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After many years of fighting between the four great Clans of the forest, things have changed. The once
strong ThunderClan has fallen, banished from the forest, and the scramble for power to control the lands
is great. However, recent events with the Twolegs have forced the four clans to vacate their former home,
and they are now in the process of exploring their new lands, and marking out the territory that they
hope will be Twoleg-free for once in their chaotic lives.

But something is wrong. Something lurks in the mountains to the North, and two loner cats wander from
camp to camp, proclaiming blasphemy against Starclan. In addition, Mooneye, a deserter of Windclan
after having murdered one of Shadowclan's apprentices, has returned to Windclan, stricken down with a
terrible illness. But will Windclan and its leader, Swiftstar, accept Mooneye, or will they turn her away?

Or will the tension between Windclan threaten to tear it apart?
(Note: There are 'bad guys' around this time, but then again, 'bad' is all based on perspective, isn't it?)

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For People Who Have Not Read the Books:

Warriors are cats who live in Clans. The first part of their name describes them and the
second part of their name shows their rank.

Kits: Cats under the age of six moons who have not yet left the nursery. A kit's name ends in the
suffix "kit". For example: Flyingkit. Important Note: Kits are not allowed to leave camp or else they
will probably be punished by the leader.

Apprentices: Apprentices are usually cats six moons and older, training under a warrior. Their
names end in the suffix "paw". For example: Flyingpaw.

Warriors: Warriors are adult cats who have passed their apprenticeship. They hunt for the Clan,
train new apprentices, protect their Clan and its borders, fight enemy cats if necessary, and
and carry out tasks assigned to them by their leader. Their names can end in all sorts of stuff.
For example: Flyingbird.

Queens: These are she-cats who have recently had or are expecting kits. Queens stay with the kits
in their Clan's nursery. Warriors can temporarily be queens, but most of the time leaders and
deputies are not. Since they are basically just nursing warriors their names follow the same rules.

Elders: Older cats who have retired from their warrior days. Sometimes they have the same
names as when they were warriors, and sometimes they have it changed to match an
aliment or condition. For example: Stumpytail.

Medicine Cat: The most knowledgeable cat in the Clan when it comes to knowing cures for
many different ailments and interpreting dreams, signs, and visions from StarClan.

Deputy: The leader's right hand cat, settles who goes out on each patrol or hunting party, as
well as minor disputes between Clan cats. Once a deputy dies or becomes leader, a new
deputy must be appointed before moonrise of the next day.

Leader: leads the clan, basically. When they become a leader, StarClan grants them nine lives
and a new 'leader name' which always ends in the suffix "star". For example: Flyingstar.

Note: That only the medicine cats, medicine cats apprentices and leaders can share dreams
with StarClan!

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General Rules
-Don't be rude, mkay? We don't like it.
-Absolutely no chatspeak or leet speak at all.
-Don't board stretch.
-Don't spam.
-Follow Gaia's TOS.

Roleplay Rules
- Post a profile correctly before role playing.
-We'd prefer if you had a size from 9-12 in roleplay, but that isn't required.
-Absolutely no godmoding, powerplaying, Mary Sues, Gary Stus, or anything of the sort.
-If you're leaving on vacation or other reasons, tell us.
-No gore. Some of us don't like it.
-Try to keep the genders balanced.
-Please, don't be all orange cats.
-Please only role play house cats. We love creativity but there are limits.
-If one of your cats happens to die, you may make a new one.
-Don't be all warriors. Clans need kits, queens, elders and apprentices too.

Temporary Plot Rules:
If you get kidnapped and killed, that's not our problem.
So there.

Please follow the rules on the first post of the cats page, also you are not allowed to post until
the leader of each said clan has posted their leader character.
Only post your own characters, cause it will be uber confusing if you don't!


All rules are subject to change without notice!
So keep checking back!

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Leader: Currently, none. Don't ask.
Deputy: See Leader
Medicine cat: Star*
Medicine cat apprentice: Glitterkit

New warriors: none
New apprentices: none
New kits: Windkit
Deaths: Starface

Other news: Three strange loners have showed up in our territory. Hmm. Could they want to join the Clan?
Also, how on earth are we going to apprentice the older kits without a leader? Will Owlmask step over the line?
Or can he stay safely behind it without getting the other cats mad at him?
And the question on everyone's minds: Who will be ThunderClan's leader?


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Leader: Redstar
Deputy: Silentstorm
Medicine cat: Shrikepelt
Medicine cat apprentice: NEED

New warriors: None
New apprentices: None
New kits: None
Deaths: None

Other news: We're all settled in! Yay!

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Leader: Willowstar
Deputy: Loonpelt
Medicine cat: Brookheart
Medicine cat apprentice: Streamsong

New warriors: None.
New apprentices: None.
New kits: None
Deaths: Nope.

Other news: Not all is as it seems, strange cats whom the leader seems to know from times long past are
disturbing our Clan with lies and blasphemy of StarClan. What's a cat to do?

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Leader: Swiftstar
Deputy: Strongwater
Medicine cat: Sunwhisker
Medicine cat apprentice: Goldenpaw

New warriors: Nope
New apprentices: None
New kits: Nuhuh.
Deaths: No.

Other news: Tensions are rising in WindClan, it seems the deputy and the leader who used to be such
good friends are no longer so. What will this mean for the Clan?
Will there be misplaced loyalties? Murder? Who knows…

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PM Sandi if you want to join the WGN and have a Warriors guild!
You must also put this up if you want a chance!
(Unless of course Sandi asks you)

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If you wish to join our guild, please request to join using the above button, and filling out the form below:

How many of the books you have read:
How you found this guild:
Why you want to join:

If we deny your request, it's probably because it was illiterate, you didn't use the form, or both. You're welcome to try again.


Top images (not the banners) are from Warriors Wish.