This is my first guild of J-Rock love, dedicated to the adorable Japanese band known as Antique Cafe.

This guild is under construction now, but feel free to send a join request. I don't bite, I promise, just mention something about AnCafe, and I will most likely accept you. ^^

Like AnCfe, but want to talk about other J-Rockers as well? Well, we've got an entire subforum devoted to the discussion of Non AnCafe acts. If there's not a thread already going for a band you like, no worries! Just make one. ^^

I hope it's obvious that I'm a pretty laid back Guild Mommy, so come, enoy, and have fun, but please remember to follow the rules. ^^


The GazettE no Yakuza A GazettE Guild

Lovely-Moonchang Lovers An LM.C Guild

Icy Cold Insane Humanity A 12012 Guild - Gaia's First!

Un-Do Reality A Miyavi Guild

Jarring Volcanic Flies A Girugamesh Guild - Gaia's First!

The Red Sleazoids A Dir en Grey Guild

MonStart Fans A Mix Speaker's Inc. Guild - Gaia's First!

Mago-Mago Mania A Phantasmagoria Guild - Gaia's First!

Primitive Moon Light A Luvie/Ruvie Guild - Gaia's First and my second Guild of J-Rock Love!

Deep Chain of Prayers An Underneath Guild - Gaia's First!

Hitobito no Zetsubou A Maximum the Hormone Guild - Gaia's First!

Need a break from J-Rock? It's ok, it happens to all of us...then check out some of our Non-Musical Affiliates:

Of Titans and Rogues A Literate Roleplaying Guild.
There's something for RPers of any genre! ^^

If you would like for your guild to be an Affiliate to this guild, please send me a PM.