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This guild is a reference guide for anything related to Were-Items (also known as "I am" items).

Were-Items are items with one or more Were-poses that allow you to transform your usual avatar into something else, like an animal or an object.

If you are looking for a specific Were-Item, but don't know how to find it, you can try searching for it through this topic. The Were-Items are organized into different lists, so they can be searched for more easily.

If you're new to the guild, you may want to look through the Rules, About the Guild, and FAQ sections below. You do not have to own any Were-Items to join or participate. If you want to just hang out and talk about anything you want (Were-Items or otherwise), you can try the Hangout Thread.

If you want to help with updating and maintaining the guild, you can sign up to be a Crew member.

Newest/Unsorted Were-Items:
User Image Scarcity The Fashionable Pegasus
User Image Aries The Kindly Pegasus
User Image Milkshake the Baby Elephant
User Image Toast the Baby Tiger
User Image Roll the Baby Tiger
User Image Bread the Baby Tiger
User Image Almond the Baby Lion
User Image Butter the Baby Lion
User Image Peanut the Baby Lion
User Image Strawberry the Bear Cub
User Image Jelly the Bear Cub
User Image Jam the Bear Cub
User Image Smoothie the Baby Elephant
User Image The Sweetest Little Reaper
User Image The Fox and the Tanuki
User Image Mongrel of King Charles
User Image Missile the Raccoon
User Image Cesi the Gorgon Griffon
User Image Tsuyoi-kun the French Bulldog
User Image Cartier the Night Dragon
User Image Lon Lon The Bunny
User Image Morgan The Kindly Pegasus
User Image Faustu's Bottle
User Image The Little Reaper
User Image The Little Ghost Reaper
User Image Hulk-kun the French Bulldog
User Image Buttermilk The Kindly Pegasus
User Image Fantasy Rosette Kitten Star
User Image Tulip and Dagger
User Image Flutterby The Kindly Pegasus
User Image Pixie Kitten
User Image Scorchwood the Dragon
User Image Keiko's Chiffon
User Image Ivory Violeztin
User Image The Alpine Fawns
User Image Pero the Golden Panda
User Image Black Hard Shell Pack
User Image Orange Hard Shell Pack
User Image Blue Hard Shell Pack
User Image Olive Hard Shell Pack
User Image The Coyote Buddies
User Image Sly the Pink Fox
User Image Sly the Lavender Fox
User Image Aden and Eves
User Image Celeste the Unicorn
User Image Fi Fi The Bunny
User Image Kurochan the Shiba Inu
User Image Kuroko the Bear
User Image Labunee de la creme
User Image Marshmallow the Pug
User Image Papaya the Crocotta Pup
User Image Pudding the Bear
User Image Sly the Beige Fox
User Image Storm the Bison
User Image The Coyote Siblings
User Image The Meadow Fawns
User Image Three Little Rascals
User Image York and Lancaster Rose
User Image Fantasy Reborn Kitten Star
User Image Serendipity The Kindly Pegasus
User Image Cartier the Pale Dragon
User Image Bendis & Jarilo the Magical Companions
User Image Three Little Munchkins
User Image Mooch LaDrakgon the XIII
User Image Thistle and Tudor Rose Void
User Image Cloud the Bison
User Image Cafe Rosa
User Image Souryuu of the Earth and Skies
User Image Kuro the Bakeneko
User Image Yamamayaa the Bakeneko
User Image Kaibyo the Bakeneko
User Image Ishikawa the Kappa
User Image Umi the Kappa
User Image Kawako the Kappa
User Image Gin the Kitsune
User Image Kudzu the Kitsune
User Image Kin the Kitsune
User Image Shingetsu the Moon Rabbit
User Image Mochitsuki the Moon Rabbit
User Image Tsuki the Moon Rabbit
User Image Allu the Brown Wolf
User Image Kyoku the Melodious Singer
User Image I Am Adamant
User Image Labunee
User Image Keiko's Trifle
User Image Rena the Unicorn
User Image Purpura the Crocotta Pup
User Image Rosette Kitten Star
User Image Apurro
User Image Bennet
User Image Dolce
User Image Duke
User Image Ember
User Image Gizgiz
User Image Lulu
User Image Patches
User Image Winston
User Image Rome and Juju
User Image Nubia the Unicorn
User Image Etah the Samoyed Puppy
User Image Lilac Kitten Star
User Image Puffmuffin the Chow Chow
User Image Helia the Unicorn
User Image Dumpling the Bear
User Image Moonlight Silverstene
User Image The Forest Fawns
User Image Maia the Unicorn
User Image Ichimeru the Purring
User Image Angel the Cat
User Image Mr Frou Frou
User Image Midnight Violeztin
User Image Deen's Potion
User Image Unlucky the Cat
User Image Kintaro the Shiba Inu
User Image Fallon the Fox
User Image Kitten Crescent Moon

Quick Links:
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Were-Item List: Price
Were-Item List: Color
Were-Item List: Alphabetical Order
Combining items into homemade Were-poses
Were-Item Guides
What Shows when you are an I Am pose
Kangit's Petitions
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~Trivia Contest~


-Follow the Terms of Service.

