To join you must FIRST read this page, we will know if you have not read it and you will not be accepted. We will not even give you notice.

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User ImageWelcome to Wolves:Scars of The Warrior!!
I really hope you decide to join, but please do check it out. This is a guild for wolf lovers. Bashing them is not tolerated and we like to keep a friendly atmosphere. Please read the rules and the content below. Also introducing yourself will be greatly appreciated!

About The Wolves

The Fangs: A cruel and fearsome pack of wolves known for attacking wolves without question and injuring their own. They have rebuilt after a large illness that killed all but one pack member sometime before the role-play.
The Claws: A strong pack of wolves with a great fondness for their own. They follow their rules strictly, but do not take well to outsiders laws.
The Gristles: A sly pack of wolves with a nasty habit of tricking other wolves into trouble. They do not take kindly to friendliness toward outsiders.

Loners: Wolves that survived being chased off, or left for their own freedom
Zoo/Rehabilitation: The zoo has receintly gone through a terrible fate from improper upkeep and an explosion has either killed or freed the wolves of the zoo. This rile of rubble may or may not ever become home to something again.
Wild Life Reserve: Wolves in a large enclosed environment that may return to the wild through small openings.

The three packs; The Claws, The Gristles and the Fangs have ruled these lands for longer then anyone can remembered. Their past is drowned in long forgotten memories and only small bits remain with only the oldest wolves. A few years back the humans built a reserve on the fringes of it, adding in more wolves from foreign lands. It's recent destruction has left many wolves dead, injured, and homeless. Loners now roam the land along with ones who have escaped the reserve. The fluctuating number of outsiders leave the packs wary of their borders. From time to time, the packs will let in loners, outsiders, and reserve wolves for the sake of number and strength, but even need does not quell the hatred for the human-touched wolves and the forsaken.

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The strange and foreign Silverpelts have headed back over the mountain, leaving Hala and her grown pup Ezikial behind of their own wishes. The nearly mute she-wolf and her son have requested to join a new growing back, a pack of wolves outcasted from the other packs, a pack of wolves who intend to be known as some of the more feared. A pack called... the BONES.

Meanwhile, unaware that the loners Cricket and Nial have claimed the old human land of the zoo to create a new pack, the Bones, the other packs are struggling.

The Gristles are weak, small in number, and vulnerable. They are unable to tend to their territory and trouble is brewing for them.

The Claws continue to struggle with the stubborn Liahla who feels cheated out of a mate and the alpha position as the last year has seemed to bring her. She wants to be alpha, and wants to try and talk out the problems between packs, just for a short cease fire that may allow all of the packs to heal. She fears for the safety of the pack she loves so dearly, the pack so eager to fight.

The Fangs however, have the worst of the problems. Crimson Moon, an unnaturally colored She-wolf with bad scars and missing fur, has appeared in their territory. Murdering the alpha male and taking over without any other resistance she aims to not only take over the territory, but to turn the fangs into a pack built for war and carnage, take no prisoners, as they wipe out the others packs and claim their territory, their pups, and any members that they can. Her vicious ways even extend to the offspring as she has chosen a mate, and intends to force her pack to produce pups for her, to create an army of wolves to help her control the land, and exact revenge on the wolves over the mountain.


☻Listen to the Captain and Crew
☻Be considerate
☻If you are unsure of something contact the Captain or VC

User ImageHow to become a crew:
Pay attention to the guild. Post often, and post well. Recruit members or remind members to post. And help out the Guild Crew!

When Requesting to Join
Your username:
A bit about you: (likes, how you found us, etc.)
Read anything about wolves?: (fiction or non-fiction)
Example of Role-play: (third person past tense, at least a paragraph including dialogue.)

Please see rules inside for what I consider literate.


Wolves: Shattered Packs
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