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Long story short, it's an objectivist guild.
An engineer of doom and a bunch of idiots inspired this guild.
I, as captain, ask of you one thing and one alone. It is the simplest thing of all and yet the most difficult to ask: Think.

If you can, this is where you are welcome, if you refuse, then you are not supposed to be here.

Affiliated Guilds af-fill-ee-ated-gilds (n) 1. Guilds you may have come from. 2. Guilds you may be interested in looking at. 3. Friends who support an objectivist guild.
"User Image is an Affiliated Guild."
(note: To those who notice that this guild was started because of the deficiencies of a guild which is above endorsed, this guild was started because Reality, in my perceptions, was overrun with, to borrow Sein_Ist's apt terms, mystics and man haters. However, since not all members or affiliates of Reality are such people, and it was originally intended to be an objectivist themed guild, and we have found many of our members there, it's a bit of a mixed bag. We endorse those members of the reality guild who live in the spirit of objectivism. This guild was started in order to counter the "bunch of idiots" who don't.)

Rules, explanations etc.
This may repeat a bit of my explanation, but this is my mission statement:
I will run this guild because I like to be Captain.
I will run this guild because I want to give Gaians who think a place to discuss their thoughts.
I will run this guild so that there is at least one place on Gaia in which I can ban anyone who degrades or insults the ideas of objectivism.
I will run this guild so that there is a place where the best within us need never compromise to the worst.

This guild will be objectivism-oriented. Members need not be objectivists and need not even be familiar with Ayn Rand or any of her works. But, if I may, "no one stays here by faking reality in any manner whatever." Unless of couse I don't know about it. In which case, somebody, please inform me and I will ban them immediately.
I will not hesitate to ban people I feel don't deserve to be in my guild, but as long as you demonstrate rational thought, you deserve to be here.

Members need not discuss objectivism or any related topic. In fact, spam is okay, but keep it in the spam subforum. This is meant to be a hang out, a forum, a place to be free, not a pulpit. Though I'm sure it will serve as both.

I think that's pretty good. If anybody is confused by that I'll revise it because an objectivist mission statement should not be confusing.


1. again "No one stays here by faking reality in any way whatever." Objectivism is against such destructive concepts as self-deception, deception, or euphamisms. We do not lie, we do not cheat. We have that which we earn. We will not accept anything that is not ours, nor allow any other to claim what is ours. This is not a rule, it is only a fact. If you aren't completely honest with yourself, then you don't belong here. Anyone I suspect is trying to dodge reality, will likely be banned. This is not an attempt to control your thoughts or your speech, or anything so insidious, only to protect my guild.

2. This guild is open to all demographics. So called noobs are welcome so long as they fit with the above stated fact. Anyone flaming new users for being new will be banned. I won't tolerate it. Men and women are welcome indiscriminately, as are a black members, white members, latin, asian, and middle eastern users. We welcome you if you are a penguin who knows not a word of any language, (though I don't see how such a creature would be on Gaia) so long as you fit the above stated fact. We welcome jewish, christian, buddhist, muslim, hindu, wiccan, pagan, etc members, however, if you believe in any god, it is unlikely that you are completely honest with yourself, unless you know something I and the rest of the world do not. In other words, there is only one limitation to our demographic, and that is the first rule.

3. You need not be polite, and you need not be a b***h. That is your choice and your freedom. But you will show the due level of respect to anyone who follows the first rule, or you will be banned. If you suspect that the first rule has been broken by a member, then obviously I will not require you to be respectful, but be warned, this is not an excuse to flame people who piss you off for some trivial reason and you had better be able to back it up. Also, be warned that if flaming breaks out, moderators can ban regular users, and captains/vice captains can ban anyone they choose.
Also note; respecting someone does not mean being polite, it means treating them as if they are a human being. Telling someone they're an a*****e for wearing white after Thanksgiving is disrespectful. Telling someone to rot in hell for saying that men are inferior to women is being impolite.
Impolite is fine, disrespectful is unacceptable (unless of course they are a morally bankrupt faker).
Also, remember that you are a member and thus the idea of respect members extends to you as well.

4. All posts must obey the Gaia TOS. If I find any pornography in here I will ban whoever posted it. And their dog. Also, although "TOS" covered this, I feel it necessary to point out that I will not tolerate "rape me" threads. And for that matter cybering or the idiotic "girls tied to a tree, boys do awful terrible things for which they have no remorse because they're fugly bastards" type of RPing is strictly prohibited.

Spam is welcome in the appropriate subforum. Keep it in there. Outside the spam sub-forum, just keep above spam. Whoa, deja vu.oop. No sub-forum. Our guild account has no gold.

There will be serious threads. Objectivists do not make light of serious problems, nor do we ridicule or humiliate those who worry about things we do not consider to be serious. Serious threads are to be taken seriously. Whenever I see the words "joo fail" I get the sudden urge to ban someone. I don't know why.
There will be lighter threads. Objectivists love life and love to laugh. Look at me, I'm perpetually grinning. Life need not be one big oration or a constant melodrama. light hearted threads are to be taken light heartedly.

5. It is not necessary to include a poll when making a new thread. It is my habit to do so, and if you don't I might decide to add one to your thread, but it is not required of you. When including a poll, feel free to make it as relevant or ridiculous as you wish.

6. Though "noobs" should not be discriminated against, Leet speak is unacceptable for a serious thread. If you have something serious to say, then say it in a recognizable language. While expressing an important idea, you can't afford to confuse those listening to you with characters and abbreviations they will not recognize. You may think leet speak is fun, but if you use it in a serious thread it will be considered a statement that you have nothing relevant to say, and don't respect others, or yourself, enough to refrain from saying something stupid.