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Here in this little place you can chat about your favorite PV's, Songs, Characters, and much much more. User Image

As of now there are 19 Japanese Vocaloids:

-KAITO (+Append coming soon)
-Hatsune Miku (+Append) (English coming soon)
-Kagamine Rin (+Append)
-Kagamine Len (+Append)
-Kamui Gakupo
-Megurine Luka
-Gumi (Megpoid)
-SF-A2 Miki
-Kaai Yuki
-Hiyama Kiyoteru
-Nekomura Iroha
-Utatane Piko
-VY1: Mizki
-VY2: Yuma
-CV04 coming soon

And 9 English Vocaloids:
-Sweet Ann
-Untitled 2 coming soon

As for UTAU, there are so many I cannot name them, but why not neckout the UTAU WIKI for more info: Click here