letting me know is good too.

When Requesting to Join
Your username:
A bit about your personality/likes:
Read anything about wolves?:
A 4+ line paragraph example of role-play containing dialogue:
How did you find us?:
What do you like about the plot/background of the guild?:


Wolves: Scars of the Warrior
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New Shiro: Kuro Shiro Reborn:
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Fang VS Fang