Welcome to Warriors: Into the Wild. Currently we are a new guild, so bear with us. We're mostly a roleplaying guild, and we will have all sorts of cats. You will have your own cat name, and you can either choose it, or we can choose for you- thanks for joining!

Guild Purpose
Once You join, we need to know you as something, so we need to give you a codename! Since this is Warriors: Into the Wild, what better way to do that than your very own warrior cat name! But before you become a warrior you must start out as a -kit, and after you post ten times, you become a -paw, or an apprentice. Then you can take a test on how much you know about the books to get your warrior name!

Season in the Clans
prey is plentiful and it is very hot

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1. No cybering please! Nobody wants that in a guild, so no cybering!
2. No foul language! We wish to keep it as clean, but stuff from warriors like mousebrain and foxdung are alright.
3. No asking for gold, items, etc. We don't need any beggers in this guild.
4. Post often! If you don't post within a month, we have to ban you from the guild sad
5. Keep it PG-13! Nothing too much, thanks!
6: You may only have one cat per person, except in roleplays. Sorry for everyone who has multiple cats sad

Each clan will have a leader, deputy, medicine cat, warriors, apprentices, queens, elders and kits!

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Leader: Ivystar - Kanya Willow
Deputy: none
Medicine Cat: Onyxwind - NamiXxXKarin
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Moonpaw - Westice
Warriors: none
Sunpaw - Westice
Silentkit - Duke-Wolf-Demon
Cometkit - AshlyYuuki

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Leader: Lunarstar - Panda-Chan
Deputy: Reserved
Medicine Cat: none
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Opalpaw - NamiXxXKarin
Warriors: none
Wolfpaw - BarnOwl6-5
Birdpaw - DemonPuppyNinja101
Thunderkit - Falling Butterflies
Springkit - Falling Butterflies

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Shadow Clan
Leader: Redstar - Koroana
Deputy: Petalslash - Falling Butterflies
Medicine Cat: Moonshine - Koroana
Medicine Cat Apprentice: none
Starletmoon - Riverclaw_Warrior
Duskring - Kanya Willow
Pumaclaw- arcangeln
Jaggedpaw - DemonPuppyNinja101
Wildpaw - Akiko-infinity
Fallingpaw - Akiko-infinity
Brightkit - Akiko-infinity

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Leader: Pandastar - tiger8a
Deputy: Coralmist - NamiXxXKarin
Medicine Cat: none
Medicine Cat Apprentice: none
Twilightrain - Kanya Willow
Shadowpelt - Riverclaw_Warrior
Apprentices: none
Kits: none