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Want to learn vend like the professionals--making millions to create the avatar of your dreams?

Well, you have come to the right place!

Here at Vendors United we have what it takes to become a successful vending tycoon. cool Our members can give you advice on:

•How to start out
•What to vend with
•When best to buy and sell
•A whole fountain of information!

Vendors United is the first and last stop for those who are truly interested in learning how to vend like the professionals.

Unlike other guilds, here we don't have:

•Outdated guides
•Rude moderators

We just give you access to information on how the economy works and what affects it, giving you suggestions to draw your own conclusions on how to proceed.

What makes us different from other vending guilds?

•At Vendors United we strive to achieve a relaxed atmosphere in which to share ideas about vending and exchanging.
•This is a great place to meet new friends as well as to learn.
•It's not our goal to become one of the biggest guilds out there so we have time to dedicate to answering your questions.

We're the newer and more hip vending guild on the scene with a fresh outlook on what it is that we need to do.

We will strive to answer any questions asked in our guild so that newbies and oldbies alike can find the right path to take.

So come and join the vending guild of the future.

Requesting to join?

Just say where you found this guild!


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Well go on over and join the exclusive Millionaires' Guild.

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