-Don't beg directly at people for items or gold. If you're questing for an item or gold, you can start a quest thread. You can also play in contests to raise money or get items.

About the Guild:

User Image Were-Items: Were-Items have unique poses called Were-poses that can change your avatar into something else. Most Were-poses have 'I AM' printed on their icons, are often named [Were-Item] (i am), or something similar, and are usually the last listed poses in the item. Some Were-Items include: Grunny, Inari's Beads, Hermes' Moon, Kitten Star, and Starmony. Any potions that you have to drink to change your form do not count as a Were-Item or Were-pose.

I've made lists of all of the Were-Items, which I've categorized in different ways to make it easier to search for them. The different topics with lists of them are:

Were-Item List: Species
Were-Item List: Release Date
Were-Item List: Price
Were-Item List: Color
Were-Item List: Alphabetical Order

User Image Were-Animals zOMG! Clan: For those who play zOMG!, there is a clan extension of this guild. While in zOMG!, you might sometimes find other members playing at the same time (although Clan Chat seems to be broken). Until more members join the clan, you might not find anyone else on. In the clan, you can send Clan Announcements to other clan members to start or join a crew.

User Image Were-Item Guides: If you want to know more about a specific Were-Item, I have made some in-depth guides about some the Were-Items. But because there are so many Were-Items, I have not finished making all of the guides, so if you need information on a Were-Item that doesn't have a topic put up yet, you can tell me which Were-Item should get a guide next, either by posting it, or voting in the poll.

User Image What Shows when you are an I Am pose: Most item poses are invisible when a Were-pose is equipped, but some remain visible. Creamy Filling has a thread that lists the poses that are visible with Were-poses, along with some other helpful information.

User Image Gaia's Animated GIFs: Whenever a new Chance Item comes out, there's usually an animated GIF of that Chance Item's grand prize that appears in the Gaia header. Most of the grand prizes of Chance Items are Were-Items, so I thought I would make a list of all the animated GIFs I could find and make. The User-made GIFs section is composed mainly of Were-Item GIFs at this point. I've also made a new section labeled "Were-pose Animation in Virtual Spaces." There aren't many Were-poses added yet, but I plan to add more.

User Image Virtual Chat Room: This guild has a virtual chat room you can hang around or play in. It is only available to guild members, however. You may also need to reload the page, because it doesn't always work the first time.

Also, aside from the Earth Day Forest Stage, it is the only Virtual Space I've found that allows you to have all of your mules (extra Gaia accounts) logged into the room at the same time, without needing another computer or browser, as long as you leave their tabs open (you may need to right-click, and "Open link in new tab" for it work, otherwise, it will just reload the one you have open).

User Image Questing for items: If you want to start a quest thread for an item, or ask for donations, you can use the Questing subforum. The item you're questing for doesn't have to be a Were-Item.

User Image Advertising Were-Animals: If you like this guild, and think it could be useful or fun to other people, you can help make it more popular by advertising it in your signature.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is a Were-Item?

A: A Were-Item, or "I am" item, is an item that has a Were-pose (which is frequently labeled as I am (something), You are (something), etc.) that can make your normal avatar disappear entirely, and replace it with the Were-pose's form. Which means, if anyone else is using the same Were-pose that you are, they should look exactly the same as you, even if your avatar's eyes, hair, skin, etc. are different (assuming you're not using one of the item poses that can be seen with Were-poses, which would be in the background).

Q: What's the difference between a potion and a Were-pose?

A: Were-poses are something you can take on and off. Potions are more long-term, disappearing once they've been drunk. With potions, you can usually still dress up your avatar. But there's also a Were-Item called Mona's Potion, which isn't actually drinkable.

Q: What's the difference between a full-body skin and a Were-pose?

A: If you find a skin that completely covers your avatar, or a Were-pose that looks like it does, there are a couple of ways to figure out the difference: Whether or not you can move your avatar's arms, and the kinds of items you can equip with it. If you can reposition your avatar's arms, or put can clothes on your avatar, it's probably a skin. If your arms remain stationary, and no items seem to be equipping, it's probably a Were-Item. Skin example: Alien Armorskin. Skin-like Were-Item example: [[CENSORED]].

Q: Are there any free Were-Items?

A: Only Starmony was truly free (unless you count the ones won through events, which usually required effort), but its link has been deactivated.

Q: What are the cheapest Were-Items?

A: I have a list of Were-Items that are sorted by their price in the Marketplace. The cheapest Were-Items are at the top, the most expensive are towards the bottom. Their prices vary somewhat, so the numbers are more general than exact.

Q: Is it possible to wear any items while equipping a Were-pose?

A: Most items don't show up when a Were-pose is equipped, but there are a few. Creamy Filling has a list that shows which item poses can be worn with Were-poses.

Q: Am I able to participate in the guild without joining?

A: Yes. You can do almost everything that guild members can. You won't receive any guild announcements that inform you when a new Were-Item has come out, but I also keep a list of the newest Were-Items on the guild's homepage. You also can't enter the guild's virtual chat room, but it's almost always empty.

Q: I have a question/comment. How do I contact you, Kangit?

A: You can PM me, or post in the forums, depending on your preference. Either way, I will try to address your question/comment as best as I can.


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