Welcome to Vocaloid World!

Everyone is welcome!!! You can be a vocaloid fan, Otaku or just someone who likes hanging out. ^ ^

Each Vocaloid has its own representative that is in charge of recent news or updates of that Vocaloid.
There is only ONE representative per Vocaloid, but anyone can cosplay multiple Vocaloids. (There are at
least five Miku's already. xD)

This is pretty much a guild where anyone can hang out. Vocaloid is our primary topic, but we have a LOT more
than just Vocaloid discussions. ^^

The only rules are to have fun and be nice. ^^
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Vocaloid World is run by:
Captain Sonzai Hatsune

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Captain enency
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IMPORTANT!! You MUST refresh or reload the Guild chat page in order to enter the chat room. I'm not sure why but you will receive an error otherwise.NEW!
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